Top Five Reasons to Buy Northwest Wine 

Buying wine can be complex. Peeking around the aisle, buyers are confronted with countless choices, prices all over the board, and somewhat confusing labels.

There are many approaches to wine selection, but here’s one I’m suggesting for 2023: This year, try focusing on Northwest wines.

There are lots of reasons, but the main reason is because, well, we live in paradise, wine paradise, that is.

Washington and Oregon’s diverse landscape means that anything (within reason) can grow here. Sun-drenched hills, and beautifully complex soils? We’ve got them!

Everything, everywhere, all at once

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are front and center here in the Northwest.

Supporting the world you want to live in

In 2022, the Washington state wine industry had a positive economic impact of $9.5 billion. That’s a big number that translates into jobs for agriculture, hospitality and tourism.

Buying local (with a multiplier)

Universities and community colleges throughout the region offer programs in viticulture and enology where students learn how to grow grapes, care for wines-in-process, and fine tune wines to make them sing.

Thank you science

The bottom line is that wine the world over reflects its unique climate and terroir (i.e., the traits of the land where they were grown). That’s what makes them exciting!

The escape clause

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