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11 Best Garden Nurseries in Spokane, Washington

Spring in Spokane, Washington, is a season filled with promise and potential, especially for gardening enthusiasts. As the weather warms and nature begins to bloom, it’s an ideal time to start planning your gardening activities for the year. This period of renewal and growth is perfect for assessing your garden space, setting goals, and deciding on the new plants or projects you wish to undertake.

For those looking to enrich their gardens, Spokane offers an array of incredible garden nurseries. These local nurseries are treasure troves of diverse plant species, gardening supplies, and invaluable advice from gardening experts. Whether you’re aiming to cultivate a vibrant flower garden, grow your own vegetables, or enhance your landscape with perennials and shrubs, these nurseries provide everything you need to succeed in your gardening ventures.

Ritters Garden and Gift

Visiting the best garden nurseries in Spokane, Washington, can inspire your gardening plans, offering fresh ideas and the latest in gardening trends and techniques. With the support and resources available at these nurseries, spring becomes not just a time for planting, but a season of imagination and growth for gardeners of all levels.

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The Best Garden Nurseries in Spokane, Washington

Ritters Garden and Gift

A family-owned and operated business in Spokane, offers customers more than the usual garden supplies, with a focus on nature-inspired home decor and an array of houseplants. With its roots deeply planted in the local community, Ritters provides expert advice and high-quality plants tailored to the unique climate and soil conditions of the Spokane area, drawing on nearly 100 years of experience. The store prides itself on selecting healthy plants from reputable and, whenever possible, local vendors to help customers successfully cultivate their gardening skills. Staffed by a team of horticulture enthusiasts and professionals, Ritters aims to educate and inspire with their extensive knowledge on a variety of plants and gardening techniques. Beyond gardening essentials, the store also features a curated selection of unique items including home decor, honey, wine, and candles, all sourced from local businesses. Ritters Garden & Gift is dedicated to creating a bespoke shopping experience that encourages customers to explore and develop their gardens wherever they live.

Judy’s Enchanted Garden

Where do I even begin with Judy’s Enchanted Garden? There is SO MUCH here in this absolutely incredible nursery. It’s like a sea of colors and wonder right when you walk in, it truly is an enchanting feeling. I feel like I am in a fairytale wonderland when I am here. 

best garden nurseries in Spokane

There is so much to take in, from the flowers, trees, potting equipment, to the hundreds of different yard decorations, both big and small. I had the opportunity to meet Judy herself and learn all about who she is and what she does, and it has inspired me to spread awareness of this local gem to everyone I know. If you’re looking for a unique and fun take on gardening this year, or some stunning intricate yard pieces, this place is pure magic and is the place for you.

Garden Springs Garden Center

Located on the north side of town, Garden Springs has everything you are looking for this spring season! From floral to shrubbery, they even have a fresh produce area where you can find all sorts of home-grown natural fruits and vegetables. 

Another big plus to this nursery is they are super affordable when it comes to their products, and worth every penny! Garden Springs also just opened a second location in Deer Park as well for those living further north out of the city.  There is so much hype for this place online; you will not want to miss this spot for your spring shopping needs.

Rosarium Garden Center

What makes this place so special and unique? The list is a long one! Rosarium offers so much more than just gardening supplies to their customers. Rosarium has the most beautiful event center for anyone to rent for upcoming events and weddings. They also offer classes to the public for those who are interested in learning about pruning, water-wise gardening, or creating fun projects like dried wreaths, and there’s so much more on their website. This is your next go-to for all things flowers.

Tall Grass Farms

Located in Medical Lake, Tall Grass Farms is a small family-owned and operated farm best known for its incredible dahlias from right here in our region. They have the largest variety of dahlias, as well as a multitude of both indoor and outdoor plants. They also only use organic practices, such as insects, rather than pesticides on their products. 

Tall Grass Farms is a community-based, locally sourced farm perfect for every need you could ever have. They also carry a large variety of unique and different plants, such as Night Sky Petunias and Brunnera, the “Jack Frost” plant. 

