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Revolutionizing Wellness: A Deep Dive into the Inland Northwest’s Innovative Health Services

Maybe it’s because I’ve battled chronic and mysterious health issues for the past several years, maybe it’s because I find myself solidly in the midst of my thirties and facing the impending arrival of middle age, or maybe it’s because our culture as a whole has shifted focus from hustle to longevity and from demanding performance by sheer willpower to fueling and working with our bodies’ intricate and beautiful systems and rhythms. Regardless of the reason, I can’t help but notice and marvel at how many innovative healthcare services are available to us. 

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In a post-pandemic world, wellness has new weight, and it has expanded from an arbitrarily determined weight range and a lack of disease to include monitored energy levels, skin health, organ health, longevity, and mental wellness. We have more information about our interconnected systems and more resources to make data-based health decisions than ever before. As I say in each article, our little slice of heaven continues to provide. 

The Inland Northwest boasts plenty of innovative healthcare services, and I set out to explore and highlight my favorites in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area. 

Whole Body Complete Wellness

Whole Body Complete Wellness in Spokane, Washington, led by Kendra Johnson, ARNP, offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. They provide a range of services, including Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, IV Wellness Nutritional Infusions, and various cosmetic procedures. 

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The center focuses on personalized care plans, emphasizing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The team includes experts like Christina Nelson, specializing in wellness and aesthetic treatments, and Leeaura Sanders, dedicated to patient care.

Take a listen to Trending Northwest’s interview with founder Kendra Johnson here, where we talk more about what Whole Body Complete Wellness offers, including what to expect before an IV infusion, who hormone therapy is best for, plus practical tips on taking care of yourself from the inside out.

Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics ad featuring healthy woman in a robe looking peaceful

Gestalt Diagnostics

Gestalt Diagnostics differs from the other providers and facilities featured here, in that it does not provide services directly to the general public. You won’t find dramatic testimonials or before/after pictures, but it is nonetheless driven to transform healthcare and save and improve lives. Its innovation contributes to our community’s health and wellness by serving upstream. 

Gestalt Diagnostics provides cutting-edge, streamlined solutions for medical professionals to diagnose more accurately, efficiently, and quickly. We are so lucky that its founders saw the cumbersome and inefficient systems for sharing patient records and glass slides and set out to create better, smarter systems to support pathologists and save lives.

(Lisa-Jean Clifford, COO & Chief Strategy Officer for Gestalt Diagnostics, answered the questions and provided the pictures in this section)

1. Tell us about Gestalt Diagnostics. Would you please describe your mission in one sentence? 

Gestalt is committed to bringing anatomic pathology into the digital age by delivering enterprise solutions, and services, to transform anatomic pathology laboratories from glass slides, microscopes, and couriers to an automated, electronic, AI driven digital workflow.

2. How do you provide innovative services in the healthcare world?

We provide a full suite of solutions for healthcare that include an Image Management System, Intelligent, automated workflow modules for clinical diagnosis, education and research, AI algorithms and interoperability. Our belief is that if we provide the richest technical functionality, our customers will be able to rapidly decrease diagnosis times, provide better and targeted cancer treatments and ultimately save more patients.

3. What is something Gestalt Diagnostics does that hasn’t been done before?

We have developed an ecosystem that incorporates multiple disparate applications and pieces of data that provides a 360-degree view of the patient for the pathologist in a single, streamlined way. This enables the pathologist to be able to see everything about that specific patient at the time they are looking to provide a diagnosis, ensuring that they don’t miss anything. We also have an integrated, live and real-time collaboration module which allows experts around the world to see, hear, and work on the same case together.

4. Artificial Intelligence is quite a hot topic. How have you used AI to support the healthcare field?

We support AI in multiple ways. First, it is inherent in our workflow. We use AI, or image analysis, to optimize the workflow process for healthcare entities in our solutions. Second, we integrate multiple different AI algorithms directly within our Image Management System. We can support algorithms developed by us, by other vendors and by our clients themselves, all in the same environment. We also have a patent pending on being able to provide multiple, complimentary or competing algorithms on the same patient at the same time. This supports diagnostic speed and accuracy, education and training, drug and pharma and research applications.

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5. What goals does your team have for the next 5 years?

Our entire industry is at the beginning of innovation in these areas. We have robust roadmaps for all of our solutions moving forward. The technology will advance, the use of it will not only become more prevalent, but it will also continue to evolve in the ways it can be deployed. We fully intend to continue to be an industry leader driving this forward.

