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Front Page Feature – Publications rise in the Inland Northwest: Magazines, newspapers launch via varying models

Erin Peterson and Melissa Berry, co-owners of Trending Northwest Magazine, say they have found success with their young publication using a layered multimedia approach. 

By Karina Elias – February 1, 2024

Publications in the Inland Northwest have been sprouting or reemerging from hiatus in recent years, fulfilling a need within their respective niches, editors and owners say. 

The trend also is emerging in the wake of a hole left by the apparent shuttering of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine, which was arguably the most prominent glossy publication in Spokane for around 20 years. Bozzi Media Inc. published its most recent issue last spring, just over two years after the deaths of owners Emily and Vince Bozzi, and announced last August that it was pausing publication. 

Despite the industrywide trend across the country that is seeing mass layoffs from large establishments, Lilac City’s upstart magazines and newspapers are pushing forth with their respective publications and funding their projects through distinct business models that incorporate and often go beyond traditional advertising space revenue, while also straying away from conventional journalism standards in some instances. 

Inland Northwest publications include Trending Northwest, The Black Lens, Beneath Your Beautiful, and Northwest Aerospace News Magazine. 

Owners of those publications also are hoping that their innovative business models can set the stage for nationwide franchising, or for others to replicate within their communities. 

Melissa Berry, 36, co-editor-in-chief and co-owner of Trending Northwest LLC, says she and co-owner and co-editor-in-chief, Erin Peterson, 39, saw the importance of multimedia as a source of revenue. 

“Multimedia is key,” she says. “If you’re only doing print, I would be worried because we have seen so much success with multimedia, including YouTube and podcast sales as well. There is a path to profitability … you have to be a jack-of-all-trades where you have to be everywhere.”

Trending Northwest garners revenue streams in a layered multimedia approach that uses a mix of advertising revenue from regional sponsors, and sponsored content from brand partnerships. It receives revenue from social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, and is growing its YouTube page to become profitable, says Peterson. It also earns revenue from digital media, such as the Trending Northwest podcast and the digital magazine Trendingnorthwest.com. The quarterly print issue of Trending launched in January 2023 and has a circulation of 7,000. Online, Trending receives 39,000 visitors per month, says Berry.

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‘Making a difference’: The women behind Trending Northwest

Two Spokane women are turning their social media savvy into a growing media empire.

by Channing Curtis

Updated: 10:27 AM PDT March 22, 2023

Having several thousand followers on social media is no small feat, but turning that following into a growing media company is an even larger one.

Just ask Erin Peterson and Melissa Berry, the creators behind Trending Northwest and Everyday Spokane.

“I actually just ran into somebody last night when I was out shopping, who came up to me out of the blue and said, oh my gosh, I love your account,” Erin said. “We have so much fun following you!”

The content creators showcase what’s new and noteworthy regarding food, travel and experiences in the Inland Northwest.

Berry said she started her Instagram account as a way to share her move to Spokane in 2018. She wanted to share what was like to travel with a dog, find an apartment and start to house hunt in the area.

“As we were exploring Spokane, and I was re-exploring Spokane, my husband and I kept following this one Instagram influencer, who had these amazing food recommendations. And every time she suggested something, we’d go, and we had an amazing experience,” Berry said.

That influencer was Erin Peterson. The two met up for coffee and quickly became friends and eventually business partners.

“I actually started being a food and travel writer,” Peterson said. “And I love getting to share about all the delicious foods that were available here in Spokane and throughout the region.”

The media mavens turned their following into a podcast and now a magazine called ‘Trending Northwest.’

“We went from the podcast and we were able to transcribe that and put some of those interviews on the web,” Berry said. “And then from the web, we were able to get photographers, local photographers to help us kind of illustrate what we were covering on the web, and then put that in the magazine. And so really what we did was take all the content we already had with social media, and just make it more robust for the web.”

Peterson said the response from the community has been overwhelming.

“Every day, we have new orders coming in, and we have 1000s of subscribers, it has been such an incredible experience to see the community respond in this way to this project,” Peterson said. 

The magazine features similar content to Peterson and Berry’s social media pages, like where to go for a great meal or for a bottle of wine. It also includes changemakers in the community and highlights guest contributors from diverse backgrounds.

Read more on Krem.com and watch the video feature below:

PRESS RELEASE: Trending Northwest Magazine Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Celebrate Local, Women-Owned Magazine’s 1st Anniversary at the Spokane Club

[Spokane, Washington, January 2024] Trending Northwest Magazine, a dynamic and locally owned publication by Erin Peterson and Melissa Berry, is excited to announce its 1st anniversary celebration. The event will also mark the launch of the magazine’s fourth issue. This milestone event is scheduled for February 1, from 5:30 to 8 PM at the Spokane Club.

