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Discovering the Power of Pilates: Your Guide to Inland Northwest’s Top Studios

I took my first ever Pilates class via a Mari Windsor DVD in my parents’ family room in 2004. After years of cross-country running and paying very little attention to stretching, strengthening, or structure, my body welcomed the gentle, methodical moves. 

Almost 20 years later, I found myself in a health crisis and in desperate need of rest and restoration to heal my gut, balance my hormones, and replenish my adrenals. My religious devotion to daily runs and HIIT classes had to be replaced with walks and gentle movement. My health coach suggested Pilates, so I dove back into that world and have learned so much about my body, the diversity of the Pilates method, and the power of low-impact movement. 

What I thought of as merely a light workout, useful for the core, stretching, and little else, has changed how I relate to myself, my body, and movement generally. I now know that alignment, flexibility, and the mind/body connection matter as much as, or perhaps more than, sweating and feeling exhausted after a workout. 

I am starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but I never cease to be impressed by and grateful for the vast resources in our little corner of the Northwest.  We have some top-notch pilates studios in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. In addition, we have incredible mindfulness resources in the Inland Northwest, including healing centers, yoga, and more.

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When it comes to Pilates, I visited the best in the area, picked the brains of the talented individuals who create and hold space for our bodies to heal, progress, and connect. I’ve listed them alphabetically, because, as usual, I could never choose a favorite. I included my personal take on each location, and then included a short interview below ‘my take’ so you can read each practitioner’s unique view and approach.

Each takes a unique approach to pilates and to movement. Each has a distinct personality. Each brings a necessary element to our community, and I can’t wait to revisit each one!

CDA Peak Health & Wellness Center Pilates

More Info

  • Location: Peak Health & Wellness Center CDA
  • 940 W Ironwood Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
  • Phone: 208-643-5832
  • 206-859-1175
  • Social: @cdapilates 

My Take:

Wendy, the director of the Pilates program at Peak Health & Wellness Center, takes an athletic, creative approach to pilates. Her classes are fun, challenging, and it’s easy to tell that she puts a lot of care and thought into each move.

The fact that the classes fill up regularly with clients of all ages and backgrounds is not surprising. The music she plays during class puts a stellar experience over the top. If you’re looking for a challenge and an edgy approach to classic pilates, these classes are for you. 

Please describe your approach to Pilates and fitness in general.

Find a form, a movement that aligns with your goals and honors your body’s needs. Movement is the ultimate expression of self-care. Finding something that excites and challenges you will foster consistency, which is key to sustainable overall health. 

Pilates emphasizes the correct biomechanics so your whole body works in harmony. There is undeniably a strong relationship between your physical health and your overall well-being, so I encourage you to find a way to move your body EVERY DAY!

Who are your classes ideal for?

Pilates is truly for everyBODY no matter your age, gender, shape or physical ability. Pilates, in general, is a form of movement that is adaptable to everyone from those rehabilitating from an injury to very active athletes. We offer classes tailored to those just beginning their Pilates journey as well as for the very advanced. You will see a difference, and you will feel a difference!

What sets your studio apart?

Our community is blessed to have so many amazing options for practicing Pilates. Our studio has six incredible instructors and offers over twenty weekly group classes as well as semi-private and private sessions. Our studio has four reformers, which allows our instructors to give you the personal attention you deserve even in a group setting. We provide a warm, inviting, safe and zero-judgment environment where we respect and acknowledge your unique, individual needs.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Pilates practice?

I could go on and on about the endless benefits one gains from a consistent Pilates practice. Just a few benefits include: improved posture, increased flexibility, better performance in other workouts and lifestyle activities, reduced stress, developed core strength and stability and injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

I often tell my clients that the moves don’t get easier, you get stronger. There is so much truth to that. Pilates combines multi-faceted movement, working the whole body interconnectedly. I see regular clients transition into moves seamlessly as their body knows exactly what to do, but it’s important to remind ourselves to focus on what you are doing, what muscles should be engaged, breathing properly and really embrace the mind-body connection so you are moving with intention rather than just from memory of the move. 

