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The Ultimate Taco Bucket List for Seattle Foodies

There are amazing Seattle taco spots in every part of the city to satisfy your Taco Tuesday (or, let’s be real, Taco Any Day) cravings! If you’re looking for the best tacos in Seattle, bookmark this list.

As a taco-loving local, one of my favorite things about all of the taco spots in Seattle is that there’s something for every budget and mood. Seattle can deliver whether you want a quick bite to-go or to sit down to savor the marinated meat, veg, and tortilla goodness.

After years of (tasty) research, I’ve found the local favorites, tucked away spots, and trucks serving the best tacos in the Emerald City. This is not an exhaustive list, but it’ll certainly get you started. Keep reading to discover 9 of the best places for tacos in Seattle.

9 Best Seattle Taco Spots for Your Next Taco Tuesday

South + West

Taqueria La Fondita

best tacos in Seattle
Enjoy La Fondita’s tacos beneath a covered patio

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Taqueria La Fondita is my top choice for tacos in Seattle. If you’re looking for something authentic, tasty, and cheap, this is a no-brainer. They’re located in White Center, just south of West Seattle, and have a second location up north in Greenwood.

If your meat of choice is adobada, you’re in luck because this permanently-stationed taco truck makes some of the best adobada tacos I’ve had. Order a generous 3, 4, or 5 taco combo (all of which come with delicious pickled vegetables). You can also get a taco plate, which includes rice and beans.

It’s a big deal when you’re able to get a filling meal in Seattle for under $15, and you can easily do that at La Fondita. Pro-tip: head over to Best Roasted Corn stand when you visit to get some delicious elotes. When people ask you for the best tacos in Seattle, you can also give them an excellent elote suggestion, too!

Taquitos Feliz

It’s easy to miss or dismiss Taquitos Feliz, the taco truck outside of the 76 gas station next to Lincoln Park. I have to thank my sister-in-law for introducing me to this place because this unassuming hidden gem is home to some of the best tacos in West Seattle. 

Whether you’re a fan of carne asada, lengua, or fish tacos, you’ll enjoy the options at Taquitos Feliz. In addition to tacos, they serve other amazing Mexican food. I’ve never had a bad burrito or mulita from here. As a bonus, the people making and serving the food are always so lovely and welcoming.

There’s a covered patio area beside the truck to sit down and eat your food right away. However, if it’s a nice day, consider taking your tacos into Lincoln Park to enjoy them by the water.

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Taco Street

Go to Taco Street for tacos and other food from Mexico’s Chihuahua region. This family-owned restaurant is located in Seattle’s Othello neighborhood in Rainier Valley. They have another location in Tacoma, perfect if you’re planning a weekend in The City of Destiny

You won’t be disappointed if you order their barbacoa, chorizo, or Calforinia-style tacos. These are some of Taco Street’s specialties. Two other must-try items on their menu are the carne asada french fries and the breakfast burrito, which will keep you full and energized in the morning.  

The restaurant’s walls are a canary yellow and adorned with bright and colorful paintings. The fun and happy interior seems pretty indicative of how you’ll feel once you finish a meal from this south Seattle taco spot.


Tacos Chukis

best tacos in Seattle
The grilled pineapple on the house tacos is a wonderful little treat

You can find Tacos Chukis throughout central Seattle. They have locations in Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and North Beacon Hill. It’s no secret that Tacos Chukis is a local favorite. Their tacos are consistently tasty and you can get a great bang for your buck at this affordable taco joint. 

The house tacos, which have adobada pork, melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, and grilled pineapple on top, are delicious. They also serve excellent tortas and burritos. 

There is enough room to sit down and enjoy your meal at all the Tacos Chukis locations. The wait for food is never too long, though, so it’s also a great spot to grab a quick meal and then be on your way. 


A taco is only as good as the tortilla it’s served on. Maíz is a taco restaurant in Pike Place Market that clearly understands this because tortillas are their specialty. They make them in-house using the best quality corn and the result is some mind-blowing tacos that will keep you coming back for more.

