Granting Wishes for Local Families with Cindy Guthrie

Meet Cindy Guthrie, the Director of Community Partnerships and Development for the Wishing Star Foundation!

The Wishing Star Foundation was started about 35 years ago by Karen Karowski, a  first-grade teacher who had a student in her class who passed from cancer.

She felt helpless to help improve his quality of life in his final days, so when she retired, she cashed in her 401k and went door-to-door trying to find resources to start this foundation.

Referrals can come from doctors. Once they receive referrals, Wishing Star will send paperwork to the doctors caring for the candidates to be completed and will begin working their magic.

How do children become wish kids?

These goats bring laughter and smiles to everyone they visit. With the help of our sponsors, this unique fundraiser has raised more than $700,000 over the years.

The Popular Fundraiser – Send a Friend a Goat

Beyond the Wish brings siblings and families into the picture with sporting and event tickets, concert tickets, Northern Quest, Spokane Indians, and days at the park.

Beyond the Wish

Every dollar donated goes directly toward making the dreams of children with  life-threatening illnesses come true right here in our community.


One of Cindy’s main jobs is to connect with local businesses that can help grant wishes, not just for the wish kids but also for their families.

Community Partners

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