The Spokane Club – A Modern Social and Fitness Facility

When you drive past its grand facade on Riverside Avenue or while cruising by on Monroe, the Spokane Club has a presence that is unmistakable.

Though it may appear somewhat formidable from the outside, inside it’s filled with the warmth of employees. That’s the kind of service that Club members benefit from every day.

The Spokane Club

The Spokane Club is more than just an athletic facility – it’s the home to a sprawling network of clubs around the world that offer reciprocal services no matter where you travel.

It houses thousands of events from casual lunches to elaborate weddings. As Member Services Director Rose Peters explains, “It is not just a health club – it’s a club for your life.”

The social club element of this historic community is more important than ever as many families opt to not be involved in religious organizations, too.

Spokane Club has made significant steps toward inclusivity and being a hub of the community for all, not just the elite few. Anyone can join, and there have even been legacy memberships awarded.

They have expanded their menu to include more brunch and lunch options, and some are calling it the best brunch in Spokane. You can choose to dine on the patio with a panoramic view of Riverside Avenue.

Treat yourself to a reward after barre group fitness class on our private patio by the Spokane River. Group fitness class is free and there will be unlimited sangria for $10/person. 

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