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The Fonté Bar

Seattle’s coolest new hang for creative coffees, high-end bar food, and arguably the best espresso martini in the city

Seattle’s chill new hang, The Fonte Bar, is for workers on lunch break, sports lovers looking for an interesting venue to watch the Sunday game, or anyone looking for a break while shopping downtown. The kitchen, bar, and barista crew are the trifecta of experts for all your food, drink, and caffeine needs, no matter what weather the Emerald City is serving up! From creative coffee drinks to high-end bar food, and creative cocktails, including an espresso martini that will blow you away, you need to stop by on your next Seattle outing.

We know fall is pumpkin spice latte season, but this isn’t Starbucks. Thus, the seasonal offerings are anything BUT basic. In fact, the superb maple cinnamon latte, a perfect blend of spices and subtle sweetness is likely to become the PSL’s biggest frenemy in the coming years. However, there are other fun creations to sample such as the desert rose latte (who needs beetroot chai?), a sage latte, and a piquant Aztec Mocha (complete with cayenne pepper).

All coffee beverages on the menu use Fonte’s signature F2 or First Avenue espresso blends, rich and smooth and unlike any other drink you’ll get around town. This includes their top-notch F2 espresso martini. You can also order a cold or nitro brew, french press, and drip with this uniquely smooth and flavorful blend.

Please note that The Fonté Bar is separate from the Fonté Coffee Bars in Bellevue and downtown Seattle. The Fonté Bar is located in the Rainier Square building on the second floor with a spacious lounge area.

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Whether you want to sit at the bar with a drink with a book, sample an espresso beverage curled up by the fireplace of the lounge, or enjoy lunch with a friend in the outdoor space, this is the perfect place in the city to do so! It’s also near the 5th Ave Theater should you be looking for the ideal place to grab a pre-show drink or post-performance meal and dessert!

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The bar is actually a spin-off of the Fonté Cafes you’ve seen all over Seattle since their opening in 1992 by founder Paul Odom. The new bar and restaurant is definitely a different vibe from the casual cafes that the brand is primarily known for — however, you can still order those tasty caffeinated drinks.

In addition, you can sample local PNW beer and wine, as well as cocktails such as the Green Dolphin (a gin and pear drink with a twist) and Brujito (a minty take on a mojito). If you fancy something a bit different, order a bespoke cocktail where you choose a spirit as well as a few flavors and textures such as “smoky” “smooth” or “spicy”, it doesn’t have to start with “s” and the bartender will whip up something fun!

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Beyond drinks, the food menu has something to offer everyone. There are fun twists on classic regional favorites like miso glazed salmon and buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomato sandwiches. Additionally, even if you’re just looking for drinks and snacks, the elevated bar food you’ll find on the menu doesn’t disappoint. Try the duck confit poutine or various squash appetizers like the delicata squash roasted in pistachio oil and topped with goat cheese, blackberry gastrique, and sage.

All food is predominantly sourced locally from various farms and vendors around the Seattle area and the greater Pacific Northwest region. This also means most items and ingredients are seasonal, and head chef Joey adjusts it season to season. He and the general manager, Michael, had a very specific vision for the Fonté Bar, which included making sure most of the menu is collected from the area, including the beer, wine, and some spirits. This means the menu is constantly evolving and changing, which is great!

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Sydney Baker

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