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Have you ever spent hours researching online to find the coolest hotspots, learn about fascinating local people and plan your next staycation, only to be more confused?

We’ve got you, boo. We do the hard work for you and research trending topics, people, places and products, and share about it on social media, in the digital magazine and for our monthly mailing list. We want to make life easier for the busy modern professional to access exciting, relevant stories about our region easily on the go. 🥂

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We help you find all the most exciting, dynamic, fun-filled activities, people, products and places in our region.

It is our mission to make your life a little bit better one story at a time. We hope to be the best part of your daily routine like countless other locals.

We leapt into the publishing world in early 2022 to help even more people get to discover their new favorites in the Northwest. Now, our subscriber list is exploding, and we are so proud of what we are creating with some of the top experts in our region on a variety of issues and specialties.

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Our quarterly magazine is a great tool to reference our top trending stories about all of the best the Northwest has to offer. We want to give you the scoop on the secrets that we discover so that you can live your best life, too… just like we would share with our closest pals!

What makes us different?
Our wildly creative and diverse contributors.

We aim to find voices of regional experts that need, and deserve, amplifying. We source and showcase the creative talents of team members like songwriter and essayist Liz Rognes, hilarious home chef Kim Lehr, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Monika Jacobson, beauty expert Alexi Sage, and so many more.

“I felt like I gained a team of friends.”

My first interaction with Melissa, Erin and the team of Trending Northwest left me feeling like I gained not just a team of intelligent, supportive, and caring people, but also a team of friends. The excitement and support that they bring show that they genuinely care about the community and people surrounding them.
Grace Lauren
Eat Good Group

“A dedication to highlighting diverse perspectives…”

What resonates most about Trending Northwest (for me) has nothing to do with likes, although that’s great, too. What I appreciate is their genuine love for our community which is tangible in each and every story. A dedication to highlighting diverse perspectives and voices, and a true commitment to building a better Spokane.
Ginger Ewing

“The service they bring to our community is invaluable.”

Erin and her team are amazing people, they truly care for our region & the service they bring to our community is invaluable.
Brennon Poynor

“The Northwest is a trending place.”

I recommend this to everyone I know. I love how Trending Northwest is turning into this great online platform featuring all the cool things in and around the Northwest – because, guess what? The Northwest is a trending place.
Pia Hallenberg
Content by Pia

“It has never let me down.”

I love the honesty that Trending Northwest gives. It has never let me down. The positive but also honest stories are great for finding new hotspots. I reference back to the site quite often for tips and recommendations. Keep doing a great job.
JJ Mauro

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