Lakeside Medspa

In the infamous words of June George, Lakeside Medspa is not like a normal medspa; it’s a cool medspa. Rachel and Ryan, the dynamic duo behind this local gem, bring extensive medical backgrounds to the table and have chosen to expand their focus from cosmetics and injectables to encompass holistic wellness. 

Lakeside Medspa

They didn’t stop with things like performance-enhancing IVs and their Body Reboot Program, though. They have made it their mission to truly help their clients and community look good and FEEL good, and to that end, they have become advocates for mental health, helping to remove the stigma from issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. They have brought ketamine treatment to a spa setting, making it accessible and unintimidating.

My Experience Undergoing a Ketamine Infusion Session at Lakeside Medspa

You all know that I am a huge advocate for mental health and speak openly about my background with disordered eating, an all-too-common, but not-so-simple mental health challenge that plagues over 30 million Americans and yet thrives in the secret shame with which most carry it. 

Because I’ve got your back and will never recommend something I haven’t thoroughly researched, and because I’ve been interested in how ketamine might help with the OCD tendencies and anxiety associated with my recovering brain, I took the plunge and underwent a ketamine infusion session at Lakeside Medspa. I should note that I spoke with both my therapist and my doctor before committing to this course of treatment. Below is a detailed account of my experience. 

On the day of my treatment, I prepared by setting an intention for my session. The greatest challenge of a mind plagued with an eating disorder (for me at least) is the inability to trust oneself, one’s instincts, one’s hunger cues, one’s assessment of reality and priorities, so I decided on “I can trust myself” as my intention. 

I noticed some anxiety leading up to the day; I worried that I would yell out crazy things or act ridiculous or show how really crazy I am, but on the day of treatment, I woke with immense peace. To prepare, I was instructed to stop eating or drinking anything but clear liquids about 6 hours before my treatment. This is to avoid any nausea or digestive issues. 

When I arrived at the cozy little spa, Rachel met me in the lobby and walked me back to the IV treatment room. I sat in a comfortable recliner while Ryan went over the medical release forms, answered my questions, and gave me a few pills to help fight the nausea. Ryan put on a blood pressure cuff and took my starting vitals (this would stay on throughout the session and continuously monitor my vitals). He also placed an oximeter on my toe (my lengthy claws kept him from attaching it to my fingers). 

Rachel then brought me a warm blanket, placed headphones over my ears, and offered an assortment of stones. I chose a smooth black one and held it throughout the treatment to ground me and remind me where I really was. Ryan then inserted the IV,  and the drip started. The headphones played calming instrumental music, designed to go along with the ketamine experience. Rachel reminded me that I would be in control of my mind and body the whole time and that if I wanted to, at any point, I could open my eyes and tell her I wanted to be done. In that case, she would be able to end the experience for me. This made me feel even more comfortable. 

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and I was off!

While it has been a few weeks since my treatment, it is still difficult to put my experience into words. I can best describe it as living in the movie Fantasia, with multiple dreamy, black and white scenes. I left each vignette having received a different epiphany about myself. Nothing about it was scary, but it was distinctly foreign. 

Whenever I started to feel nervous or unsafe, I felt the rock in my hand and reminded myself that I was sitting in a medspa in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and not floating around with wispy specters.

In moments I felt out of control or nervous, I would repeat to myself “I am Bailey Bowerman. I am married to Blake Bowerman. I live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.” At first blush, this appeared to be a hilarious and fruitless attempt at clinging to a shallow identity. After further contemplation, though, I concluded that this was a beautiful reminder that I can find safety in who I am, who I’ve partnered with, and where I am in life. 

My first vignette placed me in a large stadium with crowds yelling and cheering. I felt at first that it was perfectly ok to live and enjoy and keep peace and die, but then the overwhelming fire in my stomach reminded me of a feeling I haven’t had since high school. What I really want–what I was born wanting–is to impact the world for good, to make a difference. This scene ended and left me feeling peaceful and a bit unsettled. 

In a later vignette, I saw myself in my kitchen and going about my life and my routine in my little house. I was struck by the knowledge that this was good and peaceful and right, but fairly inconsequential, that the stresses, worries, and fears that keep me up at night are miniscule when placed in context. 

In yet another vignette, I found myself making food choices and was overwhelmed with the knowledge that FOOD IS JUST FOOD. This was huge for me. 

