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Best Tea Shops in the Inland Northwest

When I gave up coffee and cocktails to help my body and mind heal, I immediately pictured a life devoid of indulgence, celebration, and fun. I knew I’d lose all my friends, become a shut-in, and feel restricted without a way to start my day or unwind. 

I was so wrong. 

After a while, I sheepishly started suggesting tea dates instead of happy hour. I was feeling healthier, but the scant tea options at local coffee shops felt a lot more like an afterthought or a consolation for poor souls like me who can’t enjoy the main attraction. 

Thus started my search for an alternative ritual, a new type of indulgence, a celebration with taste and sparkle to support my healing journey. I found that in the five tea shops in the Inland Northwest.

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I hope you’ll save this list and consult it when you’re looking for a new way to connect, unwind, celebrate, or treat yourself. 

Although it is not a brick-and-mortar tea shop, Adapt offers a wide range of bottled elixirs delivered right to your doorstep. When the founder, Kayleigh gave up both alcohol and coffee, she became aware of a gaping hole in the market and sought to fill it. She creates unique drinks for your daily ritual, your evening indulgence, and your special celebration. 

Photo of Adapt Elixirs delivered to your door

Every drink I’ve tried is tip-top, thoughtfully created by Kayleigh from high-quality, organic ingredients. I love that she brought creativity, taste, and mindful indulgence to the world of coffee and cocktail alternatives.

Instead of imitating others or aiming for low-calorie, healthified concoctions, she starts with organic, whole ingredients and creates delicious, nutrient-dense drinks in a category all their own. My personal favorite is the peanut butter ashwagandha turmeric drink. It is made with your choice of organic Mylk (one of the cleanest alternative milk options on the market). 

In addition to bottled beverages, Kayleigh and her team also offer a full-service mocktail bar for both small and large celebrations. 

Brambleberry Cottage & Tea Shoppe

[email protected]


206 E. Pacific Avenue

Spokane, WA 99202

When I first visited this delicious little cottage in the heart of downtown Spokane, I thought I was lost, because I didn’t expect to find an idyllic cottage amongst the cold, modern commercial buildings that are its neighbors. Once I passed through the gate and up the front walk to the front door where I rang the bell, I was welcomed warmly by the owner Dawn Kiki and knew I was in for a TREAT. 

Brambleberry’s eclectic decorating made me feel like I was Anne Shirley attending tea with Diana Barry in Avonlea, not Bailey Bowerman in the middle of Spokane, Washington. I chose a hibiscus tea from the exhaustive list of custom, in-house blends and was blown away by how refreshingly bold it was.

I opted for the simple cream tea with a house-made scone, Devonshire cream, and jam. Not a scone person, I was blown away by the flavor and how soft and perfect it was. I later learned that the apple served on the side was grown by the owner and that much of the ingredients in their offerings are grown on her small farm on the north side of Spokane. Talk about farm-to-table!

The quiet little cottage has quite the reputation. It is among the top 25 tea rooms in the nation and is one of the oldest privately owned tea rooms in the nation! I chatted with mother and daughter, who were enjoying the full tea service and have made it their tradition for birthdays and every single Mother’s Day. 

If you want to feel absolutely spoiled and special, I cannot recommend Brambleberry Cottage enough!

Inland Cafe & Tea

[email protected]


4055 N Government Way

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

Inland Cafe & Tea is owned and operated by Kelli and Jessi, a mother/daughter team and offers a little bit of everything. In addition to a modern, English high tea service with a wide variety of loose-leaf tea, you’ll find a full lunch and evening menu and even espresso, beer, and wine. 

Their modern, northwestern take on high tea is refreshing and relaxed. No reservations are required, and I feel comfortable there in both sweats and formal garb.

I love choosing a tea cup from the scores of beautiful, unique options and then enjoying a large pot of lavender mint tea. 

La Tea Da–A Tea Room

[email protected] 


4009 W Riverbend Ave.

Post Falls, ID 83854

This gem, nestled in an unassuming plaza in Post Falls, Idaho, is where all of my childhood tea party dreams come to fruition. When I walked into La Tea Da from a dismal, rainy parking lot, I found myself instantly transported to a whimsical world of bright colors, sassy hats, and vintage tea cups.

My friend and I were greeted by Pam Kyes, part of the mother/daughter duo that owns and operates this sweet spot with love, passion, and attention to detail. After donning hats from their wide selection, we were shown to our table, where Pam helped us decide on a pot of loose-leaf tea and a plate of scones served with clotted cream and lemon curd. 

We took advantage of the Tea Room’s Tea Tuesday, which is the only day they accept walk-ins, but they offer a variety of full tea services by reservation as well as parties. Each season, the space is transformed, so I recommend that you make La Tea Da a staple for your celebrations or when you simply want to connect over something more than a cocktail or coffee.

Revival Tea

[email protected]


415 W. Main Avenue, Suite 100

Spokane, WA 99201

201 N. 1st Street, Suite 101

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

As its name implies, this Spokane staple seeks to revive the tea world, doing for tea what was once done for whiskey and coffee. Drew and Cerina Henry produce beautiful craft tea, making it feel less like something an elderly woman drinks from under an Afghan blanket and more like something one sips with ceremony in a trendy spot over great conversation. They offer a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, as well as boba, tea lattes, mocktails, and seasonal drinks. Recently, they added canned hopped tea, which is brewed like beer but with tea instead of malt.  

The downtown Spokane tasting room feels like a speakeasy and is manned by a knowledgeable, helpful staff who approaches tea like it is an art form. The upstairs boba bar has a fun, modern feel and offers a wide variety of staple and seasonal treats.

Revival recently expanded and now graces downtown Coeur d’Alene with a beautiful, full-service spot for the tea purist, casual enthusiast, and novice alike. 

With over 60 different teas sourced from 30 countries being distributed in 4 states, Revival Tea is already changing the landscape of the tea world.

Tea Time Adventures: Discovering Spokane’s Best Tea Spots

Whether, like me, you’re living a life sans caffeine or booze, or not, I hope you’ll expand your beverage repertoire and check out a few of my favorite tea sources for your next casual hang, celebration, or dish sesh. Tea is no longer just the drink of the ill and the elderly. It is an art; it is a healer; it is an indulgence; it is a sweet and oh-so-satisfying ritual. 

Looking for delicious non-alcoholic beverage options around Spokane? Check out our article on the top mocktails in Spokane!

Bailey Bowerman

Bailey is a self-proclaimed recovering attorney and late bloomer. She loves words, rest, and hyping entrepreneurs and creatives. She lives in Idaho with her husband and is decidedly and unapologetically NOT outdoorsy.


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  1. Thank you for stopping in to our tea cottage. Life seems to slow a little when our guest come in to create memories for a lifetime at the Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe. That’s what keeps us loving what we do. Come again soon.

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