Summer Camp in the Pacific Northwest with Camp Fire Inland Northwest

If you’re looking for a variety of summer camp experiences, from day camps to overnight stays, Camp Fire Inland Northwest offers something for everyone.

Trending Northwest chats with Camp Fire Inland Northwest about the summer camp experience, why kids and parents alike love camp, and more about the camps themselves.

Summer Camp Options for Kids in the Pacific Northwest

Camp Dart-Lo and Camp Sweyolakan both provide a great opportunity for kids to experience an environment where they can learn and grow in their own way.

What is it like going to your summer camp?

Camp allows kids the opportunity to unplug from the outside world and help them connect with the natural world around them.

One of the biggest things we hear from parents is that they love how “inclusive” and “safe” camp feels for their kids.

Why do parents love our camps?

One parent said, “My child came back with a huge smile on her face and the best stories. She came back with confidence and excitement for doing new things.”

– “Getting more comfortable being away from home” – “Making new friends and forming a bong that I haven’t formed with my schoolmates” – “Sleeping in the treehouse!”

Why do kids love Camp Fire Camps?

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