Throughout each scene, the common thread was an overwhelming feeling of safety, bliss, and a positive outlook. I often felt myself spreading open my arms and feeling the warmth of true bliss. 

I should note that the entire time, I felt in control. There were moments when I knew I could open my eyes if I wanted to. If ever I felt even slightly ungrounded, I would squeeze the little black stone and turn it around in my hand. 

There was also the blood pressure cuff that would tighten sporadically to take my vitals and remind me where I was. Rachel told me later that this goes off every 10 minutes so it can be used to gauge time. 

Generally, throughout the experience, I felt a little scared, given that this was uncharted territory, but overall, comfortable and safe and assured that my life would turn out wonderfully. I woke fairly seamlessly and opened my eyes to see Rachel sitting in the room with me (she’d been there monitoring me the whole time). My senses slowly became aware of the room, of the chair under my body, of my limbs, and my mouth. I spoke with her for a few minutes before Ryan removed the IV, and I carefully stood up to leave. 

It should be noted that you may feel lightheaded and a bit weak immediately following treatment. Because I have naturally low blood pressure, I felt this extremely, but once I was home (I arranged for a ride, because you are not to operate heavy machinery for 24 hours), I drank some water with added electrolytes and started feeling more like myself. 

The 48 hours following a Ketamine treatment are vital to the effectiveness of the process. Your mind is extremely malleable and impressionable during this time, so Rachel advised me to be careful about what I exposed my fresh eyes to. I took that time to focus on positive affirmations and rest.

I noticed that for about 2 days after treatment, I was extremely grounded, aware of my body, sensitive to light and sound, and exhausted. 

I can’t recommend this treatment enough to those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, or eating disorders. 

I also sat down with Rachel Fiddes and Ryan Golob, the co-owners of Lakeside Medspa and asked them some questions about Ketamine and their practice at Lakeside Medspa. I’ve included their answers below. 

(Ryan Golob, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and Rachel Fiddes, Registered Nurse, Co-Owners of Lakeside Medspa, answered the questions and provided the pictures in this section. Please note that the author works with Lakeside Medspa, creating content.)

1. Tell us about Lakeside Medspa. Would you please describe your mission in one sentence? 

At Lakeside Med Spa, our mission is to provide the highest quality care and procedures for our patients.

2. How does Ketamine support mental and physical health in a way that hasn’t been done before?

Ketamine infusion therapy is unique in its ability to provide rapid and robust anti-depressive effects. Similarly, it has been shown to improve physical manifestations from emotional, psychological or bodily harm.

3. Who is your typical Ketamine client?

A majority of our patients treated with ketamine are those who have tried other forms of support via therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, etc.

4. How does Ketamine work? What are its benefits?

Ketamine affects several different systems in the brain and body. In states of chronic depression for example, it can be simplified by thinking of it as inflammation. In the same manner, a cut or bruise appears on the skin, ketamine helps to repair the damage or dysfunction that has occurred in certain parts of the brain.

5. What goals does your team have for the next 5 years? 

Our goal for the next 5 years as well as for today, is to reach and assist as many people as possible. A lot of progress has been made in recent years to de-stigmatize mental health issues. We want to remain at the forefront of treatment options. Lakeside is currently the only clinic in the Coeur d’Alene area that has a qualified anesthesia provider to administer ketamine.

Nutrition Dynamic

I have been a Nutrition Dynamic client for over a year now, and I can say that I owe the lion’s share of my progress and improved relationship with food and my body to their holistic approach to coaching. My coach, Kristen Smith, coordinates regular testing and provides customized supplement and dietary plans while also helping me to develop health coping skills and foster mindfulness daily. I meet with her 1-2 times each month and have seen my body and metabolism absolutely transform. 

My coach has extensive training in gut health, nutrition, and hormone health, and mindfulness. She works collaboratively with all of my other providers and makes me feel like I have control over the process. My results are just one of many success stories thanks to the innovative approach to health and wellness of the Nutrition Dynamic team. 

I got the inside scoop from Jess Bartram, Nutrition Dynamic’s Integrated Marketing Manager. She laid out what makes Nutrition Dynamic different and so effective below. 

(Jess Bartram, Integrated Marketing Manager for Nutrition Dynamic, answered the questions and provided the photos in this section)

1) Tell us about Nutrition Dynamic. Would you please describe your mission in one sentence?

