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Picture-Perfect: Instagram-Worthy Spots to Explore in Spokane, WA

Spokane is a beautiful city with unique architecture, delicious fine dining, craft beer and cocktails, and more. However, exploring the Instagrammable spots in Spokane and its indoor and outdoor spaces makes it truly special. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for great places to explore and share on social media. 

Spokane’s indoor spaces run the gamut from charming and vintage to trendy and modern. Meanwhile, Spokane’s outdoor spaces offer verdant forests, rolling hills, and winding rivers. So, get your cameras ready as we take a tour of Spokane’s most Instagram-worthy spots.

Now, we all know it’s not really about filling up your Instagram with pretty photos. It’s about getting out of the house and exploring the awesome city you call home. Let me help you do both with this list!

White Swan pas de deux with Elizabeth Murphy and Lucien Postlewaite (c) Angela Sterling

Instagrammable Indoor Spaces In Spokane

The Spokane region was once a major center for prohibition-era rum-running and speak-easies. Those influences have stuck around but with modern updates, creating some fabulous spaces for you to explore. If you’re looking for the top Instagrammable spots in Spokane, bookmark this list!

Historic Davenport

Whether you’re sipping pretty at The Peacock Lounge or exploring the stunning hallways that date back to another time, the Historic Davenport is perfect for taking a few luxe selfies.

Lucky You Lounge

At Lucky You Lounge, you can join a super elite secret society of people who take selfies in their groovy ladies room. Just make sure to throw a #LuckyYouSelfieClub on it – it’s like your official initiation into Spokane’s nightlife, and one of the all time best Instagrammable spots in Spokane!

Lucky You Lounge

Auntie’s Bookstore

Who doesn’t love books – or showing off their love for literature, for that matter? Auntie’s Bookstore is located off of Main and Washington in downtown Spokane, and is a beautiful spot to find the next addition to your #ToBeReadList and the next selfie to show off both your beauty and brains. 

Revival Tea Tasting Room

Revival Tea Tasting Room is located off of Main St. in Spokane and offers a beautiful selection of loose-leaf tea in a space that captures old-world charm and speak-easy vibes. #JoinTheRevival

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mocktails in spokane
Mocktails in beautiful Spokane

Durkins Liquor Bar

Durkins is located next to Revival Tea and is one of the cornerstones of Spokane’s rich cocktail/prohibition history. Enjoy some provisions from the diner and libations in their basement bar.

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Delicious cocktails abound in Spokane!

Fellow Coworking

With beautiful houseplants, contemporary design, and brightly colored spaces, Fellow Coworking is the perfect place to Instagram your productive #WFH day when you don’t actually want to work from your own home. 

coworking in spokane
Fellow Coworking in downtown Spokane

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Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle

The Milk Bottle is one of the most iconic places in town to grab a burger and milkshake. Afterward, go for a walk through the charming Garland District. 

Fergusen’s Cafe

Right next to Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle, you’ll find Fergusen’s Cafe. If you’re looking for a place to grab breakfast, snap the most tantalizing picture of your eggs benedict and country-fried steak, and enjoy the retro vibes.

Stop by our local vintage theaters: Garland Theater, the Fox Theater, and the Bing Crosby

Speaking of retro, the Garland Theater, The Fox, and the Bing Crosby Theater are a beautiful mix of art deco and classic American theaters. Channel your favorite stars at any of these stunning theaters.

Chaos Arcade

Half of the fun of Instagram is showing off all the excitement and adventures you’re having – and you’ll find plenty of them at Chaos Arcade.

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fun activities for college students in spokane
Another fun thing to get pictures of in Spokane – the Kitty Cantina!

Scoop Ice Cream – Kendall Yards

Scoop Ice Cream takes the cake for being the cutest ice cream shop in town – ala mode. With a mural by local artist Chris Bovey, bright pink walls, and cute seating, this is the perfect spot for a cute ice cream selfie.

Off The Wall Spokane

It’s like Warped Tour meets Spokane. OTW Spokane has food truck delicacies, including chili dogs, tacos, and salads. Come for the food but definitely snap some photos by their murals and neon lights. 

Cease & Desist Book Club

Hidden behind a library next to Lord Stanley’s, Cease & Desist Book Club shows you can’t judge a book – or bookcase – by its cover. Grab some photos in front of the books, with a prohibition-style cocktail, or with your friends in the cozy booths.

