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Cider Delights: A Taste Tour of Spokane’s Top Cider Houses

Spokane’s craft beverage scene is thriving lately. While our picturesque city is often associated with its craft breweries and wine-tasting rooms, there is an intrguing newcomer making waves in the local beverage scene: hard cider.

Most commonly known as a fermented apple-based elixir, hard cider can use various fruits, such as pears, peaches, and berries to impart unique flavors. Each variety offers a refreshing experience for those seeking a different kind of libation.

If you want to learn more about my favorite cider houses in the Inland Northwest (and dare I say, the best cider houses in the Northwest), follow along to learn about some of the best cideries in our area!

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Raise a Glass: Discover Spokane’s Best Hard Cider Experiences

One Tree Cider House

One Tree Cider House is a delightful haven for cider enthusiasts seeking a unique and refreshing experience. This cidery boasts a diverse selection of meticulously crafted ciders that cater to a wide range of palates.

A One Tree Cider flight at One Tree Cider House
One Tree Cider House flight. Photo by Erin Peterson.

One Tree cider has been a long time favorite of Trending Northwest, and not just because you can find them in a bunch of places around the Northwest. From their fun bottles to easy-to-bring-with canned options, there’s a cider for every palate from One Tree.

From the moment you step into One Tree Cider House, you’ll be greeted by an inviting atmosphere that invites you to explore their innovative cider offerings. They offer an array of ciders that span from classic apple varieties to exciting fruit-infused concoctions, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our personal favorites? Lemon Basil (yes, try it!) and Huckleberry. You can even mix the two for a real treat at the cider house!

What sets One Tree Cider House apart is its commitment to using locally sourced and natural ingredients. This emphasis on quality ingredients shines through in the vibrant and authentic flavors present in each sip of their ciders. Whether you’re a cider connoisseur or new to the world of craft ciders, you’re bound to find a cider that suits your taste and preferences.

As mentioned, you can find One Tree Cider around the Northwest, including Costco, but for the full experience, visit One Tree’s Cider House in downtown Spokane. There you’ll find weekly specials, a food menu, and more. We love to visit One Tree on Wednesdays for date night, when you can get two pints and a pizza for just $20!

Trailbreaker Cider

A photo of Trailbreaker Cider sitting outside on a sunny day with light fluffy clouds
Photo by the author, Carlie Lee

Trailbreaker Cider in Liberty Lake is always a lot of fun for the whole family, even your dog! The main indoor space is ample, with comfortable booths, the upstairs area is a great place to just hang (also able to be rented out for special events), and the outdoor patio extends into their vast, grassy area.

With 20 variations of cider on tap, it definitely has one of the most extensive tap lists in our area. The team is always getting creative with flavors like bourbon cabernet, carrot cake, and even cider nog.

Not sure what to get? You can mix two flavors together to create your perfect pint of cider. The blueberry sage and cucumber mint are staples on the menu and two of my very favorites.

This cider house is unique because they also brew a non-alcoholic option, so no one is missing out. I’ve tried several of the food menu items, and while all are tasty, I keep going back for the Cougar Gold truffle fries served with house-made plum ketchup – yum!

Bardic Brewing and Cider

Photo of a Bardic Brewing and Cider cider drink sitting on a cool marble table.
Photo by the author, Carlie Lee

The husband and wife duo behind Bardic Brewing are one of a kind; she makes the cider, and he makes the beer. The tap list is always half cider, thanks to Courtney, and half beer, courtesy of Mark.

You’ll find ciders infused with unique ingredients such as butterfly pea flower and holy basil on the lineup. For fruit lovers, the strawberry and pineapple options are great and rotate often.

I love how Bardic proclaims that their drink philosophy is centered around quality; you can definitely taste it. Their Spokane Valley taproom is family-friendly, full of games for adults and children alike. They offer a food menu with items like pizza, soft pretzels, and charcuterie boards, so you can truly make an afternoon or evening out of it.

Inland Cider Mill

Photo of an Inland Cider Mill cider sitting on a wood desk. In the background is the Inland Cider Mill logo.
Photo by the author, Carlie Lee

After the successful launch of Thomas Clare Wine Cellars, owner Sean and his wife decided to expand their beverage-making to include hard cider.

Upon entering Inland Cider Mill, you’re warmly greeted and made to feel like an instant friend. Sean is passionate about the products he makes and happy to answer any questions you might have. He also encourages sampling as many ciders as possible to ensure you end up with a pint you enjoy.

Inland Cider also offers flights for the indecisive imbiber (ahem, me). During my visit, my favorite ciders were the Passionfruit Orange Guava (aka POG) and the Grapefruit N’ Hops. If you want to introduce someone to hard cider, this is a stop you’ll want to make.

Liberty Ciderworks

Award-winning and for good reason, Liberty Ciderworks makes its hard cider using apples from the Palouse and Yakima Valley regions.

Focused on crafting exceptional hard ciders using traditional methods, I appreciate that none of their options are overly sweet. From crisp and tart to complex and tannic, there’s a cider to suit every preference.

Their downtown tasting room is quaint and cozy, ideal for catching up with a friend or even popping in by yourself. The staff at Liberty Ciderworks is knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, providing insights into the cider-making process and helping guests choose the perfect cider.

Be sure to check out their website for suggested food pairings, too!

Locust Cider

Photo of the rotating seasonal ciders from Locust, including a small sample of their dill cider.
Photo by the author, Carlie Lee

Hailing from Woodinville, WA, Locust Cider now has taproom locations all over the state. Their Spokane taproom is located conveniently downtown and has various weekly events, like trivia on Tuesdays and bingo on the weekends.

I appreciate that they use real ingredients and never any artificial flavorings or sweeteners. In addition to their core cider lineup, Locust Cider also experiments with small-batch and seasonal releases. This allows them to introduce limited-edition flavors and innovative creations throughout the year. Have you ever had a cider made with dill? Me neither, but with the addition of lemon, it totally works!

I especially enjoy going on Thursdays when you can get a tasting flight for just $10. Prepare to stay a while, as there are a variety of flatbreads and other savory snacks to choose from, too.

As you can see, there’s plenty of options for cider houses here in our area. Moreover, Spokane’s cider scene goes beyond the drink itself, with a vibrant community of cider enthusiasts and connoisseurs passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences. Whether it’s a cozy taproom nestled downtown or a rustic orchard in the outskirts, plan on gathering your friends to swap stories, attend tastings, and explore the delicious world of cider-making.

Carlie L.

Originally from central Pennsylvania, Carlie moved across the country in 2016 to obtain a Master’s in Biology from Washington State University. She grew a deep love for the Pacific Northwest and began to call Spokane her new home in 2018. 

Carlie especially loves the local community and how supportive everyone is of one another. She is a self-proclaimed lover of ALL animals, owning two rescue dogs and two guinea pigs. In her spare time, Carlie loves to travel. Locally, she enjoys sipping on creative cocktails and keeping up with the ever-expanding beer scene. Follow along at @spokane_drinks on Instagram.


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