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4 Best Cozy Tea Shops in Seattle (& Where to Buy Great Tea)

Seattle is a coffee lover’s paradise, but there are enough cozy tea shops in Seattle to keep tea drinkers happy. Some of these spots are hidden gems, and all of them are so inviting they could convert die-hard coffee enthusiasts.

Visit Seattle’s cozy tea shops to stock up on loose-leaf tea or for a classic afternoon tea experience. If you simply want to curl up with a book and a hot drink for a relaxing evening, they’re perfect for that too. 

I’ll give you a rundown of my personal go-to spots for tea in Seattle. First, we’ll dive into tea rooms where you can grab a pot and hang out for a few hours. I’ll also go over some great places to buy tea in Seattle. 

Bundle up and grab a book! These are the cozy tea shops in Seattle you don’t want to miss. 

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4 Cozy Tea Shops in Seattle

1) Panama Tea House

Tea Shops in Seattle

The Panama Tea House is the epitome of a cozy tea shop in Seattle. Walking in, you’ll instantly feel at ease. The tea shop is quiet, relaxed, and historic. 

Located in the International District’s Japantown, Panama Tea House is part of the Panama Hotel, a Seattle city landmark. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to visit the tea house, but both will give you insight into the history of the city’s Japanese American residents.

A plaque proclaiming the building’s historic status, Japanese dolls, teapots, and sketches of the shop cat are arranged on a trunk by the entrance. Black and white photos adorn the exposed brick walls and give visitors a glimpse into the early days of Japantown.

Other artifacts throughout the tea house – postcards, mochi makers, newspapers, and luggage – make it feel like a mini museum. Old wicker chairs and couches with mismatched cushions enhance the coziness.

Tea Shops in Seattle
The downstairs area of Panama Tea House

There’s a good selection of teas to choose from. Earthy pu-erhs, spicy chais, and floral tisanes are all here. Use the smelling jars to get a whiff of whatever you’re interested in to see if it’s something you might like. One of my favorites is the cinnamon plum. This spicy and tangy herbal blend is perfect for sipping on cold days. 

Order a pot and a pastry and find a place to sit. There is seating upstairs and even more cozy nooks downstairs. And, most importantly, don’t forget to give a few pats to the resident cat, Miu Miu, before you leave.

Is there a better combo than hot tea, cozy chairs, and a cute cat?

2) Miro Tea

Don’t miss sampling some of these great teas

Miro Tea feels like a breath of fresh air on cloudy, gray, or rainy Seattle days. The bright and contemporary tea room is clean, spacious, and Scandinavian in design. 

Come here to enjoy warm drinks and quiet conversation. Its open and airy atmosphere makes Miro a great place to work or hang out with friends. There are a few cozy couches to sink into and plenty of other seating throughout.

There are so many tea options in those silver canisters

When you enter, the wall of silver-tinned tea canisters will catch your eye first. Miro is serious about its tea. Newbies and regular tea drinkers alike have tons of options to peruse. Black, green, and herbal teas make up the bulk of the menu. In addition to hot teas, you can also get iced tea, bubble tea, and tea lattes. 

For something a little unusual, I recommend the Woodland Tea Latte. It’s made with a delightfully herby juniper and bay leaf syrup which adds the perfect touch of sweetness. Get a pot of the Johannesburg if you’re craving something caffeine-free and with a pleasant nuttiness. Food options include pastries and light items like sandwiches, salads, and soups. 

The Woodland tea latte is simple, pretty, and tasty

Given all of its drink options, Miro is a great place to visit even if you’re convinced you don’t like tea. There’s a good chance you’ll change your mind after the first sip.

Miro Tea is located in a commercial area of the popular Ballard neighborhood. Expect some crowds, especially during weekends. If you want to spend some leisurely time here, make sure you arrive close to the opening.

3) Queen Mary Tea Room

The Ravenna neighborhood is home to the Queen Mary Tea Room, an English-style tea room that’s a must-visit at any time of the year.

The decor is eclectic. It consists of lots of florals, mismatched fabrics, patterns, dishes, and pictures with ornate, almost gaudy frames. Anywhere else, this might seem too much, but not here. At Queen Mary Tea Room, it’s downright charming and adds to the Victorian appeal of the cozy tea room. 

While the decor makes Queen Mary Tea Room a feast for the eyes, the extensive tea and food menu makes it a feast for the palate. 

Tea options are plentiful. Black tea is the most prominent offering. Options like the strawberry pepper, Darjeeling, and mint medley are positively divine.

