10 Unique Drive Through Coffee Stands in Spokane, Washington

Do you ever have that feeling of burnout from going to the same old coffee stand every day, or feeling like you lost that sense of excitement when going to get your morning coffee? 

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Well, I did. A few years back, I stopped going to coffee stands because I felt like I was missing that important aspect of my visit: its specialty. 

Some places become super popular, the craze becomes artificial, and some lines become too long for just a mediocre experience.

The first drive-thru coffee stand didn’t come to Spokane until 1992, but when they arrived, the craze skyrocketed all throughout the Spokane region.

The competition for drive-thru coffee to this day is a cut-throat one, with so many stands fighting for the spot of No.1 in Spokane. 

For this article, though, I decided to go a different route. I didn’t want to pick the No. 1 place for coffee, or give specific awards. 

I wanted to go explore Spokane and find what exactly makes these coffee stands really different from each other. 

With that being said, continue reading on for the top 10 unique drive-thru coffee stands in Spokane, all in no particular order and all equally amazing in their own ways! 

The Most Unique Coffee Stands in Spokane, Washington


7015 N. Argonne Road, Spokane Valley

Split drinks at Mudslingers in Spokane Valley, Wash. 

This coffee stand is a sweet little gem hidden in the gardens of Smart Garden Nursery just off of Bigelow Gulch and Argonne Road. 

For months I’ve been hearing the buzz about the Lotus split drinks, yes, SPLIT drinks! So, I knew I had to go check it out. 

When I got there, not only did Mudslingers have the split drinks, but they also had coffee flights! For $18 dollars you can pick three coffee flavors and enjoy the cutest coffee flight. These were incredible and well worth $18 bucks. 

For my flight, I decided to go with the cinnamon roll chai tea, red velvet and caramel brulée cold brew for my flight and all three drinks were so delicious. 

The split drink cup was also a super fun experience to try. You can pick any kind of Lotus energy and create any flavor combination you’d love, getting two different kinds of drinks in one. 

You can also do coffee as well if you’re not into Lotus or Italian sodas. The coffee flight flavors will also be changing with the seasons, so keep your eyes peeled for that pumpkin spice in November and peppermint in December! 

Natural High Coffee Co. 

13325 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley

Two types of CBD drinks, Natural High Coffee Co. in Spokane, Wash.

Where do I even begin with this coffee stand? There are so many good things to be said about this place! From the staff to the drinks, to the food, it was all so good. 

Through the grapevine, I heard there was a coffee stand in Spokane that sold CBD! I knew I had to hunt them down and find them for this article, and WOW I was amazed! 

Right off the bat, the energy in that stand was incredible. They have two kinds of CBD choices, a tiny 1.5 oz bottle of CBD fusion that has 60 mg of CBD, or they have canned CBD sparkling water. Both choices were a sight to see, as I’ve never seen a stand offer that before. 

I also tried the “Ghost Malone” themed drink for the month of October, which tasted like a candy peach ring! 

Not only were the drinks a hit, but their breakfast burritos were also on point. All the ladies working gave 100 percent on customer service and really work to build that connection with their customers. 

I have seen people on social media mentioning the baristas leaving uplifting notes on their drinks, but experiencing that kindness was a whole other level to me. So much so that I will be going out of my way to make the long drive to them when I need some good coffee and good company!

Natural High has a rotating seasonal menu, so keep an eye out for different drinks all throughout November and December. With the talent I saw, I know they will have some pretty creative drinks on future menus! And if CBD is your thing, then definitely check this place out!

Bloom Coffee Company

4020 E. 57th, Spokane 

Bloom Coffee Co. Spokane, Wash.

I first heard about Bloom Coffee Company through Instagram posts and, of course, just seeing their beautiful art displayed on the side of their building. 

They have these stunning hand-painted purple flowers that just catch your eye from a mile away. Their drinks were spot-on and they sell a number of yummy baked goods and breakfast items that are great for on-the-go. 

