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6 Great Spokane Spots for Innovative Mocktails & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

When it comes to enjoying a night out with friends, you don’t have to miss out on the fun just because you’re not drinking alcohol. Spokane has plenty of great spots that offer innovative mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. From creative takes on boozy classics to unique creations, here are five great places in Spokane where you can find delicious and refreshing mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

Why Mocktails or Non-Alcoholic Beverages?

Mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages are a great way to enjoy a night out without the worry of overindulging. They provide an alternative for those who don’t want to drink alcohol, whether it’s due to personal preference or health reasons. Mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages can also be enjoyed by designated drivers, pregnant women, and minors. Mocktails are having a moment, and I am here for it. 

Gone are the days of plopping a lime wedge into soda water while your friend drinks a tantalizing mojito. These days, and especially in Spokane, non-alcoholic beverages are creative and taste better than ever. Follow along as I highlight some of my personal favorites in Spokane, Washington.

The Best Places Around Spokane to Find Tasty, Creative Mocktails

The Wet Whistle

A cozy, downtown coffee shop that also serves mocktails into the evening? Yes, you can find that right here in Spokane at none other than The Wet Whistle.

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This spot is particularly unique, as most of their drinks feature Wilderton, a non-alcoholic botanical spirit crafted in the Pacific Northwest.

We tried the Derby Day (Wilderton Earthen, ginger beer, fresh mint or lime) and the Citrus Paradise (Wilderton Lustre, grapefruit, lime, simple); both were so full of flavor!

While Wilderton’s Lustre has orange, tarragon, and lavender notes, their Earthen awakens your taste with white peppercorn, pine-smoked tea, and cardamom.

If you want a mocktail that drinks like a cocktail, The Wet Whistle should be your next stop.

Derby Day and Citrus Paradise mocktails


Ruins makes drink navigation easy (and fun) by designating sections on its menu for Low Proof and Zero Proof. After discussing my preferences with the bartender, I ordered the Nom de Plume as I was in the mood for a not-overly-sweet drink.

Into my mocktail went The Pathfinder Hemp & Root (another non-alcoholic spirit), plum shrub*, lemon juice, ginger, and mint.

*A shrub is essentially a concentrated syrup meant to be used in beverages, also known as “drinking vinegar.”

Ruins makes all of their shrubs in-house, and you can really taste the time and attention that goes into the drinks. They’re keen on rotating their menus to incorporate seasonal flavors, mocktails included. Enjoy refreshing sips in the summer and savor warming nightcaps in the winter.

Nom de Plume cocktail

The Boneyard

On display at several local farmers’ markets and used for drinks by many bars in the area, you’re likely familiar with Side Hustle Syrups. They’ve become increasingly popular within the community (and for good reason), so the founder, Dillon Hueser, decided to open an all-ages lounge featuring his high-quality syrups.

Located in Greenacres, The Boneyard has a separate mocktail menu that highlights the unique flavors in their many varieties of syrups. Any of the mocktails can also be made into cocktails – simply add your spirit of choice.

Each drink we tried was beautifully made, and by just looking at them, you can’t spot the mocktail.

After trying several on the menu, my favorite is still the Elderflower Spritz made with grapefruit, house elderflower syrup, lime, rosemary, and soda water.

The best part is, you can buy any of the Side Hustle Syrups to take home and whip up your own craft mocktail. They also make great gifts for friends and family!

Elderflower Spritz (mocktail), Spokane Mule and White Linen

Wild Sage Bistro

Raved about locally for their culinary expertise, Wild Sage Bistro is voted one of the best restaurants in the area, year after year.

For many, it’s a go-to spot to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, romantic date nights, and more.

During this particular visit, our table had a view of their classy bar area, allowing for a prime view of the mocktail crafting in action.

With multiple options to choose from, I went with the Spicy Sage Lemonade (freshly squeezed lemon, jalapeno, and organic sage leaves). I’m a huge fan of using herbs in beverages; they impart a deep flavor that doesn’t increase the sugar content.

The jalapenos added the perfect touch of spice without being overpowering.

Next time, I’ll try the Pomegranate Ginger Spritzer.

Spicy Sage Lemonade


One of Chef Adam Hegsted and Eat Good Group’s newer restaurants, Francaise, is here to fulfill your cravings for French cuisine.

Located in the South Perry District, the space is inviting, and the staff’s warm welcome makes you feel right at home.

Francaise’s non-alcoholic menu features beverages using quality ingredients such as fresh fruit purees and freshly squeezed citrus. Rotating house lemonade? Sounds delightful!

During my next visit, I’ve got my eye on the Passion Fruit Sparkler – created using passionfruit, lime, and soda water.

If you’re in the mood for something not on the menu, no problem! The bartenders are more than happy to craft an off-menu mocktail based on your preferred tastes.

Overall, this is a great place to settle in and enjoy a leisurely dinner, ensuring you won’t leave hungry or thirsty.

Seasonal mocktail with fresh lemon juice

Hogwash Whiskey Den

You’d think that a place that has “Whiskey” in the title may not be a great spot for mocktails, but you’d be mistaken. Simon and Erin are two of the best mixologists in Spokane, and have some serious chops. They are very supportive of sober living, and can custom-make you something unique based on your preferences.

Bartenders at Hogwash will ask what type of drink you usually prefer – sweet, fruity, complex, and then create a bespoke masterpiece just for you. The best part? It’s in a speakeasy-style environment in the basement of the historic Washington Cracker Building, and is filled with quirky decor from ceiling to floor. It always starts great conversations for date night or getting together with friends.

Spokane is home to many great spots for innovative mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. From The Wet Whistle to Francaise, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a unique flavor or something more traditional, these restaurants have you covered. So next time you’re out and about in Spokane, don’t forget to try one of these delicious mocktails!

Carlie L.

Originally from central Pennsylvania, Carlie moved across the country in 2016 to obtain a Master’s in Biology from Washington State University. She grew a deep love for the Pacific Northwest and began to call Spokane her new home in 2018. 

Carlie especially loves the local community and how supportive everyone is of one another. She is a self-proclaimed lover of ALL animals, owning two rescue dogs and two guinea pigs. In her spare time, Carlie loves to travel. Locally, she enjoys sipping on creative cocktails and keeping up with the ever-expanding beer scene. Follow along at @spokane_drinks on Instagram.


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