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Spokane’s Best Pizza: Where to Find it and What to Order

Are you looking for the best pizza in Spokane? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Everyone that knows me reaches out to me for food advice, and often. I guess being a moderately well-known Spokane food blogger gets you that kind of rap with your pals. But, I have a confession to make – I don’t like pizza as a general rule.

I know what you’re thinking – how can you write an article on the best pizza in Spokane, then? Well, honestly, it’s because I am SO particular about how this beloved American favorite is made that my standards are unnaturally high. You’re in good hands.

best pizza in spokane

Why am I not a fan of pizza? Well, in my household, both of my parents worked full-time, and we had cheap, greasy fast-food pizza more times than I can count. It was the staple because I have four younger brothers all with specific likes and dislikes, so why not just grab a giant cheese and meat disc with some bread under it? It was inexpensive, easily palatable for even the pickiest eaters, and it kept us alive when there was little to no other sustenance in our kitchen at the moment.

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Fast forward to today. My husband likes pizza as much as my grown brothers and teenage children do. That means I have ordered it at least once a week. That also means I’m going to get something out of the ordinary as much as I possibly can. I get something for my traditionalists, and then something else wild and crazy for myself and the kids when they feel brave.

What makes the best pizza in Spokane, anyway? There are a couple of points for me that are of the utmost importance when considering the quality of pizza that I’m hoping for. A wood-fired oven categorically makes the best crispy bottom crust with that nice leoparding, and top-shelf local ingredients for sauce, cheese and toppings. There is so much nuance that goes into a perfect pie, and I’ll try to outline those for you to help you feel like you understand what is expected at each of these unique eateries. If you’re looking for the classic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, these are your new go-to spots.

The Best Pizza in Spokane and the Surrounding Area

Best Traditional Pies: Classic Best Pizza in Spokane

Piccolo Pizza in Liberty Lake is dangerously close to my house, and I’m so glad (although this isn’t the only reason they’re on our best pizza in Spokane list!). Their pizzas have consistently been on the very top of my list for several reasons.

Aside from being obsessed with their absolutely beautiful brick oven with gleaming tiles, I love how cozy this place is. The staff knows pretty much everyone that comes in and it has a Cheers vibe that I’m always encouraged by. That and it’s super easy to place to-go orders that you can pick up right off the freeway no matter which direction you’re going.

The unusual part? It’s in a gas station strip mall. Stay with me – it adds to the charm. For you, it means affordable prices on a premium product. Either way, you’re in for some seriously gourmet eats.

pizza just out of the oven
Piccolo Pizza

My top picks are the Ragazzone which is your more classic style – a red sauce, uncured Principe pepperoni and mozzarella, or the Bistecca which has a ricotta cream sauce, marinated steak, gorgonzola cheese, tomato, mushroom, shallots, and arugula. A truly masterful option for even the most resistant pizza consumer.

Versalia in Kendall Yards is a must-visit for the pizza lover and pizza skeptic alike. They’ll make you a believer! In fact, this is one of the few pizza places Melissa (a die hard Chicago-style pizza lover herself) and I can agree on, making this truly the best pizza in Spokane… and the best pizza for our friendship.

Versalia makes their very own pizza oven as a “functional work of art” using a proprietary refractory clay mixture that holds heat like a champ and burns applewood that burns fast and can get up to 1000 F. After just 90 seconds, your pizza will be fully cooked and ready to eat.

According to their website, “The intense energy released from the burning applewood is transferred to the pizza three ways: through convection, conduction and radiant energy. When the pizza hits the bricks, the molecules of water in the dough turn to water vapor and escape upwards through the crust. Miniature steam vents form all over the pizza as it is transformed by the intense heat. This change of state from water to steam generates pressure and uplifts our special dough, creating a puffy, hollow, golden brown and slightly-charred, crisp and chewy outer crust (the “cornicione”) and a deliciously thin, melts-in-your-mouth— soft inner crust.”

I have always been fascinated by how great pizza is made, and even more by how it translates into a great meal. My favorite on their menu would have to be the Spicy Tony for an authentic pick, which has Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms & provolone on crushed red pepper infused savory red sauce with our three cheese blend. The Brussels and Bacon is more off the beaten path, and has Seattle-made Beecher’s Flagship cheese, balsamic reduction and garlic olive oil.

