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Remind Me of My Power: Intuitive Guidance with Alex Barrouk

Nothing makes me happier — and I mean really, really happy — than witnessing lives being transformed, watching people step into their destiny and live fulfilling lives. 

The best part is that the only person who can decide what that might look like for you is you.  

We each internalize a variety of obstacles that keep us from seeing the paths to where we want to be: They come from our education and upbringing, social constraints, prejudices, limiting beliefs, others’ judgment, our wounds and trauma, as well as the voice in our head that stubbornly repeats, “You shouldn’t, you won’t, you can’t.”

You Can 

I believe you can because opportunities for change are everywhere, all the time, all around us.

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And that is precisely what the work of stepping into your destiny truly is: Uncluttering your vision to help you see the pathways to where you would like to be. That’s all it is. The first step is to be reminded of your power. 

The world has shown me that the journey is not really about becoming anything. Instead, it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

You’ve Already Got It

What if I told you you already have everything you need to reconnect to your inherent, self-healing power, and that, together, we can rediscover it? 

Intuitive guidance uses a blend of self-development tools, business and professional best practices (when applicable), and spiritual/intuitive guidance to remind you of what your intuition already knows: You’ve got this!

Together, we can turn open wounds into battle scars and remind you of your power. 


You’re already experiencing the first step of tapping into your intuition: People meet for a reason, including you and me. 

In our first (complimentary) in-person appointment, we’ll go for a walk, or have some tea, or just sit together in a peaceful space, and … we’ll talk. 

Together, we’ll explore what work we could potentially do together, how your spirit aligns with mine, and make a plan from there. 

In future sessions, we’ll use guided questioning to discover your limiting beliefs — the roadblocks in the way of your forward progress. 

We’ll identify your strengths and your shadows, and talk about how to operate in balance between the two. As we better understand your motivations, we’ll bring your functionality into alignment and recover your flow. 

My clients have found themselves unstuck, and better able to make business decisions, relationship decisions, career decisions, and more after our time together. I can remind you of your power, too. 


A few beliefs that are important to share:

  • I’ve helped a lot of people through a knot in business operations, but I don’t believe that there’s an actual line separating work and life — they echo and feed each other. So I will work with people on one specific professional project or on life situations more broadly defined. 
  • Feminine and masculine energy are sides of the same coin. Whether I’m working with a man, a woman or any gender a person identifies with, we will tap into energies on each side and everything in between.
  • The supernatural — God, or whatever we want to call It — is everywhere and always speaking to us. The question is: Are we attuned?
  • We were designed to connect to each other and to higher realms.
  • My work is designed to bring good. Everything we will do is toward the greater good.
  • You are your own healer. I am only here to help you open doors. 
  • Each one of us has power. Mine is to remind you of yours. 

Intuitive guidance uses a blend of self-development tools, business and professional best practices (when applicable), and spiritual/intuitive guidance to remind you of what your intuition already knows: You’ve got this


Alex was encouraging and patient as we worked through problems and solutions with my business model. Providing encouragement when I felt inadequate, Alex helped me find my power and worked on helping me market that power. I will gladly use his services again in the future and would recommend him to all new business owners and even veteran owners who may be stepping out of their comfort zone. Alex will help you find your niche, voice and power to make sure that you give your clients the best product you have. 


In my conversations with Alex, I appreciate how he moves to the heart of the matter with compassion and discernment. He is able to name what I am going though and help me integrate wisdom from past events and apply them to current situations. He has the capacity to hold space for the most difficult conversations, which is a rare quality.


Sometimes, it is easy for me to feel alone, and like I am floundering in uncertainty, but working with Alex encouraged me to own my space, find my voice and step into my power. I cannot recommend Alex Barrouk enough! His kindness, acceptance and gentle personality are the perfect antidote when anxieties are high. Without his knowledge, expertise and big heart, I don’t think I would have been able to own my role with such confidence, nor would we have been prepared with the skills needed to lead our business into the future.


Fine Print

If you are working on a diagnosis — ADHD, depression or anxiety, for example — or take medication for a mental health condition, this is not the service for you. This is not psychotherapy, and Alex is not a medical practitioner. Everyone is welcome once they feel fully supported in their current health journey.

Alex Barrouk

(He/him/his). Intuitive guide, vision and change activator, student of complexity, pathfinder and friend.

Hi, I’m Alex. Remind Me of My Power (RMOMP) came to life as a blend of my experiences as a psychoanalyst back home in France, my business and professional work as a consultant, and my spiritual journey. 

By combining the three, I have found my power helping people unclutter their own visions and paths forward by reminding them of their power. RMOMP is not coaching, though the techniques coaches use are familiar to me. I think of what we do together as intuitive guidance, work that is transcendent of basic skill-building.

As far back as I can remember, I have seen people, systems, and organizations for their potential rather than focusing on where they are currently stuck. For a long time, I thought that I had just trained my listening muscle to help people in a deeper way. 

But then, my own spiritual journey opened doors and placed people, guides and friends on my way, all of whom opened my eyes to the existence of spiritual gifts — specifically, intuitive guidance.

That is when I realized that a large segment of my work takes root in something bigger, has a more complicated source than I had previously thought, and I have been working to discover what this could mean to me. Along the way — a lot of revelations, hardships, discoveries, successes and failures later — I was reminded of my power: My biggest power is reminding you of your power. 

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