For a special experience, come to Queen Mary for afternoon tea, which is available Wednesday through Sunday. Expect excellent tea service and tasty treats like finger sandwiches, pastries, cookies, fruit, and more. You can also visit for brunch or lunch and try items like their smoked salmon quiche or shepherd’s pie.

While the prices at Queen Mary are a bit steep, the experience of this Victorian-style tea room more than makes up for it. Consider coming here on a date with your partner, your kids, or a group of friends.

After dining, don’t forget to head across the street to Queen Mary Emporium. Here you can buy loose-leaf teas, tea sets, books, cards, and more.

4) Tea Republik

Tea Republik has been one of my favorite cozy Seattle tea shops for a while. It’s located in the University District, blocks away from the University of Washington campus. Naturally, this is one of the best tea shops for studying.

The lighting and general ambiance of the space are dark, mellow, and calming. There are lots of tables, and a few couches to cozy up on. If you visit, you’ll probably be there with college students working on various assignments. 

There’s a massive selection of tea at Tea Republik. Try the core black, green, and white teas, or get yerba matte, fruit, or an herbal blend. If you feel overwhelmed with the choices available, the staff is more than happy to recommend something based on your preferences. 

I recommend the lavender cream earl gray for people who like their tea milky and a little sweet. This comes with honey and your choice of cream or milk. Whether you order it hot or iced, it’s a delicious floral and earthy drink.  If you plan on staying for a while, get a nice large pot of hot tea and sip it slowly. 

People who are new to the “tea scene” will find Tea Republik both accessible and welcoming. If you want to get exploring tea in a shop with great options, this is the cozy tea shop in Seattle to visit.

Where to Buy Tea in Seattle

Tea Shops in Seattle

Me and my husband loved the free tasting at New Century Tea Gallery

Not necessarily looking for tea rooms? If you just want some great places in Seattle to buy tea, there are ample options. Here are some tried and true tea shops with some of the best tea in Seattle.

  • New Century Tea Gallery: The experience at New Century Tea Gallery is unparalleled. There are plenty of teas to choose from. The owners of the shop are enthusiastic and kind-hearted and provide great insight into each tea they sell. Enjoy a free tasting to sample a number of their best offerings. But fair warning: it’ll be hard to leave empty-handed after you do.
  • MarketSpice: This Pike Place Market tea shop is one of the most popular tea stores in Seattle. Not only is it full of a variety of teas, but you’ll also find plenty of spices and quirky teapots for purchase. They’re most well known for their delicious cinnamon orange black tea, and often have samples of it available in the store.
  • Seattle Best Tea: Seattle Best Tea is a gem of a store tucked away in the International District. Expect a welcoming and friendly environment when you visit and a great selection of teas to take home. It’s not very big, but there are a couple of spots to sit down and enjoy a cup. As a fun bonus, they also serve bubble tea and ice cream!
  • Floating Leaves Tea: This tiny tea shop up in Ballard is a godsend for oolong tea drinkers. Their tea is sourced directly from Taiwan, and they’re passionate about sharing their love of excellent tea with the community. Come here to stock up on a delicious variety of tea, get educated on various tea properties, and for relaxed tea tastings.
  • Perennial Tea: Located in Pike Place Market’s Post Alley, Perennial Tea Room sells teas from all around the world. Stock up on a variety of earl greys or Seattle chai at this local tea shop. They also offer tastings of certain teas. Those looking to upgrade their teapot collection will find lots of options here.

From Classic to Contemporary: Seattle’s Top Tea Shops for Every Tea Lover

Seattle has many cozy tea shops that can provide a perfect escape for tea lovers. These spots are great for a classic afternoon tea experience, as well as for reading or relaxing while enjoying a hot drink. Some of the best tea shops in Seattle are hidden gems that can convert even die-hard coffee enthusiasts. 

Some of the must-visit tea shops include Panama Tea House, which is part of the Panama Hotel, a Seattle city landmark, Miro Tea, which has a bright and contemporary atmosphere and a wide range of tea options, and the Queen Mary Tea Room, an English-style tea room that offers an extensive tea and food menu, including afternoon tea. Whether you want to stock up on loose-leaf tea or simply enjoy a cozy atmosphere with a hot drink, these tea shops are perfect for tea lovers in Seattle.

Yes, Seattle is a city for coffee lovers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great tea in the city. Tea drinkers can enjoy these seriously cozy tea shops in Seattle and the myriad of places to buy tea in the city. What will be the first stop on your list? Let us know in a comment!

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