Peace Pie Pizzeria is a classic New York style pizza place that prides itself on a perfect dough, house-made sauces and responsibly-sourced ingredients, right down to the flour. Peace Pie is so known for having the best pizza in Spokane that when they release anything new, it’s sure to be sold out within hours.

Being across the street from Main Market in Saranac Commons, they have access to all kinds of unique and locally farmed ingredients and frequently have collaborations with area restaurants like adding meatballs from Hogwash Whiskey Den to their special pie of the day.

I live for a flavorful crust, and here they nail the craft as well as the art of making a memorable dough.  You also can’t miss the garlic knots – trust me. My favorite classic pizza here is the Margherita with signature house-made dough, red sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. It’s even better when paired with a beer from Black Label Brewing Company right next door, or have their brunch specials with a mimosa flight on the weekends.

South Perry Pizza has some of the most affordable artisan pizza in town, and is in the heart of the charming Perry District (where my husband’s family once had their auto shop in the building that is now The Shop, a sweet cafe). I have a special spot in my heart for this neighborhood, and this pizza.

I favor their Brooklyn, which has a piquant red sauce, local Casa Cano Farms sausage, mozzarella, parmesan, peppadew peppers, red pepper flake, olive oil and a balsamic drizzle, and my husband is in love with the simple perfection of the Prosciutto pie, which has thinly sliced prosciutto ham, mascarpone, mozzarella, arugula and cherry tomatoes.

The bonus – a Cheers-like atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and the laughter trails down the street. You can smell this place a mile away, and it carries you right through the door like a cartoon character. They also have gluten free options, 7” lunch pizzas until 4pm, happy hour from 3-5, and a season pass punch card that will save you some dough.

best pizza in spokane
Peace Pie Pizzeria

Best Unique Eats

Embers by the Lake has some completely crazy topping combinations that I just can’t get enough of. They have a thick, doughy crust that makes every bite feel decadent, and can stand up to the gooey goodness they slather on top. Yes, while this is a best pizza in Spokane list, trust me – it’s worth the drive!

The “Honey I’m Home” is a somewhat more traditional option with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, arugula and a chili-infused honey drizzle to make it really stand out. A more unusual option is the “Keep Clam and Carry On” which has (you guessed it) sauteed clams, olive oil, bacon, shaved parmesan and jalapeno for bite.

Even more out there – our top selection every time is the “Dilly Dilly”. It is essentially a pickle pizza. Bear with me. I know it sounds insane. But seriously, it’s the most unexpectedly yummy item on the entire menu. The tang of the sliced pickles, creamy garlic sauce, and stretchy cheese blend – it’s a must-try if you are a pickle lover.

One of the most charming aspects of heading out to this spot is its location overlooking Hauser Lake and the outdoor play area for kids. They even have the option to purchase a s’more kit for a few dollars that you can roast right over the fire and enjoy year-round as long as weather allows. It’s a great place for a sweet, casual family gathering.

Flying Goat is a beloved staple in the neighborhood. The pizzas here are definitely the star of the show and have a classic kiss of char on the crust. Their hand-stretched, freshly made dough creates pies that have an epic chew. They also show off using bold, homemade sauces and top-quality local ingredients and even cure some of their own meats. That’s a dedication to quality I can get behind.

At Flying Goat, they have a strong following for their artisan-style pizzas. With a healthy list of great brews on tap, you won’t go wrong with the Gordon with red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, roasted cremini mushrooms and kalamata olives, or go off the beaten path with the D Street, which is a wild yellow coconut curry pizza with cheese, potato, carrot, chicken, jalapeno, cilantro, sriracha and lime juice. It’s a punch in the tastebuds in the best way.

Also worth mentioning are the Roskelley Dumplings, which are a dough cradled pile of house sausage, roasted jalapeno and goat cheese that is deep-fried to crispy magic. At Republic Pi, my highest recommendation goes to the South Hill, which has a rossa sauce, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula and truffle oil to give it a little earthy funk, with shaved pecorino romano cheese to really send it over the edge. Unreal.