Instagrammable Outdoor Spaces

“Close to nature, close to perfect” is one of Spokane’s former taglines, and for good reason. The scenery around Spokane is beautiful, with verdant forests, rolling hills, and winding rivers. Here are some of the most Instagrammable outdoor spaces for your grid.


Name two things that go together better than pumpkin patches and Instagram likes? Exactly. Go for the pumpkin patches, the meadery, the wine, the views, and bring a piece of it home on your Instagram page.

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

As soon as you tag Arbor Crest on Instagram, everyone knows you had a blissful afternoon surrounded by sweeping views, beautiful flowers, and delicious wine. Snap a photo by the flowers as you stop to smell the roses on a day at Arbor Crest.

wine tour
Grab some wine with friends at Arbor Crest and get great photos while you’re there!

Cliff Drive – Edwidge Woldson Park

Want a gorgeous view of Spokane from up above? Look no further than Cliff Drive and Edwidge Woldson Park. 

Osprey Patio

While some may consider the best patios to be south of the river, I disagree. The stunning Osprey patio is a comfortable spot to relax and watch the river flow by. 

Crossing Monroe Street in front of the Chronicle Building

Spokane might not have as many tall buildings as some West Coast cities but our city’s architecture is so unique. The Chronicle Building off Monroe Street is a perfect example of this. Get that staple “crossing the street” photo in front of the Chronicle Building

Centennial Trail Through Kendall Yards

This beautiful section of the Centennial trail includes stunning views of Spokane’s skyline. If you’re looking to capture a pretty photo of the river and the skyline behind you, this is the place to do it. 

Riverfront Park

Specifically the Pavilion, Clocktower and Red Wagon are iconic Spokane landmarks, perfect for your Instagram feed to show that you had fun outdoors exploring our city. Bonus points if you take a boomerang at the Garbage Goat.

instagrammable spots in Spokane
The ultimate Instagrammable shot in Spokane

Davenport Grand Parking Garage

The Davenport Grand’s Parking Garage is probably the best spot if you’re trying to get those trendy parking garage photos that have been blowing up on Instagram.


Did you know that there are about 66 different bridges throughout the city of Spokane, according to the Spokane City Bridge Division? Four bridges that you should add to your Instagram feed include the University District Gateway Bridge, the Blue Bridge (especially during the holidays), the Bowl and Pitcher Bridge, the Monroe Street Bridge, and the Ben Burr Bridge.

Mt. Spokane

For gorgeous mountain views year-round, Mt. Spokane is the place to go. Mt. Spokane has over 100 miles of trails, perfect for you to get those iconic #PNW trail pictures.

Finch Arboretum

From vibrant maple trees in the autumn to picturesque meadows in the summer, the Finch Arboretum is one of the perfect parks to get out of the house and into nature. Many families have found that a large tree towards the beginning of the park is the perfect spot for family photos. 

Manito Park

No list of picture-perfect Instagrammable spots in Spokane would be complete without Manito Park. The Duncan Gardens, Rose Garden, The Gaiser Conservatory, and more. Basically the entire park makes for a great day outside.

instagrammable spots in Spokane
Manito Park is without a doubt a must visit

Snap a Picture In Front of Some Murals

Some murals were just made for taking pictures of. MiFlavour, Pinot’s Palette, and Brickwest Brewing all have beautiful murals of wings that are great for a fun photo op. 

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Garland Art Alley

Next time you’re in the Garland district, check out the Garland Art Alley. A few years ago, artists from across the city gathered and painted several murals. Check it out, appreciate the art, and take a few photos for Instagram – just make sure to credit the artists. 

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Searching for Instagrammable Spots in Spokane

There you have it – our list of some of Spokane’s most Instagrammable spaces. While all of these spaces are beautiful in their own ways, they also provide incredible glimpses and flavors of Spokane’s culture and history. It’s not about how many likes or followers you get, it’s really about how much fun you have while exploring. Tag @trendingnorthwestmag on your next adventure.

Where will you visit next for a great shot in Spokane?

Christine Burns

Christine Burns is a local entrepreneur, public speaker, content creator, model, and writer from Spokane, WA. She’s an expert in marketing and owns Posted Consulting LLC, an award-winning PR firm. Born and raised in the Inland Northwest, Christine loves to support and advocate for local businesses and artists, and even hosts the annual Spokane Small Business Convention in the spring.


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