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Electric Photoland: One of the Top Party Planners in the Pacific Northwest

Spokane knows how to party: This is a fact we all know to be true, even if we don’t always say it out loud.

The Spokane events calendar is booked with neighborhood celebrations, street fairs, and night markets, conventions, company parties, culinary expos, grand openings, launch parties, music festivals, Broadway shows, film premieres and fashion shows. From family-friendly events to 21+ parties, there is always something to do in Spokane

With a season ahead of us that’s sure to be full of back-to-school events, parties, and gatherings, autumn weddings, charity galas and holiday celebrations, I decided to narrow down a list of the best Northwest party vendors and research some fun party trends to keep an eye out for this season.

And who better to ask than the rockstars who are able to capture an event’s entire vibe with photography? Electric Photoland is the Inland Northwest’s top photo booth company, as they offer an experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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Ashley from Electric Photoland
Ashley from Electric Photoland – Photo by Jennifer DeBarros Photography

I managed to snag a spot on their calendar to get their thoughts on the Northwest’s best party trends and learn a bit about what’s in store for the local party scene.

Who are the Incredible People Behind Electric Photoland?

Long live rock and roll! Electric Photoland’s crew can usually be found everywhere from the VIP list to your fun friend’s Instagram story. Named after the iconic Jimi Hendrix album, “Electric LadyLand,” Electric Photoland encapsulates the best of the ’60s and ’70s with great music, groovy vibes and film photography. Then they take it up a notch using cutting-edge technology operated by people who are the life of the party.

Electric Photoland’s calendar is a mix of weddings, charity galas, star-studded events, birthday parties, fashion shows, concerts and other interesting events. They collaborate with local artists and even traveled to California to host a booth at Coachella earlier this year. 

“Spokane is a great small business scene. The community here is so supportive and collaborative,” gushes Ashley Cone in their bright studio surrounded by neon signs and exposed brick. “It’s different from bigger cities where things tend to be a little more reserved and corporate when it comes to business relations.”

Started in October of 2019 by Ashley and Dylan Cone, Electric Photoland immediately made a local splash. Since their opening, Electric Photoland has grown to 17 photo booths with 15 employees. The Cones say they owe the success of their company to a great community, great employees and high-quality product.

Three Party Trends for the 2022-2023 Season

Now that much of the COVID-19 pandemic is in our rearview mirror, we anticipate a season of celebrations, but it’s clear that parties and events will be different from before. Here are some of the top party trends in our region that we’ll see moving forward.

electric photoland

Unique Experiences in the Inland Northwest

As we transition into in-person gatherings and celebrations, people are wanting experiences they couldn’t find before or during the pandemic.

“Likely, we’ll see more focused, high-quality, branded and designed photo booth experiences,” explains Ashley.“ There will still be a need for the more silly photo booths with props and backdrops, but the best parties will elevate that experience and take it to a higher level with video activations that represent the event and brand.” 

Each photo booth by Electric Photoland comes complete with a professionally custom-designed photo template and high-quality camera. Electric Photoland has 17 booths they rent out for northwest events, including:

The Madonna: A digital photo booth delivered and dropped off by Electric Photoland for easy, unlimited use at events.

The Bowie: A glam, celebrity-style black and white photo booth that comes complete with a flattering beauty filter; all at an affordable rate.

The Hendrix: As the most popular photo booth, “The Hendrix” was handcrafted with solid oak in London and comes with an attendant and pro lights. 

The Zeppelin: A premium booth with lots of options, a glam filter and stop-motion photography capabilities, which can create a shareable video.

The Spins: This 360-degree booth is a platform with a rotating arm that creates a fun shareable video.

The Trip: Using eight DSLR cameras, “The Trip” takes images from different angles and creates 3D images and video.

To Be Announced: Electric Photoland is gearing up to launch a new photo booth experience that looks straight out of Hollywood… Stay tuned!

electric photoland

Physical Memories & Favors to Take Home

With so much of our lives being automated, digitized and posted online, physical copies of images feel even more special than before. While some events are cutting costs by foregoing party favors, epic events are embracing physical photographs as tangible memories to give to guests.

“It’s great marketing because if you have your business logo on the photo/video and event attendees share it online, that’s countless people who saw your logo,” remarks Dylan. “Especially if it’s something unique that stands out.”

electric photoland

FOMO Will Drive Ticket Sales

After being indoors during the pandemic for so long, people yearn to get out and do more. They want excitement, laughter and fun. 

To find it, many people look for events that have been hyped up by friends, family and people they follow online. Building hype is a difficult, but common goal, for business owners and event planners. For Electric Photoland, building hype for events is a critical part of their business model. 

“When people share photos and videos of an event they went to on social media, it builds hype and sparks FOMO [fear of missing out],” Ashley explains. “At Hoopfest we did a 360 booth for one of the days, and the next day, people were constantly coming over to ask about the 360 booths because they saw it on Snapchat and Instagram and wanted to check it out. All day long!”

To party with Electric Photoland, visit their website or follow them on social at @electricphotoland.photobooth.

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The VIP Vendor List

There are many incredible event planners and vendors in the Inland Northwest. From party planners that have worked with celebrities like Kim Kardashian to those offering unique experiences like adult-bouncy houses and aerial artists – there are many high-level event companies to help you make memories. Here are some of my favorites based on reputation, experience and online ratings:

Events by Jennifer Evans

If you’re looking for an event planner with meticulous attention to detail, innovation and professionalism, look no further than Events by Jennifer Evans. She is well known and revered as a leader in the industry, and events (from corporate to nonprofit and more) she has produced have raised millions of dollars for local charities. Evans has also planned some of the region’s biggest corporate events with brands that are household names – get to know more about her below:


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Pearl and Tin

Red Letter Event Planning

Modern Dreamers Co. 

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Electric Photoland Photobooth & Rentals

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Vertical Elements Entertainment

Lola Stardust Tarot Reading


Nu Jack City (band)

New Beginnings DJ’s

Complete Weddings & Events

RDJ Collective


Mangia Catering

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Blissful Boards Co.


Bubbles & Brews

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Christine Burns

Christine Burns is a local entrepreneur, public speaker, content creator, model, and writer from Spokane, WA. She’s an expert in marketing and owns Posted Consulting LLC, an award-winning PR firm. Born and raised in the Inland Northwest, Christine loves to support and advocate for local businesses and artists, and even hosts the annual Spokane Small Business Convention in the spring.


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