We repeat moves often, so it’s easy to go through the motions, but tapping into that mindful intention is where we see and FEEL change.

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Pilates and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio.

Pilates is addicting! Why? Because it works! Each movement is a conversation between your body and your mind that creates ultimate balance and control. It is incredibly empowering and humbling. Your focus on your breath, posture, and control starts in the studio and carries to your outside world. 

Each instructor at our studio is committed to your overall well-being, in and out of the studio, and we want each person to feel seen and heard. We love watching our clients improve with each session as the changes they see helps their confidence soar and keeps them encouraged about meeting their personal goals. Relationships are created in the studio and watching everyone root for each other is why we love what we do.

MdrnFitness Lagree

More Info

  • Location: 513 E. Hastings Road, Suite E, Spokane, WA 99218
  • Phone: 509 340 9103
  • Socials: @mdrnfitnesslagree

My Take

Although Lagree is distinct from Pilates, I could not resist using this opportunity to explore and shed light on this incredible technique and studio. The team is passionate and welcoming and has created a beautiful community, and the slow, methodical moves are incredibly challenging and tested my mind/body connection in a new way.  

I was a bit nervous to try this new class, but I felt immediately at ease when I met the instructor and took class next to Amber, the owner. This method is similar to Pilates in that it requires great mind-body connection, but it is much slower and uses significantly more resistance. I can’t wait to return!

Please describe your approach to Lagree and fitness in general. 

My approach to fitness has evolved over time. When I was younger, I gravitated towards free weights, HIIT workouts with lots of jumping and pounding. I didn’t really have the healthiest approach to what was actually good for your body and had no concept of a body-mind-soul connection. 

My current approach to fitness is recognizing this connection, understanding that all movement has value, and really honing in on what works for me. This is where I found myself gravitating toward the Lagree Method. It is a strength training workout that works at such a slow, controlled and intentional pace that you have to find that mind-body. It is challenging both physically and mentally, which I LOVE. My background is also in orthopedic nursing, and I’ve seen the toll that our joints (and bodies) take by forcing them into extremes that have lasting consequences. 

Who are your classes ideal for? 

Lagree classes are great for all types of people looking for strength training, without the intimidation of a big gym. It doesn’t matter your age, current fitness level, background, or even current fitness regimen. Lagree works very well as a stand-alone fitness practice, (meeting that strength training component) or alongside any other fitness program (running, cycling, pilates, yoga, etc.) 

What sets your studio apart? 

We are the only Lagree Studio within a 300-mile radius, so that alone sets us apart. We have a unique and eclectic group of instructors who bring their own spice and flavor to their classes. I love the individual personalities each of them have. 

We are a small group studio with a maximum size of 8, bringing camaraderie and support among our growing Lagree community. MDRNfitness is not a franchise; we are a locally owned and operated woman-owned small business. This gives us the freedom and flexibility to evolve and grow our studio in ways we believe will add value to the community. 

Our mission is to provide high-intensity/low-impact fitness modalities relevant to all life stages and phases. Lagree is our foundation, but watch to see how we will grow! 

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Lagree practice? 

First and foremost-strength, stability and injury prevention; seeing people be able to do ALL the things they love doing in their life outside the studio with more energy, endurance, enthusiasm and confidence is the highlight of my journey sharing Lagree with others. Alongside the three main principles-Core, Strength & Muscle Endurance, the often overlooked but highly valuable additional benefits are balance and flexibility. This becomes more and more critical as we age or overcome injury. 

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Lagree and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio. 

I wish the community knew that Lagree is an entirely different modality than Pilates. Both are amazing and yet very different. Both Lagree and Pilates have a beautiful place in the overall physical and mental health and wellness of our region. 