What really caught my eye about this place, however, was the owner’s story behind the work.

The stand is owned by CJ Curtis, who currently volunteers her time with and donates a portion of her profits to HRC Ministries, an organization that works with those who have been trafficked.  

Every season, CJ picks a new non-profit organization to work with and donate to. She is also the owner of The Garden Coffee & Local Eats, located in Spokane Valley. Go check them out and support a good cause! 

The Beanstalk

1621 W. Mansfield Avenue, Spokane 

The Beanstalk, Spokane Wash.

The Beanstalk has been around forever. They are the second-ever coffee stand to open, and the longest-standing coffee stand to stay open in Spokane. 

Opening in 1994, The Beanstalk is a small, quaint, little spot tucked in the alley behind the Goodwill between Maple Street and Ash Street. 

The Beanstalk has great prices on drinks, the most delicious turkey and cheese croissant sandwiches, and awesome weekly specials that never stop. 

Examples of weekly specials include Free Donut Fridays, Double-punch Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays (large drinks for a low price), and happy hour (always 2-4 p.m.) with buy one get one free on all drinks! 

The quiet vibe, special connection with customers, and consistent weekly specials make this coffee stand so unique. I have been going to The Beanstalk since 2016 and I can tell you honestly that, every single time I visit, I leave with one of those turkey croissants sandwiches!

Jacob’s Java

2031 N. Monroe Street, Spokane

Jacob’s Java, Spokane, Wash.

Jacob’s Java holds the title for the first drive-through coffee stand to open in Spokane in 1992, and over time, has opened a total of six stands across this area. 

When I visited the drive-thru, the staff was so friendly and informative, and the drinks were so good and very well priced. I was overwhelmed with what to choose so I had the barista surprise me and, oh my gosh, it was an incredible delight! No drink there is exactly the same and by asking a question or two, she made me something magical. 

Every cup of coffee that’s made at Jacob’s Java is from locally roasted coffee beans from their very own coffee roasting company called Gemelli Coffee Roastery.

I really believe Jacob’s Java is unique in this, as not many coffee stands can say they have their very own brand of bean. I mean, that’s pretty special! 

If you are looking for locally roasted and made specifically to your liking, then this is the stand for you. 

Galaxy Grind

12402 E Saltese Road, Spokane Valley 

The Galaxy Grinder with a tropical Lotus energy, Spokane, Wash. 

This spot is well-known for their delicious Lotus drinks! They surprised me with this tropical and tangy bright pink drink that tasted like vacation was right around the corner. 

They make their drinks vibrant, beautiful, and with a touch of love. 

Galaxy Grind is out of this world with not only drinks but their vast assortment of menu items, such as breakfast sandwiches, bakery items, and lighter menu fare, like toasts, salads, and signature lunch sandwiches. 

I went with their popular Galaxy Grinder sandwich and, oh my Lanta, it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tried. This dream of a sandwich had roasted turkey, bacon, ham, mayo, mustard, lettuce, red onion, and provolone all on French bread. 

You wouldn’t think such a small spot would have such a big menu with so many great offerings! 

I also thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere inside the shop, with the beautifully painted galaxy wall and the local art that is hanging all around. 

The staff at Galaxy Grind is a wonderful group of people who really truly care about their community and customers. This little gem is making big moves and you need to go check them out! 

Blissful Bends 

3118 E. Mission Avenue, Spokane

Chai Tea and the Champagne Tiki, Blissful Blends in Spokane, Wash.

Blissful Bends has five locations around Spokane serving up some of the most unique and sweet drinks around. They are known for their homemade whip creams, which change to fit with new seasons. For example, their lavender whip will just knock your socks right off your feet! 

I had a wonderful experience at the Mission Ave. location. Blissful Blends has such a creative group of baristas and they are always coming up with their own flavor combinations based on request and preference! 

