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Get to Know The Businesses Inside Sola Salon Studios Spokane

On the South Hill lies Sola Salon Studios. For those who have never been there, this isn’t a typical salon. Inside is a bunch of individual studios run by small business owners who decorate and operate their spaces according to their visions and structure. In other words, no two studios or experiences for clients are alike. 

Each one is run by a different person that offers their own unique services. Whether it’s hair, color, extensions, esthetics, massage, or other services in beauty and wellness, Sola has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to heal or enhance your appearance. 

“At Sola, the pro runs their business their way, use and retail products that best fit their clients’ needs,” said Dori Lucas, operations manager of Sola Salon Studios Spokane. Each business owner is independent, keeps their revenue, works a schedule that fits the needs of their families, and Sola takes care of the rest. 

Not only is Sola a place that houses small businesses, but it’s also a supportive community. Lucas said the owners support each other either by using the services personally and/or referring their clients to different providers. It’s very clear that they look out for each other there. 

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Here are a few of the various businesses operating from within Sola’s walls. 


Nine. is a salon owned by Kristina Kenagy, who offers hair and color services in her studio and focuses on wellness, compassion, and self-love. 

When you walk inside her studio, the first thing you will notice is that it is decorated to mimic a forest. The walls are painted, and decorative vines hang from the walls and ceiling, among other things, that make it a refuge from the chaotic world. 

Kristina Kenagy of Nine. Photo provided by Kristina Kenagy.

Kenagy was inspired to decorate her studio like this after a hit-and-run car accident left her with a severe concussion. 

“As a child, I sought safety in the forests and wilderness where I grew up, so when I was feeling lost both mentally and emotionally, I instinctively created a forest to help me regain a sense of balance and security,” she said. 

Lucas said it’s important for the owners to make their space their own, and reflect their individual vibe in the way they want to reflect to their clients. Even though she’s had to draw the line on some things, the creative freedom for stylists like Kenagy to customize their space allows them to do business their way. 

Kenagy’s most popular services are haircuts and color, but she said the scalp massage services she offers are catching up. 

When it comes to her clients, she wants them to know that when they show compassion and forgiveness towards themselves, they can heal themselves on a deeper level, as well as care for and love others more authentically. 

“I want people to know that they are beautiful,” she said. “They are worthy of love, compassion, and forgiveness.” 

Hair Design By Kalyn

Kalyn Haraldson is another hairstylist who operates out of Sola, and being able to run her own studio allowed her to follow her dreams, and offer a wide variety of services tailored to people’s specific needs.

“This is not just a job for me, it is my passion. I strive to create the best service and most comfortable, welcoming environment for every client,” she said. 

Inside Kalyn Haraldson’s Studio in Sola.

Haraldson wants each of her clients to feel special, sit down and feel that every moment is for them because, for her, they are not just another person. They are her friends, she genuinely cares about them and looks forward to helping them love their hair and feel their best, all the while offering them a clean, cozy and welcoming environment.  

“While they’re processing, I turn the lights down to a cozy setting so they can relax and enjoy their time,” she said. “I want them to look forward to coming, not only to have their hair fresh, but to feel pampered and relaxed.” 

Kalyn Haraldson, photo provided by Kalyn Haraldson.

Her most popular services include highlights, color, and balayage, which are tailored to her clients’ specific needs and desires. Also, many of her clients do hair extensions. Some have added inches of length, while others sought to add more fullness. 

Haraldson is constantly learning new trends and investing in education. Whether her clients want a simple root touch-up or an extreme transformation, she welcomes every challenge and pours her heart into making her work perfect. 

Not only that, she enjoys educating her clients on the best at-home care, whether it’s styling or using the best products so they feel their best everyday. 

Esthetics By Nikki

Hair is not the only kind of service people can find at Sola. Nikki Muscolino is an esthetician who offers lash extensions, brow tints, facials, waxing, microblading, and other services. She loves what she does, is passionate about her job, and will always go above and beyond for each of her clients.

“I love enhancing women’s already natural beauty with lash extensions, lash lifts, and microblading,” she said. “I am very into skincare, and helping people feel relaxed and comfortable.” 

An example of mega volume lashes. Photo by Nikki Muscolino.

Of all her services, her most popular services are lash extensions, facials and waxing are her most popular. However, when cold weather hits Spokane, microblading becomes popular too. 

Her relationship with her clients is very important to her, and her goal is to create an amazing atmosphere and vibe for them so that they leave feeling amazing, refreshed, and their unique selves.  

Nikki Muscolino, photo provided by Nikki Muscolino

“I love to create a friendly environment where I get to know you and customize each client with creating lashes that are best for their eyes,” she said. “Not one client will have the same, as I want to create a masterpiece for each individual.” 

David Sandstrom LMP

Aside from hair, lashes, and skincare, Sola also has massage therapist David Sandstrom operating out of their establishment. 

When it comes to Sandstrom’s business, he focuses on medical massages. This means that those who come into his studio are looking to address specific issues. 

Treatments for his patients usually include a combination of trigger point, deep tissue, and lymphatic drainage techniques. He cares about meeting the needs of each patient and encourages them to speak up if they need to. 

“I would like people to know that massage is a conversation,” Sandstrom said. “It is your time, and you should feel free to let me, or any other therapist, know if there is something that needs to change.” 

He wants everyone who enters his treatment room to feel safe. Also, he wants them to know that breathing and exhaling fully will be helpful throughout their lives. 

David Sandstrom, photo provided by David Sandstrom.

These are just a few of the multitude of small businesses residing on the South Hill that people can support. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to their appearance and well-being, and each studio is ready to help them find what they are looking for.

If you’re interested in moving your business to Sola, take a look at their website here and contact them for more information.

Matthew Kincanon

Matthew is a freelance writer from Spokane, Washington who has written for local publications for the past several years. He has lived in Spokane his whole life, owns every Best Picture winner on DVD in his expansive movie collection, and loves a good cup of coffee. When he’s not watching Disney+, diving into creative writing, or posting about Indigenous-owned small businesses on Instagram, he can be found shopping at Barnes & Nobles, Page 42, or thrift stores. He often writes about movies, Indigenous communities, religion, and art.


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