What do I wish the community knew about our studio? There are so many options to become a part of our MDRNfitness family. We want to be a piece of the puzzle for you and help support your BIG PICTURE. Our core values are Connection, Kindness, Quality, Growth, and Fun. 

Pilates by the Lake

More Info

  • Location: 1022 N. 4th Street, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
  • Phone: 208-939-1518

My Take

Michelle takes a detailed, holistic, and classic approach to Pilates. She requires that each client take a few private sessions to master the basics, learn about proper engagement and alignment, and for her to learn your body and your needs. I personally loved these sessions! Michelle’s classes were the first ones I took when I rediscovered Pilates during my health journey, and she helped me to rediscover true balance and reminded me that effective movement doesn’t need to be aggressive. 

Michelle is poised, unflappable, and leads classes through each class with a beautiful ease. Her appearance and form are always perfect, yet I never felt uncomfortable when I rolled out of bed and stumbled into class with bedhead. She is the embodiment of grace, and her energy alone is enough to keep me coming back, but her classes taught me to connect with my body and helped me to enjoy movement when movement was a challenge for me. 

Please describe your approach to Pilates and fitness in general.

After discovering Pilates, I was quickly impressed with the method, the story, and the journey of Joseph Pilates. The benefits of the Joseph Pilates method on the human body in strength and flexibility create a very tangible connection and awareness within your body’s muscle memory, improving daily activity and movement. 

My approach to Pilates is much like building a house. Building a strong framework that leads to fully foundational body support is the centerpiece of practicing the method. Knowing what to engage, and how to engage your body is why we do it that way. 

Joseph Pilates used to say, “If you cannot get a great workout from a basic mat class, you aren’t doing it properly.” I could not agree more and experienced that in my Pilates journey. Pilates and fitness are not only physical practice but a state of mind. It’s a balance of working your body to become stronger, and flexible but also an overall sense of feeling better that carries over into all areas in your life.

Who are your classes ideal for?

Classes are ideal for anyone at any age. In my studio, you have to take private sessions before going into classes so you understated the foundational pieces of the method before going into a class setting. I place clients in a class that fits their skill level. This approach leads to a more positive movement experience allowing the class to progress together.

There are instances when a client advances faster into a class that is more compatible with his/her skill level to fit their progress. My apparatus classes have no more than five clients, allowing for a very high-quality boutique experience every session.

What sets your studio apart?

I have always believed that quality is more important than quantity. I genuinely care about every client that walks through my door with a goal to work with them to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. I want people to feel strong and confident in their bodies so they are strong and confident in their lives. I want my studio to be an exceptional Pilates experience every time.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Pilates practice?

The three “P’s” of Pilates are; Practice, Patience, and Persistence. Pilates is a method that you can practice every day so a commitment to a regular practice connects you to your body and mind and builds strength, flexibility, and long lean muscles faster and more consistently. My goal is that every client feels better when they leave my studio, which carries through all of the activities of their daily lives, whatever that may be.

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Pilates and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio.

A little bit about me, I’ve always been an active person. I started running with my dad when I was 12 years old and ran for decades. As I became older biking was my next progression, then rock climbing for a few years in my 20s. I was always taking on activities where you grind it out. Well, my body had aches and pains, my knees hurt, and my neck and shoulders always hurt and were tight. I just thought that was how it would be, then I found Pilates, or perhaps Pilates found me. Ten years later, here I am and what a great journey it has been! 

I knew nothing about Pilates; then I met Amber, a Master Pilates teacher who had become an educator getting ready to start her first teacher training program. I decided to schedule 3 private sessions with her. I totally remember leaving her studio for the first time in awe and a bit overwhelmed with information. I did not sweat a bit and thought, I don’t know about this. Second session was when I learned to engage the proper muscles the correct way, which made lifting my legs actually hard. In the third session, I distinctly remember leaving the studio thinking to myself, “I don’t really know what is happening, but I can feel a difference and it’s amazing.” That’s all it took, and I am all in! I signed up for the comprehensive teacher training program and never looked back.

