10 Gifts for Beer Lovers in the Northwest

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a beer lover in the Northwest, look no further! From unique beer-themed gifts to practical items that will make their favorite brews even better, there are plenty of great options. Here are 10 gifts that any beer lover in the Northwest would love to receive.

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The Best Gifts for Beer Fans

1 – Personalized heavy-weight beer stein

As any serious craft-beer lover will tell you, the shape of the glass can have a major impact on flavor. Essentially, the way the bubbles and air move through the beer and the glass can improve the flavor and mouthfeel of the beer.

Beer steins are a true classic beer mug, with roots that date back to the Bubonic Plague. But they actually really help the taste of German-style beers and lagers.

You can pick up a personalized heavy-weight beer stein for the special craft-beer lover in your life by visiting DAGraphicImages’ shop on Etsy. This fun shop is based out of Seattle, Wash., and offers free shipping.

Get an inside joke or their name personalized on the beer stein to bring a smile to their face.

2 – Drinking game made here in the PNW

Hammered Heroes is a tabletop drinking game made in Spokane, Wash.

This fun drinking game follows similar mechanics to other tabletop role-playing games, except it’s a lot easier to learn, which is rather nice when you’re throwing back a beer or three.

Each player draws a handful of heroes. These heroes may be large or small. They also will encounter different quests, which will tell players if they need to send a large or small hero to win the quest.

The goal is to collect either the smallest hero or the largest hero, depending on the quest.

However, the other players can take cheap shots at your hero and either increase or decrease their score.

It’s a very fun game that will totally break up the monotony of the more overplayed drinking games.

3 – A gift basket of beer and snacks

Simply Northwest carries a massive selection of gifts from across the Northwest.

Started in 1989 as a gift-basket company, Simply Northwest has expanded over the years, and now even ships nationally.

For the beer lover in your life, check out the Hearty Party Gift Basket, complete with an assortment of beer and snacks to enjoy.

4 – Nerdy brewing apparel

Natural 20 Brewing has two locations in Spokane, Wash. Themed after all things nerdy, fantasy and fun, Natural 20 Brewing is the perfect location for beer lovers who like playing Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Munchkin, etc., while enjoying delightfully brewed craft beers.

Adorned with the 20-sided dice logo, Natural 20 Brewing has a wide selection of gifts and apparel on their website with a nerdy-twist to them.

5 – Homebrewing equipment

Does the craft-beer lover in your life want to make their own beer? Genus Brewing Co. makes it easy with its huge selection of brewing supplies. They offer supplies for both beginners and expert homebrewers at their store.

They also have an incredible social media presence and offer both instructional videos online and videos of brewing experiments, perfect for the beginning homebrewer to quench their thirst for learning.

6 – A Beer-filled vacation

The iconic Bavarian village in Leavenworth, Wash., is quite the beer-lover’s paradise in the PNW.

Throughout the town, you’ll find multiple spots to grab some craft beer, German sausage, Bavarian pretzels, beer cheese and more.

Plus, with stunning hotels and fun activities like skiing and hiking, Leavenworth is a great weekend getaway.

If you would prefer to give an experience-based gift instead of a physical gift, a vacation with hotels, restaurants and transportation booked is the ultimate gift.

7 – Give them a beer challenge and a weekend getaway

Bend, Oregon, is home to 30 different breweries for you to explore on the Bend Ale Trail.

The Bend Ale Trail is a challenge to explore beer from the different brew territories around Bend.

Make it a non-stop party when you stay at the Bunk & Brew, a hostel in the Historic Lucas House in Bend. While on the Ale Trail, the team there gives you a free craft beer upon arrival.

8 – Custom wood coasters to protect the tables

Your favorite craft-beer lover probably doesn’t love drink rings on their furniture. GoodeJujuandCo creates custom coasters with fun designs and personalization options available.

9 – Personalized hand-crafted leather beer koozies

Made out of full-grain leather and hand-stitched, these beer koozies are perfect for keeping their beer cool and hands comfortable. You can pick up a matching set with your favorite beer lover’s name on it.

It’s an indulgent craft-beer gift that they wouldn’t think of for themselves, which makes it extra special that you thought of it for them.

10 – Bottle opener inspired by the wildlife of the Northwest

Hidden amongst the tech-companies, coffee shops and breweries, you might find a mountain and forest, or two.

And on those mountains and forests, you’ll likely find rabbits, coyotes, eagles, deer and elk.

If you’re searching for gifts for a craft beer lover who also loves wildlife, hunting, hiking and all things PNW, check out these bottle openers made from elk antlers.

Of Course, Pick Up a Growler, Bomber or Grunt From Their Favorite Brewery

I promise, those three words are definitely sure to make a great, unique gift for the beer lover in your life.

If you have a craft beer lover in your life, consider picking up some of their favorite beer, straight from the brewery.

If you’ve found the perfect bit of beer-themed gift inspiration from this list, help them season their new gift with their favorite beer!

Craft beer lovers in the Northwest are sure to appreciate any of these 10 gifts. From a beer-filled vacation to custom wood coasters, personalized leather koozies and bottle openers inspired by the wildlife of the Northwest, there is something for everyone. And don’t forget to pick up a growler, bomber or grunt from their favorite brewery! With these gifts, your craft beer lover will be sure to have a hoppy holiday season.

Which gift will you give your craft-beer lover? And what beer will you pair with it?

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