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Shopping for Local Treasures Has Never Been Easier: 1889 Salvage Co

Now more than ever, it’s important to live sustainably. For many of us, that means supporting local and finding unique items that can be given a new purpose in your home. However, you may be wondering: where is a great, local place to shop for one-of-a-kind, unique and vintage items? We have your answer: 1889 Salvage Co on North Monroe!

It’s easier than ever to live sustainably with style when you shop for trending and unique items that make you, and your home, stand out at 1889 Salvage Co.

At 1889 Salvage Co, you’ll find incredible, one-of-a-kind treasures; everything from books to clothes to barware and more.

Shopping sustainably and locally is important to us – not only are you shopping local (and not waiting for deliveries!) but you’re also upcycling and getting high quality materials back when furniture and clothing was made better!

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What makes 1889 Salvage Co so unique (and one reason we especially love it) is how Proprietor Gina Campbell of 1889 Salvage Co supports micro-businesses in our community. Certain areas of the store are curated by small local businesses who set up, stage and sell their own items at 1889 Salvage Co.

That also means that you can, and should, visit 1889 Salvage Co frequently, as displays are always changing and the vendors bring in new items often. 

1889 Salvage Co is located at 2824 North Monroe Street in Spokane, WA.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 – 5 PM.

Learn more about how 1889 Salvage Co came to be, why proprietor Gina Campbell started 1889, her ethos behind growing 1889 – plus some exciting news!

This article is sponsored by 1889 Salvage Co, and as always, opinions are our own.

The Beginnings of 1889 Salvage Co

Proprietor Gina Campbell initially started working as the Executive Director of First Night Spokane, and while working there, a spot came open at a small vintage space. Gina always considered herself “creative by necessity” and had a passion for vintage, so she decided to accept the space – and 1889 Salvage Co was created!

1889 Salvage Co Proprietor Gina Campbell in front of one of her recent displays
1889 Salvage Co Proprietor Gina Campbell in front of one of her recent displays

Within a short amount of time, Gina realized she needed a bigger building, which is where you’ll find 1889 Salvage Co at its present location. 1889 Salvage Co is now at its current spot on Monroe Street (2824 North Monroe St. in Spokane, WA) and has been there for nearly the last five years. 

However, 1889 wasn’t necessarily an overnight success, according to Gina. After some courses in entrepreneurship, Gina says she finally got into the groove of being a small business owner after about two years. 

As you walk around the current iteration of 1889 Salvage Co, you’ll notice it’s full with unique treasures curated by experts all around Spokane. It’s highly recommended you visit often, as Gina notes that many popular items sell quickly (often before she’s had time to share on her social media!) and displays are always rotated out regularly. 

vintage in spokane 1889 salvage co
One of the unique and rotating displays you can find at 1889 Salvage Co

Purpose of 1889 Salvage Co

One thing that stood out to us is Gina’s commitment to making 1889 Salvage Co a purpose driven company. As she states, she’s not working for works’ sake or for a paycheck’s sake. This gives her even more of an opportunity to be intentional about supporting causes close to her heart – and ones that make a tremendous impact in our community!

In addition to supporting local micro business owners, 1889 Salvage Co offers ongoing free space to Rescue4All and gets 100% of their proceeds back each month.

In addition, certain items in the store are earmarked and the proceeds go to charitable organizations. In the past, 1889 Salvage Co has donated to Hospice of Spokane, Compassionate Addiction Treatment, The Jonah Project, Spokane Free Food Pantries and others.  

What Makes 1889 Salvage Co Unique?

In addition to being a purpose driven business, Gina is most proud of 1889’s ability to facilitate micro-business vintage owners around Spokane. That’s right- did you know that many of the items for sale in 1889 actually aren’t directly from Gina’s collection and instead are displays from other local, small vintage sellers? 

In addition to hosting these micro-businesses, Gina also helps these small, local business owners curate their displays to help them sell their items better, stages and styles, and also rents items to small businesses as needed. 

These vendors pay rent to be in the store, and Gina curates the selections based on the boutique vibe of 1889. You never know what you may find at 1889, and items do go quickly, so make sure to follow 1889 Salvage Co on social, visit the website, or (best of all) stop in for yourself!

Walking around 1889 Salvage Co is a delight – you truly never know what you’re going to find! The last time Erin and I visited, I was delighted by the incredible vintage barware toward the back of the store, including beautiful pint glasses depicting various national parks.

Erin found a variety of clothing options that suited her unique vintage style, and we both couldn’t get enough of the books in the middle of the store. From classics such as Brave New World to first edition mysteries and much, much more, 1889 Salvage Co is the type of place to explore to find unique treasures you were always looking for – or never even knew existed!

In fact, just before I had stopped by, Gina let me know one of the micro-business owners recently sold out of a sock monkey display. Little did she know, my Mom collects sock monkeys and one of those would have been a treasured gift!

And that’s why you should visit 1889 Salvage Co regularly: as mentioned above, displays and curations sell out and rotate, especially for in-demand items. If you haven’t visited North Monroe St. in a while, take this as a sign that you need to go!

What’s Next?

One of the most exciting announcements for 1889 Salvage Co is the new rebrand of their website, 1889SalvageCo.com.

Not only is the website faster and more comprehensive, it now offers you the chance to shop online for one-of-a-kind items you won’t find in store. That’s right – the items on the website won’t be found at 1889 Salvage Co on North Monroe St., so you can shop from the comfort of your own home if you can’t make it out to 1889 regularly!

In addition to their website relaunch, 1889 Salvage Co will also be participating in this year’s Farm Chicks event on June 4 and 5. If you’re a Farm Chicks fan, make sure to head out and look for 1889’s space!

Finally, summertime is just around the corner, and that means many more outdoor events in lovely Spokane, WA. Head over to North Monroe (or visit our Events page as events are announced and scheduled) for parking lot sales and other events throughout the summer.

Why shop at 1889 Salvage Co? Our top three takeaways for why you should add 1889 Salvage Co to your ‘to visit’ list:

  1. It is like shopping at a one of a kind boutique! If you haven’t visited 1889 yet, the space is big and has selections from all sorts of local vintage microbusinesses. There’s truly something for everyone here!
  2. Shop from the comfort of your own home – 1889SalvageCo.com offers exclusive, one-of-a-kind items you can only find online! 
  3. Vintage shopping is unique – especially when it comes to vintage shirts, jackets and other apparel, what you find at vintage stores will be unique to you. Let the beautiful clothing from 1889 Salvage Co serve you in an updated, rebranded way!

Visit 1889 Salvage Co online here or visit the store, located at: 2824 North Monroe Street in Spokane, WA.

1889 Salvage Co hours: Monday – Saturday 10 – 5 PM.

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