As the largest one-on-one health coaching company in the United States, we are the pioneers of functional integrative health coaching providing the most comprehensive, dynamic, and innovative patient-centered experience.

Our mission is to empower individuals to attain optimal health and wellness through personalized nutrition and transformative lifestyle changes.

2) What is something Nutrition Dynamic does that hasn’t been done before?

One unique aspect of Nutrition Dynamic is The 4F™ Process, an innovative approach that has transformed the health journeys of over half a million individuals. Additionally, our patented Flush Program has reached nearly 3 million people in the past decade alone. This holistic healing system, with its standout success rate of 92%-98%, brings together the services of a functional dietician, mental wellness coach, and personal trainer with medical oversight to allow a more complex overview in battling systemic health issues.

3) Who is Nutrition Dynamic meant for? Who is your typical client?

Nutrition Dynamic serves those committed to genuine healing by addressing the root cause of their health conditions. 

Often, our clients come to us in a state of uncertainty. Some feel unwell, yet can’t pinpoint the exact health condition they’re suffering from. Despite their bloodwork appearing normal, their physicians have either dismissed their concerns or offered temporary solutions that merely mask the underlying issues. This leaves them feeling unheard and frustrated, knowing deep down that something isn’t right but not being able to identify what it is. 

We are adept at guiding both individuals who have mysterious or unexplained symptoms and those who are aware of their specific health challenges towards a path of genuine healing. Our clients are as diverse as their needs: from youngsters in our Dynamic Kids initiative to spirited seniors in their 80s. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent rediscovering your vitality, a corporate professional juggling a hectic schedule, or a fitness enthusiast pushing your limits, we’re here to support a wide range of health seekers.

Every known lifestyle disease is on the rise at unprecedented rates. Tens of millions of people globally are grappling with preventable conditions, often resigned to a life of illness and dissatisfaction, unaware that a better life is attainable. If current trends persist, by 2030, 7 out of 10 people you know could be affected by a lifestyle disease. This looming health crisis is the silent pandemic of our era.

At Nutrition Dynamic, we recognize the growing demand for holistic healthcare solutions. To meet this need, we’ve crafted a comprehensive care plan tailored to each individual’s unique health journey. Central to our approach is the 4F™ Process, encompassing four key steps: Flush, Feed, Function, and Fast, ensuring a holistic touch to every aspect of one’s lifestyle. But our support doesn’t stop there.

Clients benefit from:

● Meal Planning with expert oversight from dietitians.

● Mindset Coaching to ensure mental and emotional alignment with health goals.

● Supplement Protocols targeting specific health concerns.

● Workout/Movement Prescriptions crafted by certified personal trainers.

● Complimentary access to our Nurse Practitioner and medical team

● Small Group Support offering accountability and camaraderie.

● Community Engagement through access to our exclusive platform and app.

● One-On-One Coaching for in-depth, personalized health guidance.

Together, these elements form a holistic approach, ensuring our clients receive the best in comprehensive care.

5) What goals does your team have for the next 5 years?

Our vision for the next five years is to redefine the healthcare landscape by offering holistic solutions over temporary fixes. We plan to be the go-to alternative to traditional health insurance. With our integrated ecosystem encompassing medical facilities, labs, supplements, functional nutrition, and personal fitness, we’re charting a revolutionary path forward in healthcare.

We believe that optimal health cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, each individual requires a personalized plan to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our mission is to empower individuals to attain optimal health and wellness through personalized nutrition and lifestyle change.

The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center

I first found the Zone Superhuman Wellness Center in 2021. I was at the very beginning of my healing journey, at that uncomfortable point where I knew something was off and felt pretty miserable but didn’t know why or how to fix it. Among countless other issues, I was experiencing mysterious joint pain for the first time. 

I came across an advertisement for cryotherapy and felt instinctively drawn to it. I immediately scheduled a session over my lunch break and felt relief for the first time in weeks. This was my first hint that inflammation, rather than an orthopedic issue or aging, was causing my issues. 

I’ve now incorporated cryotherapy sessions as a way to recover from workouts and support my immune system. This is just one of the many innovative services provided at The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center. Jon Longdin, the owner with the uncanny ability to put one at ease and break down complicated concepts, has compiled a comprehensive arsenal of tools for biohackers, athletes, and those battling chronic illness alike. What really sets him and his facility apart, though, is the practical data that is provided to ensure effective use of time, energy, and resources.

