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From the Space Needle to Hat and Boots: 15 Must-Visit Instagram Spots in Seattle

The greenery, mountain views, and scenic waterways make Seattle one of the prettiest cities in the Pacific Northwest. Combine that with charming neighborhoods, modern architecture, and eye-catching landmarks. It’s enough to make you want to snap photos at every turn.

Of course, particular places in the city are well-suited for those Instagram-worthy pictures.

Are you looking for the best landmarks for photo ops, parks for pretty pics, and unique and unexpected Instagram spots? Keep reading for my guide to landmarks and Instagram spots in Seattle! That way, you can get the absolute best pictures the next time you’re in the Emerald City.

Seattle Landmarks and Instagram Spots

Seattle Center

We’ll start with a popular one. The Seattle Center is the place to go for great photos with awesome landmarks and Seattle staples.

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It has some of the most well-known Seattle attractions – most notably, the Space Needle. Get up close and take a photo with the Space Needle looming 600 feet above you. Or you can buy tickets to ride to the top where you’ll have 360-degree views from a revolving glass floor. To say it’s a picture-perfect location is an understatement.

Don’t stop at the Space Needle, though. The Seattle Center also has the Museum of Pop Culture, housed in a vibrant and unusual building. Check out unique glass sculptures at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Visit the Space Age-inspired International Fountain. 

Come with your camera ready in this cool cultural center because there are so many things to photograph.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is another well-known option. This small park in the Queen Anne neighborhood is known as one of the best places for sweeping views of Seattle. From here you’ll have a view of Seattle’s iconic skyline complete with downtown, the Space Needle, Puget Sound, and Mount Rainier. 

Kerry Park is a favorite of photographers. Come at sunrise, sunset, golden hour, or night for some of the best pics.

Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall

No list of Instagram spots in Seattle is complete without mentioning Pike Place Market, the city’s most famous attraction. 

There are tons of places for great photos here, but the most obvious is at the market entrance. Stand beside Pike Place Flowers and get an iconic shot in front of the Public Market Center Sign. For a less crowded option, you can also get a photo in front of the other sign on Pike Place and Pine Street. 

Probably the most photographed spot in Pike Place Market is the gum wall. This is a gross but quirky local landmark that’s, well, a wall packed with gum. Add your contribution and take a photo of yourself in the act. No one looking at your Instagram photos will have any doubt as to where you were for that shot!

Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll is a large sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood beneath the Aurora Bridge. It’s one of the city’s most recognizable sculptures because it was featured in the movie Ten Things I Hate About You. If you’re a fan of the movie, you gotta see the troll.

It’s big enough to climb so you can pose on its hands and shoulders. Get creative and have some fun with the city’s favorite troll.

Central Library and the Red Floor

Me having a fun little photo shoot on the Red Floor

The Central Branch Library in downtown Seattle is one of the city’s coolest modern buildings. The glass and steel structure photographs beautifully from the outside. But make sure you go inside for more photo opportunities.

While inside, get some fun shots with the stacks of books and the windows rising dramatically in the background. One of the coolest spots for photos in the library is the Red Floor. This completely red floor is quite striking and makes for some cool, cinematic-style photos.

Remember that while you’re completely welcome to roam around the library, people come here to work and read. Make sure you’re respectful and not disruptive to those around you while snapping your photos. 

Smith Tower

Wear something a little dressed up when you go to the Smith Tower. This landmark building was the tallest skyscraper on this side of the Mississippi when it was completed in 1914 and it retains the charm of that era.

Get tickets to the swanky, speakeasy-style cocktail bar and observation deck on the 35th floor for real showstopper photos. From here, you’ll have romantic, panoramic views of the city around you. The vibe at Smith Tower is pretty classy, so this is the place to get that Instagram shot while looking your best.

Washington Park Arboretum

The Washington Park Arboretum is one of my favorite places to go in Seattle because it’s gorgeous year-round, even in the midst of winter. This well-manicured nature preserve is filled with trees, flowers, ponds, shrubs, and wildlife. There are ample places to snap some photos. 

One of the most popular and prettiest areas in the Arboretum is the Seattle Japanese Garden. Visit the garden in the fall to get photos of the vibrant foliage.

Visits during spring and summer are also perfect if you want pictures with an explosion of colorful blooming flowers. 