Barn and Blossom

Barn and Blossom is like the Disneyland of garden nurseries. Even driving to this place felt like I was going on an adventure. This nursery is huge and feels like a scavenger hunt to find all things plants! 

best garden nurseries in Spokane

Barn and Blossom’s values focus on natural beauty and rustic charm, and offer our community so many opportunities, from event spaces to multiple greenhouses. They bring sophistication mixed with all-natural, wholesome products and garden amenities. Barn and Blossom is worth the drive for all your needs, whether that be checking out their garden, a staycation, or planning an event to remember.

The Plant Farm

The Plant Farm is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember running up and down the greenhouse aisles as a child, staring at all the beauty these plants had to offer. My mother would wander in this place for what felt like hours. I grew up here and am so happy to see that it is still flourishing the same way it did back then. 

I had never seen so much green before stepping into The Plant Farm, and if you love greenery, you’ll be amazed at all of the abundance surrounding you! It feels like stepping into a portal to the jungle but with different varieties of plants. 

One of my favorite things about The Plant Farm is that they offer a subscription box with a mystery plant delivered every other month, care instructions, and a cute plant accessory! How cute is that? 

Gibson’s Nursery & Landscape

One of the oldest garden nurseries in the Spokane area, Gibson’s offers many different nursery products and landscaping supplies. They have everything from succulents, flowers, shrubbery, and trees to soil and stone products. This is another place that offers so many gorgeous views as you walk around and take in all it has to offer. 

If you are looking for help with landscaping, Gibson’s is the perfect choice for an informative, helpful business that offers such a wide variety of options and services. 

Haase’s Greenhouse

Haase’s Greenhouse is a small gem tucked back off 34th Street on the South Hill. But don’t let its appearance fool you; Haase’s Greenhouse is one of the most popular greenhouses in the Spokane area. They have some of the most unique flower options, like Scaevola and different kinds of Begonias, perfect for any person’s yard.

best garden nurseries in Spokane

But that is not the only great thing about this garden. Haase’s also has a “Berry Lane,” a section of their greenhouse that caters to all different kinds of berries! With too many berries to list here, you’ll have to check it out for yourself and get your berry fix!

Petal Pushers

Petal Pushers is located just across the border in our neighboring city, Post Falls. This is a great place to check out if you are located on the outskirts of town or closer to the Coeur d’Alene area. 

Petal Pushers specializes in succulents and plants capable of surviving more in a northern climate. Petal Pushers also sells unique low-maintenance plants such as Black and Blue Salvia and Crassula Hobbits. If you’re a succulent lover like me, this is worth the drive to Post Falls! 

Wabi Sabi Japanese Florist

Not many Spokanites know about this cool spot, but now you do! Wabi Sabi is a Japanese garden and nursery for customers looking to find a plant that stands out from the rest. This nursery offers many distinctive Japanese plants, including bonsai, hostas, and maples. They also offer landscaping services and decor fit for any yard or garden. Wabi Sabi provides Japanese statues, stones, and lanterns if you want something traditional. 

Smart Gardens

If you’re a Spokane local or just happen to drive a lot around Spokane, then I’m pretty sure you have at least seen the Smart Gardens nursery as you drive through the Bigelow Gulch Argonne light. 

best garden nurseries in Spokane

I was blown away by all the surprising things they offer here, on top of a cute little gift shop inside filled with all sorts of special little novelties like door signs, hanging wreaths, and hand-crafted items for your yard. This is the perfect nursery to explore your creativity and find what floral designs meet your specific needs. 

As a fun addition, Smart Gardens also has three little goats who love to roam around, play together, and climb on their little house and stare at you. Your little ones will get a kick out of it! 

Our love for plants and nature is still widely important, and we should continue to celebrate spring in our own beautiful ways. I encourage all the new plant fanatics to get out there to do some exploring, and learn something new about our amazing local nurseries here in Spokane.

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