I may be speaking only for myself, but I believe that the most frustrating part of any wellness journey is the many shots in the dark, the constant act of throwing everything at the wall, hoping something sticks and provides relief and eventual progress. The PNOE system eliminates much of this frustration by bringing technology and a level of data that was once reserved for elite athletes. PNOE is Greek for breathing. 

The entire process takes less than 90 minutes and provides extensive insight into one’s unique makeup, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. As someone who has been burned by decisions made without proper data, I now jump at any opportunity to gain concrete insight into my body’s functioning. Because the test requires that you fast (only water) for at least 5 hours, I scheduled my test for 6:30am and woke like a kid on Christmas morning, ready for a new experience. I was greeted by Jon and Lexi, Jon’s Mini Aussie, and we got started. 

The first part of the test is easy. I simply sat for 10 minutes with a heart monitor and mask. I was instructed to simply relax and breathe normally. This provided data on my resting metabolic rate, fat burning efficiency, metabolic fitness, heart fitness, lung fitness, breathing and cognition, and breathing and posture. 

The second part of the testing required a bit more effort from me. The active ramp test can be completed on either a bike or a treadmill. As it’s been three years since I took a spin class, I opted for the treadmill. In addition to the mask and heart rate monitor, Jon strapped a backpack-like contraption to me, and we got started. In order to test my aerobic capacity, cardiovascular fitness, high-intensity performance, recovery capacity, fat-burning efficiency, movement economy, metabolic rate, breathing and cognition, and breathing and stability, I spent about 15 minutes walking and then running progressively faster each minute until I waved the white flag and signaled my breaking point. 

I received a detailed report of my test result via email and print. The report was completed by a specialist in Greece and included clear recommendations for diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle to level-up in each area. I also learned by biological age! I was surprised to learn that, while my chronological age is 34, my biological age is 24.

I then scheduled a Google Meets appointment to review this report with the specialist one-on-one. This time was a valuable time to clarify things and learn even more about my body. Whether, like me, you’re looking to overcome chronic illness and ensure longevity, or you’re an athlete looking to optimize performance, I highly recommend using the PNOE test to focus your efforts. 

I was also thrilled to try the ARX training system. As someone who wasn’t naturally athletic as a child and incorporated fitness intentionally as an adult, I’ve tried a variety of workouts, attempting to find the process that best serves me and my body. I’ve tried barre, HIIT, Pilates, lifting, yoga, cycling, and running. I’ve recently found a sweet spot lifting and doing pilates while slowly reincorporating short runs. 

Jon patiently walked me through a workout that was incomparable to anything I’ve ever tried. In just 15 minutes, I found myself breaking a sweat (which takes a lot as I’m not a sweater) and reaching exhaustion quickly. When I left, I felt like I’d just worked out for a full hour or more. 

The key to this ultra-efficient workout is the Adaptive Resistance technology that adjusts resistance in real-time, making each movement count at each point without you manually changing weights. Where the negative movement or top of a lift might provide a chance to rest or rush, the adaptive resistance forces intense work throughout the entire movement. Throughout each move, the screen shows me my output and progress, and the system stores each workout so I can track my progress! 

The ARX System boasts 90% more strength gains in 72% less time. Who can argue with a full workout in 15 minutes?

I highly recommend heading to the Zone Superhuman Wellness Center for a comprehensive PNOE assessment, an efficient workout with ARX and then recovering with red light therapy, cryotherapy, and Bemer therapy. 

I asked Jon some questions to get even more information for you! Check out his answers below. 

(Jon Longdin, Owner of The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center, answered the questions and provided the pictures in this section)

1. Tell us about The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center. Would you please describe your mission in one sentence?

Provide cutting edge services to help our customers perform at their very best, while keeping them strong, active, healthy, and pain free, all in the shortest time commitment possible.

2. What is something The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center does that hasn’t been done before?

We are the first facility in the Pacific Northwest to combine state of the art biohacking technology for Resistance Training, Performance and Rapid Recovery.

3. Who is The Zone meant for? Who is your typical client?

Probably pretty cliché to say everyone, but we have customers as young as 14 and up to 87 years old. We have hardcore athletes, weekend warriors, and customers just trying to stay active or to live pain free.