Oxbow “Hat and Boots” Park

A slightly lesser-known Instagram spot in Seattle is Oxbow Park in the Georgetown neighborhood. It’s nicknamed Hat and Boots Park for a pretty obvious reason. There are giant statues of a cowboy hat and a pair of boots right in the park! If you’re looking for a fun and unusual local landmark to get some cool shots with, this is the place to go.

Georgetown Neighborhood and Street Art 

After getting your shots at Oxbow Park, stick around the neighborhood. The main drag of Georgetown along Airport Way S has several great places for photos. If you want Instagram shots with a slightly more industrial and “grungy” edge, you’ll want to come here. 

Take photos with cool street art, historic brick buildings, and near train tracks. There’s also the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall which is a retail space with shops that operate out of cute little trailers. These can make fun photo ops!

As a bonus, after getting your shots, there are plenty of great restaurants and breweries in the neighborhood where you can unwind.

Water Taxi

Ferries are an awesome mode of transit in Washington state, and they’re great for Insta photos. But if you want a less expensive option for your “riding on Puget Sound” pictures, I recommend taking the Water Taxi.

This cute passenger-only boat will take you from downtown to West Seattle. As you pull away from the dock, you’ll get an awesome view of the Seattle waterfront, downtown, and even the Space Needle. When you get off in West Seattle, there are even more places for cute photos, including Alki Beach and Jack Block Park.

Alki Beach and Jack Block Park are also excellent spots to see sweeping Seattle views, too! Check out our article on the best views in Seattle.

Carkeek Park

Head to north Seattle to visit one of Seattle’s pretty but underrated parks. Carkeek Park is great for hiking and watching salmon during the spawning season. However, it’s also got some beautiful spots for Instagram photos. In particular, the bridge that takes you over the train tracks and down to the beach makes for a gorgeous photo, especially when the skies are clear. Bring a blanket and head down to the beach, then stay for sunset because they’re breathtaking here.

The University of Washington Campus

The University of Washington Campus is yet another spot in Seattle with multiple places for great Instagram pics. The Drumheller Fountain is a historic fountain that makes for epic photos. The fountain’s spray seems to point directly at Mount Rainier on clear days.

During the springtime, the quad is the place to be because of the blooming cherry blossoms that create dreamy pink backdrops. And don’t miss the Suzallo and Allen Library which looks like something straight out of a Harry Potter novel. 

Volunteer Park

My husband and I having fun in the Conservatory

Volunteer Park is stunning. Located in the north end of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, this 48-acre park has so many spots to get great photos. One of these is the Volunteer Park Conservatory. This beautiful greenhouse is full of all sorts of plants and scenic little nooks for pictures.

There’s also the Water Tower, which was built in the early 1900s. Winding stairways lead up to the observation deck at the top where you’ll find exposed brick walls and views of downtown Seattle.

Wander the rest of the park to find other appealing spots. Volunteer Park is brimming with them.

Freeway Park

Freeway Park in downtown Seattle is an architecturally interesting park named for the fact that it’s built over the I-5 freeway. The combination of the park’s greenery and the concrete sculptures make this a unique-looking park. I recommend simply wandering around it to stumble upon a multitude of Instagram spots.

Belltown Corridor Murals

One of the most eye-catching murals in the alleyy

If you’re the type of person who loves street art, then you’ll want to see the Belltown Corridor Murals. This is a series of murals by local artists located in the alley behind 2126 2nd Avenue. There are some incredibly creative works of art here, and they line the entire alleyway.

After getting your photos, be sure to walk around the rest of the Belltown area. There are other cool murals and sculptures in the area that aren’t part of this art installation, but they’re still well worth checking out. 

Snap Your Way Through Seattle: 15 Instagram-Perfect Landmarks You Can’t Miss!

Seattle is one of the most picturesque cities in the Pacific Northwest, with stunning mountain views, greenery, and waterways. The city is full of Instagram-worthy landmarks and spots for those looking to capture great photos. From the iconic Space Needle at Seattle Center to the sweeping views of the city from Kerry Park, the Gum Wall at Pike Place Market, the Fremont Troll sculpture, the modern and striking Central Library, and the historic Smith Tower, there are plenty of locations to choose from.

Nature enthusiasts can head to the Washington Park Arboretum, while street art lovers can explore the Georgetown neighborhood. Overall, Seattle is an amazing destination for anyone looking to capture some great photos for their social media feed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Seattle’s landmark and Instagram spots, but now you’ve got some ideas for where to head first. So what’s at the top of your list?

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