Visiting MoM: A Journey Through Seattle’s Coolest Art Museum

Seattle is known for its gray and rainy winters, and while coffee shops may seem like the obvious escape, there’s a new museum in town that’s reshaping the city’s art scene.

The Museum of Museums, or MoM, is a pop of neon in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, and it’s anything but typical.

Created by local artist Greg Lundgren, MoM features boundary-pushing, contemporary art by artists of all backgrounds and ages.

The MoM grappled with false starts and delays before officially opening to the public in March 2021, a full year and a half later than originally planned.

A Delayed Start and a Bold Concept

If you’re an artist wanting to meet fellow art-loving locals, you’ll like it here. If you’re looking for a place that features a good mix of art by BIPOC artists, MoM is a good option. 

Art for the Curious

One room had large-scale paintings, textiles, digital art and an intriguing found-object sculpture. Each piece was a foray into color and texture with distinct Afrofuturistic themes.

The Present Edition

This room also contained a miniature model museum – a museum within a museum (and a nod to MoM’s name).

In the adjacent Emergence Room, pieces by young artists ages 6-16 covered the walls.

Everywhere you turn in this museum, you’ll see art in eccentric or unusual places. Even the bathrooms are art pieces.

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