I completed the program and had a private practice for 3 years and then applied for the Master’s Program and studied directly under Lolita San Miguel to obtain my masters in the method. 

Learning how to move my body safely and properly engage it made me stronger than ever before. Pilates made me realize you don’t have to abuse your body to be strong, fit, and flexible. I love the body, mind, spirit connection of this method and how it becomes a part of your daily life and who you are.

Joseph Pilates believed, “you should be able to bend over and place your hands flat in front of your feet at any age.”

In my studio, we meet you where you are, teach you the method from the ground up, and teach you at your pace and ability to help you be your best self. I truly care about people and am grateful beyond words to be able to share it with others. If I had to say one thing that I would like our community to know about me and my studio you will be walking into a space where you are truly cared about and will be trained in a safe, effective way to help you achieve your goals. Many of my clients only want to do private sessions, but I do offer classes who prefer a small group experience where you still receive individual attention.

Precision Pilates of Spokane

More Info

  • Location: 212 W. 2nd Avenue, Suite B
  • Spokane, WA 99201
  • Phone: 509.747.3439
  • Social: @precisionpilates

My Take

The Mother/Daughter duo that runs Precision Pilates of Spokane personify the classic principles of Pilates. Precision is the oldest Pilates studio in Spokane, and Amber and her daughter Alexis seem to approach each class as the most important they’ve ever taught. 

Amber is a Pilates Master, second-generation Pilates Instructor, and spends the time she isn’t instructing at Precision training Pilates instructors all over the world. During the mandatory private introductory sessions (required before joining any class at Precision), I learned how to engage my body in a completely new way to ensure an effective workout and true alignment and longevity. 

If you’re looking for a true, classic Pilates experience infused with tons of love, Precision Pilates is for you!

Please describe your approach to Pilates and fitness in general.

We believe that Precision, when applied to a consistent practice, makes all the difference in a Pilates journey that supports the whole person. By setting each of our clients up for success with a strong foundation of understanding followed by an intentional curriculum designed around their needs, we are able to build a community of more conscious movers.

Our approach is to truly educate each and every client and lovingly support their journey.

Who are your classes ideal for?

Joseph Pilates dreamed that his method of movement would be taught from childhood through old age. He believed that his work was for everyone.

By supporting clients in understanding both their bodies and their Pilates practice on levels that deepen with time our classes are designed for any and every body at any and every stage of life. We’ve worked with professional athletes looking to elevate their performance and those with more colorful medical histories looking to find safety in their bodies.

Our classes are ideal for those who truly want to transform their physical experience in and out of the studio.

What sets your studio apart?

Precision is certainly different in many ways, however, our tested and trusted systematic approach to first laying the foundation then uniformly lengthening and strengthening the body is what makes us different.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Pilates practice?

With a regular Pilates practice, clients are able to enjoy every other aspect of their life with more joy. I understand this may seem like hyperbole, but I grew up in this studio that Amber (mom) built. I now have the opportunity to work with clients who have been attending classes for 20 years and those who started last week. A common thread among them all is that the benefits of trusting the Pilates method to carry you through life are innumerable.

Clients experience benefits ranging from better sleep to more energy, fewer migraines to improved performance in their favorite hobbies and everything in between. Pilates helps your everything, but nothing helps your Pilates.

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Pilates and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio.

I wish that people considering starting their practice knew that Pilates is for any and every body at any and every stage of life.

I wish they knew the impact a strong intellectual understanding can have on their Pilates practice and everything else they do in life.


More Info

  • Location: 210 W Sunset Ave
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
  • Phone: 208-651-8323
  • Social: @reform.cda

My Take

The entire Reform experience was excellent from the moment I walked in the door. The space transported me from Northern Idaho to a high-end boutique fitness studio on the Upper East Side, and the classes follow suit. 

