Inspiration and Curation with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks

The Farm Chicks is a lifestyle brand and Handmade & Vintage Fair that sells vintage and handmade items. In this podcast episode and video below, Melissa and Erin chat with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks. The conversation begins with Serena discussing her background and how her love of vintage items led her to start The Farm Chicks.

Serena explains that her inspiration comes from her own experiences and memories, as well as from vintage items and the stories they tell. She emphasizes the importance of using personal experiences and feelings to guide creative work, rather than relying solely on trends or what others are doing. She also emphasizes the importance of curation, or carefully selecting the items that are included in The Farm Chicks’ store and brand. Serena explains that curation is about finding a balance between different styles and eras, and creating a cohesive overall look.

Listen to the podcast here:

Serena also shares some insights on how to create a successful event, such as paying attention to the details and creating an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and happy. She emphasizes the importance of creating an experience for attendees, and making sure that everyone feels included and valued.

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Throughout the interview, Serena shares some of her favorite moments and memories from her time with The Farm Chicks. She talks about the joy of connecting with people and building a community around their shared love of the rural lifestyle.

In the end, Serena discusses her plans for the future of The Farm Chicks. Serena explains that they are constantly evolving and trying new things, and that they are always looking for new ways to connect with their audience and share their love of vintage and handmade items. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to their vision and values, and not getting too caught up in trends or what others are doing.

If you’re interested in attending The Farm Chicks Handmade and Vintage Fair, this year the Fair will be held June 3 and 4th in Spokane, Washington. Check out the website and get tickets here!

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