The Art of the Beauty Ritual

We know that the act of caring for anything in life helps it grow, whether that’s watering our plants, loving and raising our babies or investing in our relationships. 

Why, then, do we tend to neglect taking care of ourselves? Between keeping up with jobs and families, social media posts and social calendars, sometimes we need to do a little more for ourselves at the end of a stressful day. 

Self-care comes in many forms, but my favorite form is the beauty ritual. 

Here are a few of my top ideas for showing yourself a little more love:

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Relax in a Bath

Lighting a candle, grabbing a glass of chamomile tea and sinking into a hot bath is my favorite way to unwind. Want to get the ultimate relaxation? Add a CBD bath bomb to your tub in a calming aromatherapy fragrance, like Green Roads CBD Bath Bombs. 

Green Roads CDB bath bomb 

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Move Your Body

Laying on the couch and mindlessly scrolling through social media may sound like the most appealing option when you’re stressed, but being intentional about moving your body can be one of the best forms of self-care. 

Want to get out of the house? Book a yoga class at your local studio. Looking to get out some nervous energy? Pop in your headphones and take a walk around your neighborhood while listening to your favorite podcast. I

 I promise that you’ll feel better, even if it’s just a 15-minute workout!

DIY Facial

I love a good skincare treatment, but I don’t always have time to plan a trip to the spa during my busy workweek. 

When you’re between esthetician visits, treat your skin to a little TLC by giving yourself an at-home facial! 

Start by double-cleansing, exfoliating, adding a facial massage (see Gua Sha, below) and applying your favorite mask targeted to your skincare concerns. Finish up with a serum, moisturizer and facial oils for the ultimate in hydration. 

Not sure what skincare products to use? Send me a message and get a complimentary, custom-skincare routine recommendation!

Photographer: Rachel French, Model: Tay, Makeup: Alexi Sage for Anfisa Skin

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Gua Sha

Have you heard about Gua Sha? This ancient Chinese technique of performing massage involves using a beauty tool specifically made for reducing inflammation and improving circulation. My top pick is Anfisa Skin’s Moon White Jade Gua Sha.

Moon White Jade Gua Sha beauty tool by Anifsa Skin

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Pop-On a Manicure

One of my favorite things about this year is the return of the pop-on manicure. These aren’t your old school 90s press-ons. Faux nails come in a multitude of shapes and prints and last for up to two weeks!

Give yourself the perfect manicure by filling nails, pushing back and trimming your cuticles and hydrating your hands with a hydrating mask treatment, like Red Aspen’s ManiPrep Mask. 

Apply your favorite press-on nails – like these perfectly nude Marciamellow Nail Dashes by Red Aspen – while you binge your favorite Netflix show.

Don’t forget to give your feet some love, too!

Red Aspen Nail Dashes – Color: Toasted Marshmallow 
Photo credit: redaspenlove.com

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Write in a Journal

While outside beauty is amazing, how you feel about yourself on the inside is the most important thing. Set aside some special YOU time: Turn off the TV, silence your phone and spend 20-30 minutes journaling. How has your week been going? What is weighing heavily on your mind? What are your weekly goals? You might surprise yourself by what you write when all the other distractions are gone and you give yourself permission to reflect.

You don’t need to spend an over-indulgent day at the spa for it to count as self-care (although, that does sound nice). 

The six items we focused on during this article can bring your soul peace and your mind the quiet time it needs to rest and recharge. What will you do today to celebrate you? What self-care act will you perform? 

Alexi Sage

Alexi Sage is a traveling makeup artist, hair artist and beauty expert based in Spokane, WA. She is recognized throughout the Spokane area and beyond for her ability to bring out a woman’s most beautiful version of herself.

Alexi’s emphasis on continued education, attention to detail and unparalleled customer service have allowed her to carve a name for herself in the Pacific Northwest beauty industry. With a combined 14 years of experience both behind the chair and working on-location including editorial shoots, commercials, television and film, Alexi brings an expertise and knowledge to each event and has earned each one of her stellar reviews.


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