It’s a hard question to answer since we offer so many different types of services and benefits. We have a lot of high school athletes that come in to improve their performance or to quickly recover from training or injuries. However, the biggest age group is between 30 to 65 years old. That’s the age when our bodies start to wear down a little faster, and we need help recovering to keep active and pain free. It’s also when our time becomes more important to us. We have busy lives and want to keep enjoying life, staying strong and pain free, but with shortest time commitment possible.

4. Biohacking has become more than a buzzword with more and more people paying attention to longevity and biological age. Tell us about how you help reverse biological age.

For customers interested in longevity, we always recommend getting tested with our PNOE system first to get a baseline. Next, we give a customized plan based on their results to improve any areas that are affecting their longevity. The biggest impact on lowering your biological age comes by increasing your oxygen consumption or, more specifically, how effectively oxygen flows through your body and how it is absorbed by your cells. We have several options to address this, but my personal favorite is what is called the Superhuman Protocol. This combines 3 of the earth’s elements Magnetism, Oxygen and Light. Doing this on a regular basis will not only lower your biological age by increasing your oxygen absorption, but you will feel unstoppable.

5. Would you share about your services that help with performance and recovery?

Recovery is such an important part of the equation when it comes to not only increasing our strength, but being able to perform at our highest level possible. We have several options to incorporate into a recovery routine including NormaTec Compression, Red Light Therapy, Infrared Saunas, IV Therapy, and my personal favorite, the first and still coldest, Cryotherapy chamber in Coeur d’Alene. 

Cryotherapy has so many benefits, but reducing pain and inflammation while speeding up recovery has people coming back for more. When talking about maximizing performance and setting new personal records in both strength and endurance, hands down the Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT) is the most effective tool I have ever experienced. The best part, unlike IV Therapy, which is considered a performance-enhancing drug that can get you disqualified in many sporting events, flooding your cells with extra oxygen is perfectly safe and legal. Plus the added benefits of high levels of oxygen in our bodies include strengthening our immune system and reducing inflammation.

6. What goals does your team have for the next 5 years?

We want to continue to educate everyone who will listen, about the importance of both recovery and effective strength training to live life to the fullest. Most importantly we want to expand our reach to help more people in North Idaho and Spokane.

Cor Regenerate 

Located in the heart of Spokane, Washington, Cor Regenerate is a true one-stop-shop for holistic health and wellness. Whether you’re looking to optimize athletic performance, treat illness, fight aging, increase longevity, or treat yourself, you will find a state-of-the-art service and highly qualified provider to help you meet your goals. It’s referred to as a “Wellness Playground,” and I’ve never loved a phrase so much. 

One of the owners, Arman Mohsenian, showed me around the three floors full of innovative equipment and specialists and beamed as he talked about how the experts are able to collaborate and make referrals seamlessly to change clients’ lives. The Cor collaborative businesses include bodywork, therapists, light therapy, IVs, integrative medicine, personal and group training, chiropractic, occupational and physical therapy, and cosmetic procedures such as hair removal, facials, brows, lashes, and body sculpting. 

I spent the afternoon sampling some of the innovative services offered by Cor Regenerate. 

I started my experience in the hyperbaric chamber. I climbed into the cylindrical pod and got comfy with a blanket and pillow before I was sealed in for 60 minutes of rest and solitude while I soaked up 100% pure oxygen. Exposure to this pure oxygen can increase oxygen levels up to 40%, which fights bacterial growth and helps the body to repair itself. 

My next stop was the Bemer chair. I sank into a comfy leather recliner with a book for about ten minutes. While I relaxed, electromagnetic waves stimulated blood circulation. This has incredible benefits, including stress reduction, decreased pain, more effective rest, improved muscle function, and increased energy. 

As if I wasn’t relaxed enough, I then headed to the HOCATT Sauna, which uses carbonic acid, steam, and ozone gas to detox the lymphatic system all the way down to the cellular level while destroying bacteria, viruses, and infections. During treatment, your body is enclosed in a pod, with your feet resting on metal plates and your hands holding metal conductors. 

You get to choose from over 100 frequencies to target anything from general detox to candida, kidney health, liver health, or immune support (to name just a few). I chose detox. As a self-proclaimed lizard, I thoroughly enjoyed the heat and loved that my head remained outside the pod. 

This is an ideal midday treatment, as it lasts about a half hour, and you emerge ready to get back to your day. Unlike traditional saunas, you don’t smell sweaty and don’t have to worry about hair or makeup. I felt extremely relaxed and energized and found that I slept incredibly well that night after such a thorough detox. 

