Little Noodle and Itty Bitty Buddha in Spokane, WA

Little Noodle is Garland District’s best-kept secret. The thing is, though, it shouldn’t be a secret at all! Little Noodle is Asian-inspired cuisine, according to its founder, Kadra Evans.

Here, you’ll find everything from delicious pho to fun (and delicious) pho-rito (burrito but with pho!) and so much more.

At Little Noodle, the dishes all do seem inspired, not by some unknown source, but by the fresh, seasonal, local ingredients Chef Kadra uses in everything.

Why You Should Visit Little Noodle

Finding a bar plating dishes of fresh, local food after 8 p.m. is hard to find in Spokane, but Itty Bitty Buddha serves up a ton of late-night options, including their undeniably delicious Phở.

You can access the bar through Little Noodle while it’s open, or through a door in the back alleyway after hours.

Scrumptious food, tasty drinks, and the perfect atmosphere to eat, drink and be merry – It’s no secret why we’re obsessed with Little Noodle and the Itty Bitty Buddha.

Plus, if you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Chef Kadra Evans, we highly recommend you make a trip to Little Noodle just to bask in the joy that emanates from this extremely talented woman.

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