21 Most Influential People in the Inland Northwest

The word “influencer” has unique implications in our day and age, but ultimately, influence is won in our everyday words and actions through consistency and long-term trust.

There are people doing compelling, community-changing work in our region that can go unnoticed by the greater community, or it can launch them into local stardom as a kind of celebrity with a devoted following.

We create a list of trusted individuals who you should know in Spokane in a variety of fields who are making a difference and whose reputations for being forward-thinking and inclusive set them apart.

Where society forgets to make kids feel special, Rick steps in to help them see how marvelous they are while allowing them to express themselves physically, powerfully, and successfully. 

Rick Welliver – Nonprofit

His enterprises break down barriers to access in order for all members of the community to progress into the spaces that make our city shine. 

Luke Baumgarten – Journalism

Leading the charge with civility, respect, and honor, Betsy Wilkerson is a steward of all in the pursuit of big, real, systemic change.

Betsy Wilkerson – Politics

His inquisitive nature, playful sense of storytelling, and empowering leadership have kept the newspaper relevant through challenging times. 

Rob Curley – Journalism

As a sought-after producer of hits such as “Little Fires Everywhere," Mandi Price proves that big dreams come true to those who believe in themselves and work their buns off.

Mandi Price – Entertainment

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