I rounded out my first (of many to come) experience at Cor Regenerate with a BTL Emsella session. I had heard about this non-invasive pelvic floor treatment and was intimidated to try it, but I’m so glad I did! I remained clothed and sat on the Emsella chair for the painless 28-minute session. Because one session is equivalent to doing 11,000 kegals, this treatment is perhaps most popular with women, especially new moms. However, it is proven to improve sexual wellness in both men and women. Men who undergo regular treatment see improved libido and sexual performance, and women see improved vaginal sensation and tightness and better bladder control. There is no downtime associated with Emsella treatments. I don’t struggle with bladder control, but I can say that I noticed the other benefits immediately ;). 

I left my first experience with Cor Regenerate as the happiest noodle and can’t wait to return! In order to provide even more thorough information, I asked Arman Mohsenian and Casey Calvary, two of the owners of Cor Regenerate, some questions. The answers are below. 

(Arman Mohsenian and Casey Calvary, two of the owners of Cor Regenerate, answered the questions and provided the photos for this section.)

1. Tell us about Cor Regenerate. Would you please describe your mission in one sentence?

COR Regenerate hosts a great variety of high-tech modalities to complement your physical, mental health and wellness goals.

2. What is something Cor Regenerate does that hasn’t been done before?

COR Regenerate is the centerpiece of COR Institute. Many of the building clients and patients have direct access to these modalities pre or post-treatment of the provider service they are here for. These clients have the ability to also use the BEMER chairs complimentary on the same day of service.

3. Who is Cor Regenerate meant for? Who is your typical client?

COR Regenerate is really meant for any client who wants to enhance their health and wellness experience. Much of the tech has significant health benefits for those dealing with acute or chronic pain or ailments, autoimmune disease or even cancer. Our typical client uses these modalities routinely to help stave off otherwise prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for pain or disease when applicable. 

4. Biohacking has become more than a buzzword with more and more people paying attention to longevity and biological age. Tell us about how you help with your clients’ anti-aging goals.

The Hyperbaric Chamber specifically has shown “anti-aging” benefits with studies showing it increases telomere length at the end of each chromosome. 

Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes. They shorten each time a cell divides, and when they become too short, the cell can no longer divide and eventually dies. Telomere shortening is one of the hallmarks of aging, and it is associated with a number of age-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves breathing pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. HBOT has been shown to have a number of health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting stem cell growth.

Recent research suggests that HBOT may also promote telomere re-growth. A 2020 study found that HBOT significantly increased telomere length in white blood cells of healthy older adults. Another study found that HBOT reduced the number of senescent cells in the body, which are cells that have stopped dividing but remain alive. Senescent cells are thought to play a role in aging and age-related diseases.

5. Would you share about your services that help with performance, recovery, and even beauty?

The Hocatt Ozone is an amazing recovery tool for soreness post workout. It detoxifies the body and feels like a very good hot yoga session without putting in the work. Specific microcurrents and frequencies can be added to enhance the benefit and can be set to over 140 different types for chronic or acute disease. 

Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) is a type of electrotherapy that uses very low-level electrical currents to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. FSM is a relatively new therapy, but it has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of medical conditions, including:

  • Pain: FSM can be used to treat both acute and chronic pain, including pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, and headaches.
  • Inflammation: FSM can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, which can improve symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and Crohn’s disease.
  • Wound healing: FSM can help to speed up wound healing and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Nerve damage: FSM can help to repair damaged nerves and improve nerve function.
  • Neurological conditions: FSM has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Digestive problems: FSM can help to improve digestion and relieve symptoms of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation.
  • Skin conditions: FSM can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

6. What goals does your team have for the next 5 years? 

We plan to continue to add cutting-edge tech not currently available in Spokane to provide one of Spokane’s most unique and alternative care practices in the area. 

Serene Integrative

If, like me, you’ve experienced a mix of chronic mental and physical ailments, you know how difficult it is to find the root cause while juggling multiple specialists who rarely agree. What if there was a place that held space for your struggle in a new way? What if, rather than merely acknowledging the brain/body connection and using stress and anxiety as a scapegoat when traditional means are exhausted, there was a place that viewed you as a whole person? What if you were listened to–really listened to–when you explained your symptoms? What if mental health services became standard and not merely the privilege of those with unlimited time and resources? 

