Spokane Libraries Become Libraries of the Future

Spokane has transformed the very idea of a traditional library, from the stereotypical shh-ing librarian and wall-to-wall books to spaces that are open, welcoming, and transformative. 

The Spokane Public Library buildings are no longer somewhere you go to just check out books. They are an entire experience; a destination.

Libraries of the Future

After much planning, research, and legwork by city and library employees, voters approved a $77 million dollar bond. This money has since been used to renovate old libraries and build new libraries.

It’s clear that the strategic team provided exactly what Spokane citizens deemed most important. They delivered with a capital ‘D’ on improved children’s spaces.

Indoor Play Areas

Each of the libraries has an indoor play area for children, and each of those areas has the “Same whimsical theme story”.

A Bit of Whimsy 

The Hive is everything the “Library of the Future ” title wanted to fulfill. Since 2022, The Hive has won five prestigious awards for design and social responsibility.

The Hive

They have built areas where artists, musicians, podcasters, writers, speakers, citizens, etc. can gather, meet and create, uninhibited by the outside world. 

Connect, Create and Thrive

It has the best view of the falls anywhere in Spokane. This meeting space is available for non-profit and for-profit events. You can even rent the space after hours for weddings.

nxʷyxʷyetkʷ Hall

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