The Best Chocolate Made in the Pacific Northwest

The best chocolate in the Pacific Northwest is a combination of PNW vibes: bold, unique, and adventurous.

 If you’re looking for some excellent gifts or just want to treat yourself, shop local with these delicious Pacific Northwest-made chocolates.

The Best Chocolate in the Pacific Northwest and Made in the PNW

Mint is definitely one of the most popular ideations, and, in my opinion, is also one of the more delicate flavor combinations.


Hallett’s turtles have fresh, Southern pecans with silky-smooth chocolate coating them. 

Halletts Chocolates 

These delightful treats have enough nuts and fruit stuffed in them to trick my brain into thinking I’m eating something healthy. 


They have a hard outside, a center that melts in your mouth, and depending on the truffle bar, it may have a variety of nuts, fruits, toffee and other additions. 

Seattle Chocolate

They have a brilliant way of educating customers on the cacao-harvesting and chocolate-making process in a way that emboldens customers to raise their standards of what makes good chocolate. 

Creo Chocolate

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