While our little portion of the Northwest tends to lag behind the rest of the country in fashion, technology, and medical services, Serene Integrative is positioned to set new physical and mental health standards. It is woman-owned and conceived and provides a host of holistic services to ensure that your needs are met without unnecessary juggling. 

I was honored to sit down with Michelle, the owner and founder of Serene Integrative. It became clear to me that this is a purpose-driven endeavor for her. Her passion for helping the neurodivergent and those in pain was apparent immediately. She experienced her own medical crisis when she had a brain tumor and a traumatic brain injury and saw that doctors didn’t listen to her. She seeks to create a space where each client feels heard and feels like a person, rather than a number or a dollar amount.

Thus, Serene Integrative was born. It is currently located in Hayden, Idaho, with plans to expand to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. 

I also sat down with Lauren Holley, who wears many hats at Serene Integrative, and asked her some questions. The answers are below.

1. Tell us about Serene Integrative. Would you please describe your mission in one sentence? 

Serene manifests a world where Mental and Physical Health is not just treated, but celebrated and integrated into a complete vision of all around wellness as a “whole-listic” approach. Creating compassionate care is the theme of our business and what sets us apart from our competition. When people stay long enough they feel like they are heard, seen. And cared about by all providers that they encounter. 

2. What is something Serene Integrative does that hasn’t been done before?

Our inception was not just about meeting the standards of the mental or medical health industry but about setting new ones. We’ve evolved as a synergistic nexus of multi-specialty practitioners. With a sweeping suite of services – from mental health counseling, robust skill-building for developmental and cognitive disabilities, behavioral mentoring, psychiatry, family medicine, physical training, and therapeutic massage in just ONE location – we’ve curated a sanctuary of well-being that Northern Idaho hasn’t seen yet. 

3. Who is Serene Integrative meant for? Who is your typical client?

Our team accommodates people of all age ranges in each individual department. Our team sees patients starting at 5 years old and encompasses a “whole-listic” approach where the treatment plan is treating the person as a whole and can expand into the home life utilizing skill building interventions for children or young adults with special needs, medication and medical needs with our Family Nurse and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. 

Our team is evolving to be a hub for treating therapeutic modalities to treat medication resistant ADHD, anxiety, depression and insomnia in conjunction with necessary medications. Our clinical therapists, Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner’s have experience with a variety of chronic and acute diseases. Our therapists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner sees all ages struggling with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder spectrum, sleep disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors, personality and mood disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other complex cases.

4. Holistic Wellness has become more than a hot topic, with more and more people paying attention to their mental and physical health. Tell us about how you help with your clients’ wellness goals.

Our entire team not only believes in a variety of methods to create a treatment plan that is curated the “Whole-listic” approach, treat the person as a whole, we have been practicing the concept before it became a hot topic. This can include medication, therapy, exercise, and nutrition but also incorporates cutting edge technologies such as machines that target brain waves to reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia symptoms. 

We love being able to offer services that are individualized and make your healthcare visit not a “cookie cutter” or “band aid” approach but truly help our patients get to the root of their issues, improve quality of life, and feel cared about.

5. Would you share about your services that help with performance, recovery, and even beauty?

In addition to our whole-listic mind-body-soul approach, we also have personal training, massage and physical therapies, as well as partnerships with several local clinics that offer infusion and injection for relief from physical and mental pain; we also offer access to readily available neurotropic and energy/ metabolic products to help you feel your best at all times. As we grow, we plan on bringing many of these partnership services in-house to truly provide patients with a seamless “one-stop shop” experience. We invite our clients to let us know which services they are desiring so we can incorporate that into our business. Where there is a need and a will, there is a way!

6. What goals does your team have for the next 5 years? 

Expansion! We want to have this seamless one-stop medical and mental experience transition into other communities so that we can offer everyone the unique and valuable resource that Serene Integrative is. Your healthcare needs, whether physical, mental or both, should feel like a nurturing experience within a community of providers you trust. This is how healthcare should be.

I had a blast exploring and placing a highlight on my favorite innovative healthcare services in the area. Whether you’re fighting a health crisis, making your long-term health a priority, or looking to optimize athletic or career performance, there are ample resources in the Inland Northwest to meet your goals and truly BLOOM!

xoxo Your Favorite Late Bloomer

Bailey Bowerman

Bailey is a self-proclaimed recovering attorney and late bloomer. She loves words, rest, and hyping entrepreneurs and creatives. She lives in Idaho with her husband and is decidedly and unapologetically NOT outdoorsy.


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