Meet the Top 10 Innovative Businesses in the Inland Northwest

The Inland Northwest took matters into its own hands, creating new opportunities, funding programs, mentorships, and networking events to support entrepreneurs and locally-owned businesses.

This hard work paid off in 2020, when Spokane was voted one of the top cities to start a business in by Inc. magazine, ranking #6 for entrepreneurship and #19 for early stage funding deals.

From Startups to Success Stories: Exploring the Inland Northwest’s Most Innovative Businesses

A renowned software development and marketing company that specializes in creating unique and innovative experiences.

Houdini Interactive

For Canopy, the driving force behind their innovation is inclusion. The credit union aims to create a healthier and happier community through financial inclusion.

Canopy Credit Union

Critical Power Products and Services offers data center services and new, used, and refurbished standby backup Diesel/NG generators.

Critical Power Products and Services

Their innovative approach focuses on distributed carbon capture, which provides immediate impact in reducing emissions in buildings and facilities.


With its team of certified FinOps practitioners, Vega Cloud has developed a customer-friendly business model focused on business outcomes rather than just automating tasks.

Vega Cloud

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