Top 4 Hot & Warm Workout Studios in Spokane

As a 30-year-old young woman who is in a postpartum period of life, I have never been more intentional with how I am moving my body. I was an athlete from ages 5 to 18, and have enjoyed making my return on my own accord. Now more than ever, I crave slow and wholesome movement, which for me, is pilates. 

With so many classes in town, I wanted to narrow down some of the best warm and hot studios in Spokane. Warm and hot workouts allow muscles to warm up and have more range of motion as well as improve muscle strength and balance, Forbes reports.

And finding non-toxic environments and welcoming studios is not an easy feat. This curated list below is full of inclusive and innovative warm and hot workout studios that welcome anybody and everybody! 


With multiple studios in Spokane, BEYOUTIFUL Hot Yoga stretches from Coeur d’Alene to the north side of the city. The studio recently expanded from hot yoga to hot pilates, too. They offer a variety of classes to fit different needs and price points from traditional hot yoga to innovative fusion sessions. BEYOUTIFUL Hot Yoga caters to all levels of experience and fitness goals. With expert instructors on staff, each class promises a transformative journey, blending the benefits of heat therapy with the ancient practice of yoga and now, pilates.

Starting with a two week unlimited pass for $50, stop into BEYOUTIFUL today. Be sure to tell them Trending Northwest Magazine sent you in.

BEYOUTIFUL’s schedule and prices can be found here.

Rare Wellness

Tucked away on the South Hill on Regal Street, Rare Wellness feels different from other wellness or workout studios in town. This hidden gem sits below Northwest Spine and Pain Medicine. The owners expanded, adding Rare Wellness to bring in more movement and wellness to their practice.The clean and aesthetic space transforms into a beautiful and intimate studio in the back. Rare Wellness offers warm yoga, pilates and barre, which is a toning, weight-lifting workout. Rare Wellness keeps its class temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees, offering visitors a warm environment to come into. Also offered are essential oils and gentle massages throughout classes. You will feel heaven sent when you walk out of class.

To discover this South Hill hidden treasure, click here.


Hotworx also has different locations throughout town, inviting movers and shakers into its northside location, Spokane Valley site and South Hill spot. Hotworx offers hot yoga, hot pilates, hot spin and more. Members and drop-ins can experience hot workouts in infrared saunas that play a large role in the success of Hotworx. Its state-of-the-art saunas help visitors burn more calories, detoxify and experience faster recovery. All Hotworx studios are open 24/7, giving members access via a keycard. The membership offers intense and rejuvenating workouts at your fingertips at any time. 

To check out Hotworx, click here.


Yogamore is located in downtown Spokane and is expanding Spokane’s wellness community through a long list of heated classes, infrared access and its cold plunge membership. The brick and mortar studio is spacious and unique to downtown and offers traditional hot yoga to innovative sessions like hot pilates and sculpt. Each class at Yogamore is crafted to challenge and inspire. The sessions harness the power of heat to deepen stretches, detoxify the body and enhance overall well-being. Class temperatures range from 90 to 120 degrees. The studio also offers Masterclasses for members who wish to continue investing in themselves. 

For more information on Yogamore, click here

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