A Beautiful Arrangement: Female Creatives Bloom Wherever They’re Planted

On the Cover

By Erin Peterson

When women collaborate, magic happens, and the image captured of Angelica Alberto shows us exactly why. This inspiring cover shoot by Molly Lindquist immediately resonated with our team. The exuberance of spring in the Northwest captivates our imagination, and the foraged floral display crafted by Katie Lila of Flowers for People provided the perfect backdrop for this dreamy, styled shoot. 

Forsythia symbolizes hope and anticipation, and it couldn’t be more appropriate to headline for the first issue of Trending Northwest. In Korean folklore, there is a common story of a man who has to travel far from home and has no contact with his family for many years, but when he returns home, he returns to find his wife patiently waiting for him by the blooming Forsythia bush. As such, it has also become a symbol of devoted love that overcomes time and obstacles.

The May 2022 cover for the first issue of Trending Northwest. The cover lines read "Dear Micro Business Owner: Help Your Small Business Thrive" and "Flowers for People & Angelica Alberto" and "Photography by Molly Lindquist"

The flower prominently featured, Forsythia, is abundant in the Northwest after being introduced from China, Korea, and Japan, where they originate. It is a harbinger of spring throughout the region, and is a common plant used in landscaping for its dynamism. It is an entire genus with eleven species included within it, and is a part of the Oleaceae family which includes jasmine, olives, and other shrubs and trees. Forsythia x intermedia is a larger shrub and it can grow up to five feet tall, and grows arching stems with multiple blooms and flowers appearing strikingly before the leaves. 

Angelica Alberto, the model for this cover shoot, has a prolific portfolio with local photographers. She is one of the most in-demand models in the city. “Angelica is someone who naturally embraced the scene and concept, so working with her felt so easy. She also knows her angles and is open to trying new poses, so I feel like she inspired me to get more creative and try something different,” comments photographer Molly Lindquist. “We went for moody portraits but she kept joking around and having fun,” and it showed in the resulting images.

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This shoot was in collaboration with the Now Now Space and Flowers For People, and it took place over two days. A variety of photographers had the opportunity to book either two or four-hour blocks and shoot these magnificent installations by the floral designer. Molly raved about Katie Lila’s work, “When I saw that she was doing a full display, I was like, ‘TAKE MY MONEY!’ I had been wanting to work with Angelica for quite awhile, and I was so happy we were able to coordinate all three of us and make this shoot work. Once she decided on the wardrobe, I knew I wanted to go with a dark backdrop to make the flowers really pop and keep the focus on her.”

Katie Lila of Flowers For People is on a mission to make flowers less of a luxury and more for everyday. She is known for her creative utilization of foraged blooms, and this was no exception. The huge sprays suspended from the ceiling made our jaws drop. “We are committed to using locally grown blooms whenever possible and hope to be a bridge between the everyday flower lover and our local flower farmers during Spokane’s growing season,” Katie says. “Nature loving is in my bones. I come from a whole heap of the nature lovin’ kind. Summers of my childhood were spent picnicking or camping with our big family in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah. The vivid wildflowers are where I began my love affair; red Indian Paintbrush, white Sego Lily, blue Delphinium, yellow Black-Eyed Susan.” Now she designs bouquets, more complex installations like this one, designs floral arrangements for events, and helps others to learn the joy of flower-crafting with her popular workshops and flower parties.

The energy of these three women was perfectly captured in this one glorious image, and we are here for it. “With freedom, flowers, books and the moon, who could not be perfectly happy?” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 To see more from each of these powerful creatives, follow them on Instagram at @angelica.aalberto, @spoken.visuals, and @flowers.for.people on Instagram.

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