On the Cover: Photography As Self-Care

by Erin Peterson

Every month I endeavor to find an image that captures my heart as well as my imagination, and this beautiful picture of Alethea Dumas made me stop in my tracks. When I think of self-care, this image would epitomize that feeling, and photographer Beth Hedean of Elizabeth Spring Photography is the artist behind its creation. Let’s learn more about this dynamic artist in her own words.

©Beth Hedean – Elizabeth Spring Photography
  • What got you started in photography, and what drives you now? My love for photography sparked as I found the itch to travel the world and capture my adventures along the way. From Hawaii to South Africa, Italy and all in between, my skills have grown with every stamp on my passport. What started as a few photos on Instagram turned into a passion project and now a business. Living in Spokane with my husband, daughter, and son, I pride myself in providing great experiences to my clients by making them feel as good about being in front of the camera as I do behind it.
  • How do you hope to impact the self-image of the people you shoot with? Soon after beginning photography, I found that boudoir sessions were becoming a favorite. I love being able to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin by doing something that might be out of their comfort zone. There is a fun and intimate feel to each shoot that I do and each client leaves with a smile on their face thanking me for making the experience one they will remember.
  • What is a typical shoot like? What is the investment for a shoot with you?Once the session is booked, I create a style board for the client based on the look they are trying to achieve. If needed, I assist with picking outfits or color schemes that would work with the scenery and aesthetic. I provide different pricing plans and each shoot takes about one hour. I pride myself in a quick turn around time and try to get the edited photos back within two weeks.
©Beth Hedean – Elizabeth Spring Photography
  • Why do you think quality photography can be restorative for self-image and care? Photography is not all about the pictures that are posed and perfect. It is more about the moments I shoot in between, when I can catch the clients laughing out loud at one of my bad jokes or looking into their partner’s eyes like no one else is around. I know that taking pictures is not always a comfortable task, but I feel so much joy when they leave the session and thank me for making it an enjoyable experience. I try to break down their walls and prove to them that even with a hair out of place or a pose that feels silly, they are beautiful and these memories will stay with them forever. I have a wide range of types of photography that I offer. From weddings, lifestyle, boudoir, and more I work with clients in all walks of life. In my boudoir sessions I have worked with a few recent divorcees that book a session to boost their confidence and make them feel beautiful. I find joy in being the person to pick them up and remind them that they are amazing inside and out. 
  • What are some ways that you practice self-care? I practice self-care in a few ways and value spending time by myself, but I mostly recharge with my family. I spend as much quality time with my husband and kids as possible by going to the lake, trying new restaurants, traveling, watching the office and most importantly grabbing coffee. I thrive while being with others and am always reaching out to family and friends to catch up and spend time. Taking time out of my busy schedule is important and I know it makes me a better photographer so that I am recharged and refreshed for every client.
  • What are some ways photographers can ensure equity for their clients? It is important to me to provide inclusive services to anyone who wants to book with me. I have taken the time to learn different poses and editing styles for all body types, skin tones and ages. I want to ensure that all my clients know that I am a safe space and that they see themselves as beautiful as I do through my lens. 

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Erin Peterson, Editor-In-Chief

Erin Peterson grew up in Post Falls, Idaho and became a professionally certified educator – earning the Provost’s Award for academic achievement and community service from Lewis-Clark State College. Now she is an award-winning local influencer, podcaster and digital strategy educator with a passion for equity and inclusion. Erin has been published and featured in a wide variety of local publications including the Spokesman Review, The Inlander, and has served as an editor at Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine. If you want to learn more about how she is making an impact right here in the Northwest, give her a follow on Instagram at @trending.northwest or Trending Northwest on Facebook.

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