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Summer Camp in the Pacific Northwest with Camp Fire Inland Northwest

summer camp in the pacific northwest

Camp Fire Inland Northwest is the perfect summer camp experience for those looking to explore the unique culture and breathtaking natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Camp Fire Inland Northwest offers two summer camps: Camp Dart-Lo (in North Spokane) and Camp Sweyolakan (on Lake CDA). Both camps offer a variety of activities that will keep campers entertained and engaged throughout their stay.

If you’re looking for a variety of summer camp experiences, from day camps to overnight stays, Camp Fire Inland Northwest offers something for everyone. Below, Trending Northwest chats with Camp Fire Inland Northwest about the summer camp experience, why kids and parents alike love camp, and more about the camps themselves. 

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This article was sponsored by Camp Fire Inland Northwest but all opinions are our own.

Summer Camp Options for Kids in the Pacific Northwest

What is it like going to your summer camp?

Camp Fire Inland Northwest owns and operates two summer camps, Camp Dart-Lo, our day camp, located in North Spokane along the Little Spokane River and Camp Sweyolakan, our overnight camp on Lake CDA.

Camp Dart-Lo and Camp Sweyolakan both provide a great opportunity for kids to experience an environment where they can learn and grow in their own way; building self-confidence, friendships that can last a lifetime, and trying something new! Camp allows kids the opportunity to unplug from the outside world and help them connect with the natural world around them. Our summer camps give kids the opportunity to grow, but to also just enjoy being a kid!

summer camp in the pacific northwest

Why do parents love our camps?

One of the biggest things we hear from parents is that they love how “inclusive” and “safe” camp feels for their kids. One parent said, “My child came back with a huge smile on her face and the best stories. She came back with confidence and excitement for doing new things.”

We encourage kids to step outside of their comfort zone trying new activities they have never done before! We also make sure to incorporate youth voice into our programming. Finding out what kids are interested in, or what their “spark” might be, allows us to help build onto their interest and develop a growth mindset within. There is always more to learn!

Last year we had 75% of our staff at our overnight camp complete the Camp Mental Health Certification Course and we were able to see such a difference in our staff and campers. Staff have become more knowledgeable in helping campers overcome situations that might cause anxiety or homesickness.

Our staff truly care about the experience and lasting memories that our campers make while out at Camp dart-Lo and Camp Sweyolakan. These are the memories that will last a lifetime!

Why do kids love Camp Fire Camps?

From an adult’s perspective, we hear a lot of laughter and giggling throughout the day from the kids! When asking kids what their favorite part of camp was responses included,

  • “Getting more comfortable being away from home”
  • “Making new friends and forming a bong that I haven’t formed with my schoolmates”
  • “Sleeping in the treehouse!”
  • “Trying new things I haven’t tried before”
  • “Everything!”

What is it like at Camp Sweyolakan?

Imagine rolling over in your sleeping bag and opening your eyes to sunlight streaming into your cabin, looking outward to our beautiful pine trees, and the lake in the distance hearing birds chirping and fluttering around outside. This is the experience of Camp Sweyolakan campers. Laughter and the smell of breakfast wafts through the air. Swimming, arts & handcrafts, nature programming, boating, ropes course, and possible archery follow breakfast!

Lunchtime rolls around, and our campers are hungry! Lunch is usually served to be taken on the go, so camper groups can take lunch to their favorite viewpoint of the lake, nearby picnic benches or back to their lodges determined by group choice! After lunchtime, campers earn a much-needed “me time” that can be spent napping, reading, coloring or writing letters to the family back home.

Afternoon activities tend to revolve mostly around the water or the shade as it’s the hottest part of the day. All paddles’ boards and kayaks are out on the lake! If not on the water, some kids are practicing their archery skills, taking a nature hike to Frog Rock, walking among the treetops in our high ropes course and trying out the BIG swing! Our youth are encouraged to use their voice and let our awesome counselors know about their interests in activities. Counselors have a blast leading songs and performing skits for our campers.

Dinner time seems to be a favorite time for everyone! Campers sit around the table in our dining room and share their favorite memories of the day and exciting new things they learned. They use this time to connect with one another in the group and reflect on their accomplishments of the day. The night is still young for our campers after dinner when pajama hikes, night swimming and the Council Fire take place. When it’s time for bed, our campers don’t complain! They are excited to hit the hay and get some rest before their next big day.

Do you want to learn more? Visit Camp Fire Inland Northwest’s website to get information about camps available, what to pack, and all of the fun details of being a Camp Fire kid!

summer camp in the pacific northwest

In conclusion, summer camp in the Pacific Northwest is a great way to experience the beauty and culture of this amazing region. From exploring the lush forests and majestic mountains to learning about the unique wildlife and cultures of the area, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled outdoor experience or a relaxing retreat, you can find it with the day camp at Camp Dart-Lo or overnight camp at Camp Sweyolakan. 

Erin Peterson, Editor-In-Chief

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