Within just a year of operation, Trending Northwest has distinguished itself as one of the fastest-growing multimedia and public relations company in the Inland Northwest. Its commitment to delivering quality content and engaging with the community has set a new standard in the region’s media landscape.

Erin Peterson, reflecting on the past year, shares, “From the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, my day is filled with tasks that keep our content rolling. We’re deeply involved in everything from social media to event planning. It’s a labor of love, and seeing our community’s support makes it all worthwhile. I’m especially grateful to our contributors and collaborators who have been instrumental in our growth.”

Melissa Berry adds, “We are overwhelmed by the support from the Spokane community. Their feedback confirms that Trending Northwest is exactly what they were looking for – a magazine that not only showcases the best of Spokane but also its bright and inclusive future.”

Trending Northwest is honored to partner once again with the Spokane Club for this celebration. The Spokane Club, with its rich history and commitment to the future, is the perfect venue to commemorate this milestone.

The anniversary party is not just a celebration of the magazine’s success but also an acknowledgment of the community’s support and contributions. Ticket sales for the anniversary event are now open and can be purchased at Eventbrite – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trending-northwest-magazine-winter-awards-gala-tickets-763524872447 

Viewers, readers and listeners can enjoy Trending Northwest on all major platforms, including:

Partnering sponsors in the event include Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics, the Spokane Club, Electric Photoland, and Gonzaga Dance

As Twitter struggles, some in Spokane turn to new social media site: Threads

Threads, a new social media app, already had 70 million users two days after launching July 6. (Rafael Henrique/Dreamstime/TNS)

by Liam Bradford and Luke Blue

For several years Spokane photographer John Moore has posted photos on multiple social media platforms. But recently, Moore has made the switch from Twitter to Meta’s new alternative, Threads.

“Hell is better than Twitter,” said Moore, who uses the name Spokane Night Scenes on social media. “I mean, that’s just the jungle. Between the politics and every other kind of thing that goes on over there, that’s literally a jungle. I don’t want to have any part of that.”

As Twitter struggles with sinking ad revenues and a executive team shakeup, according to the New York Times, alternatives to Twitter have sprung up – Bluesky, Mastodon, Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social, and now Threads, the latest social media platform to be launched by Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta, which also owns Instagram and Facebook….

During a couple of hours this week The Spokesman-Review approached and interviewed 20 people about Threads. Nine people had heard of the new platform and seven had created an account.

“Local businesses, whenever there’s a new social media platform, have a great opportunity to get a bigger audience quickly,” Trending Northwest magazine Publisher Erin Peterson said. “I see Threads being a great way for local journalists to connect with the public. Other people who use text as their main medium for communication in their careers would have fantastic opportunities to gain and build an audience, especially in these early days of its growth.”

Since there are far fewer users on Threads than on Twitter, fewer technical issues were expected. However Threads was not immune to problems during its launch.

“We’ve had a lot of people really excited about Threads, especially because there aren’t any ads on there yet. It’s still a really clean social media platform,” Peterson said. “There isn’t a lot of extra distraction, and you’re able to just experience it.”

Musk has taken notice of Threads and has made disparaging comments about Threads and Zuckerberg, including personally challenging Zuckerberg to a cage fight.

When a social media platform first launches, there are opportunities for individuals who are typically unseen to make a name for themselves; many have prioritized making an account on Threads as early as possible.

Within two hours of the launch of Threads, Trending Northwest magazine made an account.

“It’s been our strategy to join as quickly as possible, which definitely helped. We have over 1,000 followers already, and it’s only been a week,” Peterson said. “I project that Threads will become more popular over time as people get used to it. I think the potential is unlimited.”

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TikTok a powerful marketing tool for small businesses in Spokane

by Emma Epperly – March 23, 2023

TikTok isn’t just for the kids. It can be a powerful tool for connection, learning and doing business. 

Local influencers and co-editors in chief of Trending Northwest magazine Melissa Berry and Erin Peterson use the platform to share lifestyle content and news about local businesses.

It’s the latest evolution in their careers as social media and marketing experts.

Peterson, who grew up in Post Falls, spent years as an elementary educator specializing in digital technology. In her free time, she created a Facebook group called Spokane Guild, where she shared updates on her life and her favorite spots around Spokane.

She quickly gained a following, expanded to Instagram and began doing social media full time.

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