They are constantly posting new drinks on social media, so you’ll never get bored with the offered choices. 

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new that wasn’t coffee or lotus. I tried the Pink Champagne Tiki with an energy infusion, and a splash of orange juice. It definitely reminded me of a mimosa! 

They also have a Chai tea that is unbelievably good and will get you in the mood for this fabulous fall season. 

Maple Street Bistro

5520 N. Maple Street, Spokane 

Maple Street Bistro, Spokane, Wash. 

I knew I had to go here once I heard Maple Street Bistro makes their own in-house bagels and has some of the best coffee in Spokane!

First thing I did after dropping my kids off to school, I ran to Maple Street Bistro and ordered their most popular breakfast sandwich, the breakfast club, on a delightfully crisp parmesan and garlic bagel. 

This sandwich had the most insane honey mustard sauce that just pairs so delightfully well with the cheddar, Swiss and cream cheeses on this sandwich.

Also, the cinnamon rolls are the size of my head! We ordered two, thinking they would be cute little petite rolls. We were greatly mistaken, and excited about the outcome. 

Maple Street Bistro makes more than just homemade bagels and schmears,, they also make a variety of baked goods such as scones, muffins, cookies and homemade whips. All of their baked goods are made in house, too!

This cute little bistro is also a great lunch spot for those looking for a nice quiet place for studying, reading, or a coffee date. They also have a lunch menu with wraps, sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Latah Latte

4221 Cheney Spokane Road, Spokane

Rose Petal Tea, Latah Latte in Spokane, Wash. 

Nestled on the edge of Spokane, this little hidden gem is right off of highway 195 and shares gorgeous mountainous views of the Latah Valley.

What really made this Latah Latte stick out to me was their savory and delightful hand-made meat pies! These pies, along with many other of their treats, are all made with love at their sister location, Latah Bistro, just a block or two up the street. These meat pies come in a variety of flavors like buffalo chicken, jalapeno popper and one with a breakfast maple sausage filling. Not only that, but they are gluten-free! 

Another unique product this stand has to offer is their Rose Petal Tea. I know a lot of coffee stands have tea, but not anything on the level of this, unless of course you’re looking at gourmet coffee houses. But for a drive-thru, this is impressive. 

I got the Rose Petal Tea, and it had a beautiful display of rose petals placed on a creamy foam top. 

Their other drinks are also insanely good, and all that Latah Latte has to offer is worth every penny. If you’re looking for a good stop in between Cheney and Spokane, this is it. 


507 S. Pines Road, Spokane Valley 

The Six Shooter at Shotzy’s, Spokane, Wash.

Picture this: you’re scrolling aimlessly on social media, and all of a sudden, some random person you don’t know posts this huge, frozen, ice cream-filled coffee. 

I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw it and yelled “What is THAT and WHERE do I get one?!” 

Well, you get The Six Shooter at Shotzy’s! I had to do a lot of digging to find this insane drink, but the time and research was well worth it! 

This dessert of a drink is a combination of granita, soft serve ice cream and caramel sauce layered to pure perfection. Do not skip this place if you have any kind of sweet tooth like me!

Shotzy’s is a cute little stand located off of Pines in Spokane Valley. Here, their employees consider each other family and work together as a team not only during work but outside it, too. 

They really take the time to get to know their employees and customers, put love and care into their drinks and enjoy helping their community in the best of ways.

More Than Just Coffee

Coffee stands are not always just about the coffee, but more so about the specialty and uniqueness of each place. 

I was so surprised by what I learned at each stand, and not only that, but the relationships I felt between those people working hard as a team, and the relationships these people had with their community. 

I wanted to take on the mission of finding places that needed the recognition they deserve as they stand out from your regular, same-old-everyday coffee stand. 

So, if you’re ready to enhance your drive-thru coffee experience, regardless if it’s part of your morning routine or just an afternoon treat, go grab some goodies at these amazing stands and show them some love.

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