Nutritious & Creative Family Lunch Box Recipe

We all know how difficult it can be to take time for yourself when juggling work, kids and any other demands of daily life, let alone come up with healthy family lunch box recipes!

It may be tempting to skip lunch or grab something quick that’s less healthy when you’re busy because, well, that’s easy.

But fueling with nutritious food midday is important to support your energy levels and overall well-being.

The main components of a balanced lunch are protein, healthy fat, fiber-rich carbs and vegetables.

It’s All About Balance: Creating Healthy Family Lunch Box Recipes

Ingredients: - brown rice - black beans - bell pepper - white onion - avocado oil

Fajita Bowls Meal Prep

Ingredients: - chickpea pasta - chicken thighs - cherry tomatoes - cucumber - feta cheese

Garlic Chicken Veggie Pasta

Ingredients: - Cheese sticks or slices - Deli meat - Pickled vegetables - Shelled edamame - Cucumbers

Kid Charcuterie Board

Ingredients: - Whole wheat tortillas - Peanut butter - Banana - Mini chocolate chips

Banana Sushi

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