Every day of the week, Maíz serves tacos with a different selection of guisados (meats). Beef Asada, chicken salsa poblano, and pork pastor are among some of the options. In addition to tacos, tamales, and other Mexican food, they have tasty coffee drinks. Try the horchata or pinole lattes for something fresh and delicious. 

Maiz is a small and cozy spot nestled in the Market. They also have a larger, sit-down location (Maíz Molino) in Belltown. Visit this one for a sit-down experience and an extended lunch, dinner, and drink menu. 

Carnitas Michoacan

This beloved Beacon Hill establishment upgraded its location in 2022, but the food and the quality of that food are the same. Come to Carnitas Michoacan for a laidback lunch of delicious carnitas, lengua, and chorizo tacos. 

In addition to tacos, you don’t want to miss the daily specials. Enjoy stuffed poblano peppers on Friday, pozole on Wednesday, and bistec a la Mexicana on Mondays. Head to Carnitas Michoacan for a truly delicious tacos in Seattle experience – or other delicious Mexican food options!

Prices of certain items at Carnitas Michoacan can feel a little high, especially compared to other spots on this list. Still, this unassuming spot is one of the best places for authentic Mexican food in Seattle. Come for dine-in or takeaway, and rest assured when you visit that you’ll get your money’s worth.


El Taco Loco

best tacos in Seattle
Grab your tacos and walk a couple of minutes to the Locks to enjoy them!

El Taco Loco is a hidden gem in Ballard. Previously located inside Ballard’s Liquor & Wine store, you’ll now find it right outside in a little taco truck. The tacos here are delightful. I strongly recommend getting carnitas or al pastor tacos. El Taco Loco is also known for having great wet burritos, mole enchiladas, and veggie options for non-meat eaters. 

There are a couple of tables outside the truck to eat there. However, since it’s right near the Ballard Locks, I recommend walking a few minutes down to this popular attraction on a warm day. Enjoy your tacos as you watch the ships.

Upon the first bite, you’ll understand why this is a local favorite. And at under $3 a taco, there’s a good chance you’ll have to go back for more.

TNT Taqueria

You can’t miss TNT Taqueria in Wallingford. It’s located in a bright yellow building and practically beckons to passersby to stop in. If you listen to that call, you won’t regret it. This is one of the more stylish places on the list, but it has just as much substance. 

The tacos are great. Order a taco platter with 3 street tacos, beans, and rice for about $13. The Carne asada tacos are one of the more popular options. Vegetarians will love the taqueria’s sweet potato and kale or hominy tacos.

In addition to tacos, TNT’s succulent breakfast burritos have made them a neighborhood favorite. And don’t pass up on their made-to-order churros! Keep in mind that the restaurant does offer dine-in, but can get crowded in the evening. Arrive early to make sure you get a seat.

Malena’s Taco Shop

Located in Queen Anne, Malena’s is an irresistible hole-in-the-wall taco spot. Bright orange walls, a few seats, and a handwritten menu complete the super simple set-up in this quaint brick building. 

Food is the focus here. Order the fish tacos, one of their best options, and some tamales. The portion sizes are huge, so if you’re really hungry, this will hit the spot. On sunny days, you can enjoy your meal at one of the seats outside of the restaurant.

For people searching for a no-frills Seattle taco spot with fantastic food (and enough for leftovers), Malena’s Taco Shop is the answer.

The Taco-Lover’s Guide to Seattle: 9 of the Best Tacos in Seattle

Seattle has some of the best taco spots to satisfy your cravings, regardless of your budget or mood. With its diverse food scene, you can find a range of authentic and tasty options throughout the city. You won’t go wrong with any of these nine of the best spots for tacos in Seattle, including Taqueria La Fondita in White Center and Greenwood, Taquitos Feliz in West Seattle, and Taco Street in Othello. In central Seattle, Tacos Chukis is a local favorite for its consistent quality and affordability, while Maíz in Pike Place Market is known for its mind-blowing tortillas. Carnitas Michoacan is another beloved establishment in Beacon Hill. So, whether you’re in the mood for carne asada, lengua, or fish tacos, you won’t be disappointed with the options in Seattle.

Hopefully, this gets you started on your taco journey through the city. Which place are you most excited to try? Leave a comment to let me know!

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