The Power of Wine: Creating Memories and Moments That Last a Lifetime

There’s a lot to love about wine. The ritual of uncorking the bottle, the clinking of glasses, the alchemy of selecting a food pairing … the list goes on. Lots to love.

I read a lot about wine, mostly because it helps me find words that I can use to explain a wine experience to others (and myself).

Reading about wine gives me a vocabulary where I previously had none. Now, at least, I can describe wines to people in a thoughtful way, even if it’s in the typical “geeky way” of us Butterfields.

There are many other dimensions to wine. But what I’m really interested in is wine as a personal experience.

The Time-Traveling Powers of Wine: A Personal Journey

It’s not just about how wine makes us feel (which can go too far), but rather how wine can help us be. Just be … in a moment, a place and a time.

Everyone’s different, but the thing that has always surprised me (in a good way) about wine is its ability to help me travel in time.

When I take that first sip of Carménère, for example, I’m usually transported to a lovely, but now defunct, winery in Walla Walla called Tertulia Cellars.

Standing at their graceful and arching tasting bar, I remember the first taste of Carménère poured for me. The duality of its black and green pepper notes – really elegant wine.

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