Detailed instruction and personal attention make the group classes feel more like private sessions. In fact, during my three years as a group fitness instructor, my sister (a devout Reform client) never once took one of my classes because she didn’t think they’d live up to the standards to which Reform made her accustomed. Now that I’ve tried them, I get it. 

I can’t say enough good things about the experience. The classes are the perfect balance of classic and modern and toning and cardio, and they always keep me on my toes. Although this article focuses on Pilates, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Reform offers Barre, Yoga, and Aerial Silks classes as well. 

Please describe your approach to Pilates and fitness in general.

At Reform Studio we aim to provide our students with an effective workout while also educating them on proper posture, movement patterns, and body mechanics. Each class at Reform is taught with mindful and intentional movement as the most important aspect, and we aim to maintain a high level of integrity with each class. Our passionate teachers work hard to ensure each student achieves the most safe, efficient and effective workout possible. 

Who are your classes ideal for?

Our classes are ideal for students who have a desire to move better, feel better, and gain more strength and control of their body mechanics and movement patterns. We provide services for all fitness levels and abilities in a group class setting or private training sessions. 

What sets your studio apart?

As Pilates has gained popularity in recent years, we aim to hold true to the classical teachings of Joe Pilates and his original method. While we incorporate some contemporary aspects and provide a strong fitness element, we hold true to the fundamentals of the Pilates method. All of our teachers are certified under accredited programs and have an extensive teaching background and many years of experience. 

We are a locally grown and operated business that has been a part of the Coeur d’Alene community for over 10 years. We offer a diverse class schedule of Pilates Reformer and Mixed apparatus classes, and also offer larger group class formats such as barre, barre bounce and aerial silks.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Pilates practice?

Although it is difficult to pick the single greatest benefit because there are so many, I would have to say greater ease of movement by having more strength, control and balance within your body.

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Pilates and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio.

What I wish people knew about Pilates: Often times people see some of the more advanced work of Pilates in their social media feeds or Google searches and are intimidated to try it because it looks too difficult or they “aren’t flexible enough.” However, I wish people knew that Pilates will truly meet your body wherever it is. 

Students can benefit greatly from the fundamental work as they build strength to advance their ability. Pilates can benefit anyone from a mature/aging client, or those rehabbing from an injury all the way to an elite athlete and every body in between. 

What I wish people knew about my studio: Reform Studio has profoundly and positively impacted the health, wellness, happiness and quality of life of many members in our local community over the past ten years. The growth of our studio has largely been based on referrals, which is why we have not done a lot of marketing or promotion; which is something people often ask about once they discover us. 

The Pilates Ritual

More Info

  • Location: 159 South Lincoln Street, Suite 165
  • Spokane, WA 99201
  • Phone: 661 406 9605
  • Social: @the_pilates_ritual 

My Take

Tiana, the owner and lead instructor at The Pilates Ritual, is a force. Her approach to Pilates is fresh and creative. Her classes are fast-paced, fun, and SNEAKY HARD (right when I thought I couldn’t continue, she switched things up, keeping me engaged and energized). 

Tiana breathes new life into the Pilates world but honors the classic principles with her dedication to form and detail. Her unique ability to describe each move, quickly assess a client’s body, and immediately clarify to guide into proper alignment is unparalleled. If you like to phone it in, your plans will be thwarted. I plan to make her private classes a regular part of my routine. 

Please describe your approach to Pilates and fitness in general.

I tend to have a more contemporary athletic approach to Pilates. I love introducing classical moves to my clients and building from there depending on where that specific client is in their movement journey.

Who are your classes ideal for?

Ideally, my classes are for anyone looking to feel better in their bodies! Whether you’re an athlete, pregnant, recovering from an injury or anywhere in between, Pilates meets you where you are, and so do I!

What sets your studio apart?

What sets my studio apart is the boutique style. There are only four reformers, so you are getting specialized attention even in a full class. You won’t ever have to question if you are “doing it right.” I’ll be there guiding and safely cueing you the whole time.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Pilates practice?