Best Casual Pizza Parlors

DiNardi’s is a family-owned and operated joint that offers a huge variety of options on a classic crust like you remember from your childhood. They have a Sicilian-style pie, which although it’s usually known as having a thick, rectangular, sheet pan-sized crust, there is more to it than just its shape.

In Sicily, a hefty almost focaccia-esque crust is usually topped with an abundance of strong cheese and sauce, and a selection of toppings based on preference. The crust is golden, crispy bottomed and chewy, leaving you full and satisfied.

I highly recommend the Penne Ala Vodka Sicilian Pizza with mozzarella and a creamy vodka sauce, or for something more unique, the Eggplant Rollatini with eggplant, ricotta, tomatoes and mozzarella. They also have tons of gluten free options if you are sensitive to it, and they are very helpful in providing information to keep you safe.

Their pizza is cheaper than therapy, and definitely leaves you feeling better than when you popped in.

Editor’s Note: Make sure to call ahead if you specifically want DiNardi’s famous Sicilian-style pizza! We went on a Friday night around 5 pm, and they were already completely sold out of the Sicilian options.

One Tree Cider House is another can’t miss spot with pizza parlor vibes. If you love quality crafted goodness along with your sweet cider, head over to One Tree Cider House. You wouldn’t think you could get such a big and well-made meal, but think again!

best pizza in spokane

Cult (And Not-So-Cult) Favorites: Best Pizza in Spokane

Wooden City has pizza even the top bakers in town will love. Fresh from their wood-fired oven and one of the most epic crusts I’ve had in this city, do not sleep on this one. They pride themselves on having a phenomenally well-trained team, so no matter when you happen to drop in, the quality remains consistent.

Their menu is short, but dynamic. Every single ingredient is chosen carefully to make each bite a balanced flavor extravaganza, and they have great recommendations based on your preference. It’s truly the best pizza in Spokane, and a great place for date nights.

It’s also got ambiance for days, and is a great date night spot for anyone who enjoys that modern industrial vibe. While the weather is good, their patio dining is a great option, too. Let’s be honest, though, EVERYTHING I’ve had here has been unbelievably top notch. I’m still dreaming about their savory bread pudding with burrata and heirloom tomatoes, too. Looks like I know where I’m going again for dinner tonight!

Market Street Pizza is a cult favorite amongst Spokane residents, and their strong online presence daily will clue you in as to what magic awaits you. A medium-thin crust is our pick here, and they don’t skimp on toppings, or on the sheer size of their slices.

I love it when the person operating the rotary cutter makes a big ‘ol New York size piece that I have to fold, and here they nail that. I like the classics the most here – sausage, onion and peppers. But, they have so many unique ones that are worth ordering, especially breakfast pizza Sundays!

Recently, they had a pie with a cheese base, spinach, ham, sausage, bacon, jalapenos and eggs, finished with bacon gravy and hot honey. YES. PLEASE. You’ll also want to catch their Wing Wednesday and meatball sub specials, which are crazy-craveable, and hugely popular.

best pizza in spokane
Wooden City – Erin Peterson

What Do You Think is the Best Pizza in Spokane?

As always, if you try out one of these spots, please let them know we sent you for a knowing wink and some extra special service.

Have I missed your favorite spot? Feel free to DM me on Instagram to have me try out someplace new and see if they make it on the list. In the meantime, go enjoy a slice, and pop onto Trending Northwest Magazine Group Chat to share your food pics!

Erin Peterson, Editor-In-Chief

Erin Peterson grew up in Post Falls, Idaho and became a professionally certified educator – earning the Provost’s Award for academic achievement and community service from Lewis-Clark State College. Now she is an award-winning local influencer, podcaster and digital strategy educator with a passion for equity and inclusion. Erin has been published and featured in a wide variety of local publications including the Spokesman Review, The Inlander, and has served as an editor at Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine. If you want to learn more about how she is making an impact right here in the Northwest, give her a follow on Instagram at @trending.northwest or Trending Northwest on Facebook.

Read all of Erin’s articles on TNW here.

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