15 Northwest Local Makers To Shop From This Holiday Season

The beautiful Northwest is home to hundreds of makers, artists, and crafters. As you work your way through your holiday shopping this year, support local makers in the northwest and find unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are 15 northwest makers to shop from this holiday season!

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Washington State Makers and Small Businesses

1 – Winter-scented soy wax candles: Anchored Northwest

When you find the perfect scent, candles can be a truly thoughtful gift. Anchored Northwest has a huge scent collection with candles that fit a variety of tastes. 

Floral, sweet, musky, earthy – there’s something for everyone. Each candle is hand-poured in Spokane and triple-scented to perfection.

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2 – Handmade soap: Greencastle Soap Company

“Better Soap, Better Skin” is the motto that Greencastle Soap Company stands behind.

They make handcrafted soaps using olive oil, hand and body cream, and different healing salves.

While liquid body washes and soaps have had a bit of a chokehold on the market in recent years, many people are realizing that bar soaps, especially hand-crafted soaps, are better for their skin types.

If you prefer to give a more experience-based gift instead of an item, Greencastle Soap Company also offers soap classes, called The Art of Soap Making

3 – Their new favorite pair of cute earrings – Whitney Evans Ceramics

Whitney Evans is an incredible multi-disciplinary artist who utilizes imagery of toast in a variety of ways. She has created an adorable line of toast-themed earrings that can be purchased from From Here at the River Park Square.

4 – Custom hoodies and shirts – Steps NW

Steps NW is a custom print shop based out of Medical Lake, Wash. 

Does your friend or family member have a certain catchphrase they use often? Put a huge smile on their face this holiday season when you get a shirt or hoodie printed for them with their favorite catchphrase or quote. 

5 – Christmas ornaments from Carnera Co

Based out of Washougal, Wash., Whitney Carnera paints custom ornaments that become family heirlooms. 

“My sole inspiration behind my business is not just from my own family and kids but being able to recreate someone else’s memories just from what I draw,” explains Carnera. “Art is so beautiful, always evolving, and simply timeless.”

To order, message her on Instagram at @shopcarneraco.

6 – Show off their NW pride with C.C Custom Design

When it comes to the great PNW, many people think of evergreen trees and coffee. However, there’s so much more to the NW than what you might find along the coastline. C.C Custom Designs shows off the more Inland side of the Northwest, with imagery of farmland, the use of feathers, buffalo, and more. 

Owned by Chantel Kessler and her mom, Carrie, C.C Custom Design is based out of Valley, Wash., but offers shipping around the U.S. on their website.

When asked about her inspiration, Chantel said: “We are inspired by our surroundings and things we wish we were surrounded by, and want to share that with others, near and far.”

Chantel continued by saying, “We believe everyone is created with a purpose and want to make designs that have a purpose and tell a story. Our goal is to create something that wherever you go, you can take a piece of home with you.”

We especially love their shirts with buffalo on them that say “Spirit Like a Prairie and Heart Like A River.”

In the Inland Northwest, we are surrounded by rivers and prairies, and it’s the perfect way to show off some hometown pride.

7 – Put together their new favorite outfit from Dom + Bomb

As finders of ethically made and ethically sourced clothing that’s size-inclusive, Dom + Bomb is helping people find their new favorite outfits. Dom + Bomb is based out of Spokane, but you can shop online at domandbomb.com.

Idaho Makers To Shop From This Holiday Season

8 –  The cutest little crocheted mushrooms – Emeral Designs

Emeral Designs, owned and operated by Mattie Rae, is based out of Post Falls, Idaho. 

“I feel so blessed to own a business in the PNW,” says Mattie Rae. “Having been born and raised here, I’ve come to truly treasure the kind, genuine people, as well as the scenic woodlands and lakes! Whenever I need inspiration to create, I need to step no farther than out my front door!”

Mushrooms are super popular this year. For your friend who loves cottage-core, mushroom-core, goblin-core festivals and bohemian fashion, these mushrooms are the perfect gift!

9 – Soothe their skin with Inner Joy Shop

Inner Joy Shop is a skincare company based out of Idaho and is no stranger to how the Pacific Northwest can really dry out your skin.

All of their products are made in small batches from organic ingredients. The result? A smoothing and nourishing skincare routine. 

Check out their holiday bundles today. We are especially excited for the Blue Tansy Facial Bundle, which features their Lightweight Facial Moisturizer and Moisturizing Facial Balm. 

10 – Treat them to permanent jewelry of their choice with Mountain Melds Jewelry

Permanent bracelets, anklets, and necklaces have taken TikTok and Instagram by storm. Considered a fun activity to do with family and friends, permanent jewelry involves picking out beautiful chains and getting them melded around the wrists, ankles or necks in a way they can’t easily slip off.

Mountain Melds is based out of Dalton Gardens, Idaho. 

11 –  Help them learn the art of macrame with So Knot Crazy

So Knot Crazy offers adorable macrame ornament and key chain kits in a variety of colors. 

Macrame has become very popular amidst the bohemian home decor trend and the revival of 70s style. With So Knot Crazy’s fun kits, your friends and family can learn the art of macrame.

12 – Give them pretty flowers to look at with The Petite Pansy

Resin and epoxy have become extremely popular over the last five years – with people creating vivid blue rivers through tables, encasing objects to create home decor, and crafting works of art… Which brings us to our friends at The Petite Pansy

“My inspiration for The Petite Pansy really stemmed from my deep desire to create. I love the idea of taking something as fleeting as a flower blooming and preserving them in time, forever,” says the owner of The Petite Pansy. “I feel honored that people want my art in their homes.”

Oregon Artists And Makers To Shop From For The Holidays

13 – Add some boho decoration to their spaces with The Northwest Knot

The Northwest Knot is an artist based out of McMinnville, Oregon, and makes sustainably created macrame arts. 

When asked about her inspiration, Kayla Lowery, owner of The Northwest Knot, says: “Being a maker in the Pacific Northwest, I have the luxury of being surrounded by nature every day. Since the beginning, I’ve always been drawn to the warm and earthy color palette of the PNW and it shows through all my pieces. Small details, like using foraged driftwood from the Oregon Coast or recycled materials, consistently spark inspiration in my work!”

14 – Give them jewelry that looks good, feels good, and does good, too, with Grayling Jewelry

Grayling Jewelry, located in Portland, Oregon, started with a mission of challenging the status quo for jewelry. They create stunning pieces of jewelry that are nickel-free and they donate to various groups such as Feed America, The American Red Cross, the NAACP, and much more!

15 – Give them artwork that’s a conversation piece with Sienna Art Studios

Sienna Art Studios creates stunning art pieces made entirely from mathematical equations. Each piece makes viewers consider the numbers that influence their lives and are deeply meaningful. 

Support Northwest Makers This Holiday Season

Throughout the Northwest, you’ll find creatives, artists, makers, and small business owners who find inspiration in the beautiful place we call home and turn it into unique gifts your friends and family will treasure. Shop small and shop local this holiday season. 

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