7 Incredibly Romantic Things to Do in Seattle

If you’re looking for a romantic escape in the Emerald City, look no further than Seattle.

With its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, lush forests and vibrant city life, Seattle offers couples plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal.

From picnicking on Capitol Hill dinner and jazz in Columbia City, there are countless ways to make your romantic outing extra special.

This Capitol Hill neighborhood date is simple, relaxed, and budget-friendly. Just make sure to bring a picnic blanket and plan the date for a nice day.

Plants and Picnicking on Capitol Hill

If you and your partner are big chocolate lovers, Hot Cakes was practically made for you!

Late-Night Dessert and Stroll in Ballard

This is an exciting and immersive experience for a date, and The Escape Artist offers several options for two players. If you can’t decide on one, I highly recommend the “Trapped In Space” experience.

Escape Room and Tapas in West Seattle

It’s a great starting point for a sweet and simple date. Do a little scheduling so you can watch the sunset with your partner at Kerry Park.

Sunset and Tacos in Queen Anne

Columbia City is an underrated Seattle neighborhood with several great places for a romantic date. If you’re looking for dinner and a show, but with a more creative twist, come here.

Tucked-Away Dinner and Jazz in Columbia City

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