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A photo of Kendra Johnson standing in front of a tree

Revitalize From Within: The Art of Healing and Aesthetics through Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about a version of yourself that feels amazing and looks incredible too? Well, what if I told you that achieving ultimate wellness and enhancing your body’s aesthetics isn’t just a daydream—it’s a reality out there waiting for you. Imagine waking up every day feeling not only healthy but radiating confidence from head to toe, and existing as the absolute best version of yourself you…

Photo of author Tom Mueller in an alley in Italy wearing professional clothing

Tom Mueller: Navigating the Unseen Realms of Death and Dollars in America’s Dialysis Industry

Ever wondered about the hidden secrets that are lurking behind the American dialysis industry? Did you know that the process of dialysis care alone brings in over 32 billion dollars a year, and yet it is evident that patients and families on dialysis are being neglected and placed on the backburner when it comes to their healthcare needs. Discussing his latest book, How to Make a Killing, Tom Mueller writes…


Breaking Borders: ‘The Immigration Resident’ Documentary by Jennyfer Mesa, Unveiling the Latino Immigration Experience in Spokane

Founder and executive director Jennyfer Mesa is the creative force behind the brand new powerful documentary, “The Immigration Resident” which aims to break stereotypes and barriers to communication in the world of immigration. Jennyfer, a past immigrant herself, is originally from Columbia and migrated to Miami Florida when she was just 6 years old. She spent her younger years in Miami and then in Mexico City, and eventually came back…

Inspiration and Curation with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks

Inspiration and Curation with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks

The Farm Chicks is a lifestyle brand and Handmade & Vintage Fair that sells vintage and handmade items. In this podcast episode and video below, Melissa and Erin chat with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks. The conversation begins with Serena discussing her background and how her love of vintage items led her to start The Farm Chicks. Serena explains that her inspiration comes from her own experiences and memories,…

Shane Gronholz

Exploring the Future of Libraries with Current Affairs Specialist Shane Gronholz

Transcribed by Alina Warner Shane Gronholz is the Current Affairs Specialist at the Spokane Public Library. He has the freedom to create and develop events and programs related to current affairs. The new Downtown Library has many features available for free, including a musical recording studio, video recording space, podcast studio, and Library of Things. In the future, Shane believes libraries could be a place for learning through virtual reality….

amy higgins

Rotary 21: Get Involved & Make a Difference with Amy Higgins

Transcribed by Alina Warner Join Melissa and Erin as they welcome the inspiring Amy Higgins from Rotary 21 to this podcast! This amazing local nonprofit is a service-based organization that has been changing lives for years. Amy was driven to become the board president by the incredible mentors who have guided her throughout her life. Tune in to hear all about her journey and the impactful work of Rotary 21!…

Granting Wishes for Local Families with Cindy Guthrie

Granting Wishes for Local Families with Cindy Guthrie

by Alina Warner Meet Cindy Guthrie, the Director of Community Partnerships and Development for the Wishing Star Foundation! Wishing Star Foundation was started about 35 years ago by Karen Karowski who was a first grade teacher who had a student in her class who passed from cancer. She felt helpless to help improve his quality of life in his final days, so when she retired she cashed in her 401k…

stephaine courtney

Episode 55: Stephaine Courtney and The Learning Project

by Alina Warner Erin and Melissa welcomed Stephaine Courtney, the Executive and CEO of The Learning Project, to the podcast.  Stephaine has her Master’s in Arts and Education from Ashford University. She attended Rogers high school for two years and then returned to attend Whitworth University. Stephaine is a true pirate at heart, times two. She created The Grassroots Project awards ceremony, an event honoring community organizations that provide resources…

Understanding Estate Planning in Washington with Katharine Tate

Understanding Estate Planning in Washington with Katharine Tate

By: Alina Warner Katharine Tate is a Spokane Valley Native and East Valley High School graduate of the class of 2008. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Carroll College in 2012 and her Juris Doctor from Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon. While she was completing her Doctorate, Katharine worked at the International Human and Refugee Rights Clinic at Willamette University Clinical Law Program. She was also…

alexi sage

On the Trending Northwest Podcast with Alexi Sage: Preparing Your Skin Care Routine for Fall

by Alina Warner and Erin Peterson Are you wanting to switch up your skincare routine to be ready for the change in seasons? Alexi Sage is a talented makeup artist who specializes in bridal, event, television and film makeup. Alexi spoke with Erin and Melissa about expanding her business and her best tips to prepare your skin for fall, and what you can do to look and feel your best…

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