Revitalize From Within: The Art of Healing and Aesthetics through Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about a version of yourself that feels amazing and looks incredible too? Well, what if I told you that achieving ultimate wellness and enhancing your body’s aesthetics isn’t just a daydream—it’s a reality out there waiting for you.

Imagine waking up every day feeling not only healthy but radiating confidence from head to toe, and existing as the absolute best version of yourself you can be. We sat down with Kendra Johnson, of Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics to learn all about her background in wellness, nutrition, top vitamins, and how her clinic is making a name as well as changing the game on how aesthetics and wellness can better people’s lives. 

Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics is a direct pay clinic that focuses on wellness, aesthetics, and therapeutics, and they work hard to take an integrated approach to health and anti-aging. Kendra Johnson, owner and founder, has a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition and over 8 years of nursing experience. She is a trained chef, women’s neurologist, and a certified nurse practitioner and midwife.

Kendra’s journey started out in culinary school, studying nutrition and better choices to lead down a path of a healthier lifestyle. Over time she began to lean into nursing school, a choice based on her fascination with science and human anatomy. Kendra has a fiery passion for nutritional health, and over the years has incorporated it into her work as well as sharing it within her practice at Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics.

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Nutrition has always somewhat been overlooked, and historically nutrition has been a minimal priority in the medical field. However, doctors today are making nutrition more and more of a priority, and taking the time to educate themselves and its importance for the sake of their patients, with the epidemic of diabetes and obesity on the rise here in America.

Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics is split into two categories- aesthetics, and wellness. Wellness focuses on the holistic approach to healing your body, and working to optimize your health with weight loss management, nutrition, and vitamin shots. Most people, about 80% of us, are deficient in magnesium and vitamin D, so taking supplements for those are so important to your health. Having a good vitamin D3 with K2 helps absorb into your body, and helps maintain good calcium levels in the bones. Magnesium can help with sleep, restless leg syndrome, anxieties, and has a multitude of other benefits for your body.

Aesthetics focuses on facial balancing, while still being able to point out your great features and loving yourself. Through microneedling, facial resurfacing, and hormone therapies, there’s always a balance between enhancing different parts here and there without taking away from those parts that you love. Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics focuses on the benefits of enhancing the body as a whole, not just one single part.

Kendra says “People don’t realize you can do little bits, and still look natural and age gracefully. We want to look refreshed, and like our best versions of ourselves, even if we aren’t on the inside, and that can be done very naturally. We are committed to not having you be overdone and we are also committed to saying no when it is necessary.” 

The depth of knowledge required to understand the human body and how it works is extensive, and with Kendra’s unique background with such a wide variety of different avenues, she helps to inform her patients and practice and shows them how she approaches healthcare in a different, more positive way for our community.

When Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics runs your labs, they don’t just look for a disease state. They also look at how you can feel optimized and how to adjust things to make you feel good, both on the inside and outside. The best way to learn how Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics can benefit you is to just schedule an appointment to come in and get a full body consultation. That way everything gets looked over, you can express your concerns or worries, and where you’d like to see improvements. If there aren’t concerns, but you have goals you want to set for yourself, they can help create that plan for you that will ultimately keep you successful. 

The space here is warm, comforting, and inviting. Kendra makes it clear that her philosophy resonates with everyone that steps foot into Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics. Things like vitamin shots or cosmetic services can be as fast as a 15 minute intake, with an estimated 30 minutes for a comprehensive and personal look at what you’re wanting, and services provided. For things like detox, weight management, and wellness treatments it’s about a 30 minute intake process and an estimated 45 minutes for evaluation, lab draws, and creating a plan that is catered specifically to you and your needs. Overall, the appointments are fast, thorough, and done right. 

Whole Body Wellness Aesthetics shifts the focus onto you, and puts your desires as a top priority during each visit. Wellness, with a touch of aesthetics, empowers you to embrace life and through invigorating technology allows you to  feel good, look great, and relish in the synergy of a truly revitalized and beautiful you.

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