Quick Brined Chops with Grilled Corn Salsa

Sweet grilled corn, fresh cherry tomatoes, crispy snap peas, and microgreens, PLUS a rich basil pesto come together to form a perfect alongside our brined and grilled pork chops. 

This one requires a little more prep, but it is sure to wow your family and guests!


- Pork Chops  - Sweet Corn - Snap Peas - Pea Microgreens - Cherry Tomatoes

Prepare your Quick Brine. Pour into a vessel deep enough to be able to cover pork chops with brine.

Step 1

Once you’ve got your chops into the brine, cover and place into the fridge for a couple of hours. No real rules here, just trying to give the brine time to work its magic on the chops.

Step 2

Preheat your backyard grill to cook the corn for the base of the salad. The corn just needs a little color/char on it to bring a bit of depth to the salad.

Step 3

CAREFULLY cut the corn off of the cob. I stand it on the wide end, just to slice the first section off, then  lay it on the now-flat side to cut the rest off.

Step 4

Remove the chops from your brine and pat them dry. As in, as dry as you can get them. Coat your chops with the rub of choice, salt, and pepper.

Step 5

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