After each class, you will have a better understanding of the mind-body connection and leave feeling energized rather than depleted. Coming to Pilates at least 3-4x a week will have you bringing more awareness not only to your work out, but to your everyday life.

As Joseph Pilates once said, “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel a difference. In 20 sessions, you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body.”

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Pilates and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio.

My studio is unlike anything you have experienced before! Even if someone has taken a reformer class in the past and didn’t like it, I can guarantee my class will challenge them in all the right ways and have them smiling as they walk out the door.

I would encourage them to keep an open mind and try multiple studios and instructors to find their perfect fit. If they are still not convinced, I offer a free 30-minute intro session on the reformer. It’s their chance to ask all the questions they have and to move their bodies in new and challenging ways. Are YOU ready to make Pilates part of your everyday ritual?

Core Pilates 

More Info

  • Location: 1174 W. Summit Parkway, Spokane, WA 99201
  • Phone: 509-220-0742
  • Social: @corepilates_spokane

My Take

This bright, well-equipped studio is located on the main drag in Kendall Yards. Its convenience and cheery appearance draw you in, and the friendly instructors make a potentially intimidating class accessible. 

I took a mid-morning class on an unseasonably cold summer Saturday, and I felt warm and cozy immediately. I found class to be pleasant and just what my body needed that day. Everyone in class seemed to know each other, and the instructor was down-to-earth. 

Please describe your approach to Pilates and fitness in general.

Our approach to Pilates is personal and specific to each client. Even the most experienced Pilates student needs to experience a Movement Assessment and Introduction to the Pilates equipment. This gives us a baseline and awareness of their specific needs. We can develop a program that meets their needs.

Who are your classes ideal for?

Our class types are ideal for a variety of students. We offer Contemporary reformer classes along with our Jumpboard, Spine Corrector and Roll and Release options.

My specialty is working privately with individuals who have specific physical or health concerns. It’s exciting to help a student increase their confidence and mobility. Our student age range from 13 to 91 years.

What sets your studio apart?

The Instructors at Core Pilates and Wellness received their Pilates Certifications from respected schools that are founded by Physical therapists using Joseph Pilates original principles. 

We celebrate each member of our community with small and large successes.  Birthdays are especially important and we recognize each one with a gift and song!

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a regular Pilates practice?

Core Pilates and Wellness is more than a Pilates studio. The Pilates lifestyle helps our students develop a “mind/body connection”. The majority of our students choose our 30 Day Unlimited plan. We get to see them on an average of 3 days per week. This helps to develop a strong body and confidence in their daily life. 

Please share one thing you wish the community knew about Pilates and one thing you wish the community knew about your studio.

Core Pilates and Wellness sponsors Polestar Pilates International teacher training in our studio. Currently, we have a group of new Instructor’s graduating this summer. Our next class starts in October and we are taking reservations for up to 8 students. 

Many of us call Core Pilates and Wellness our “Happy Place.” We have a small Community Lounge for students to meet with their classmates before or after class. Several of our students enjoy our monthly “Core Reads Book Club” meetings.

Concluding Thoughts

To all of you cross-fitters, gym rats, cardio junkies, and HIIT honeys, I hope this Pilates guide inspires you to incorporate a gentler approach to movement. To those of you already woke to the Pilates Question, I hope this guide inspires you to try a new studio. To those of you starting your movement journey, I hope this makes the experience a little less intimidating. 

As always, my goal is to provide real resources, authentic perspective, and a space where no one feels lonely on their journey to health and wellness and their highest self. 

xoxo Your Favorite Late Bloomer

Bailey Bowerman

Bailey is a self-proclaimed recovering attorney and late bloomer. She loves words, rest, and hyping entrepreneurs and creatives. She lives in Idaho with her husband and is decidedly and unapologetically NOT outdoorsy.


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