Get Motivated: Find The Perfect Coworking Spot In Spokane

Coworking spaces may feel like a relatively new concept. While the idea of coworking started in the 90s, the first official coworking space kicked off in the early 2000s.

Today, coworking is alive and well in the northwest and is gaining new energy after the pandemic.

Coworking spaces offer a fascinating service for business owners; enabling them to get out of their houses and around other people who, too, dream of building flourishing companies.

Back in 2018, Ann worked as a consultant and customer experience strategist and wanted her own space to work with her clients.

From Entrepreneurs to Enterprises: Burbity Coworking

Ann soon realized that there were others like her who needed a shared space. She worked around the country in several coworking spaces and fell in love with the concept.

After a year, she decided to open her own coworking space. This year, Burbity is partnering with Founders Live, a global company based out of Seattle, to host pitch competitions on a local level.

Filled with modern accents and brilliant coworking features, Fellow Coworking offers an environment that feels very similar to what tech startups in the 2010s dreamed of.

Among Friends At Fellow Coworking

Free coffee from Anvil coffee, a selection of tea from Revival Tea Company, smart-looking workspaces, cozy couches, kombucha and local craft beer on tap, contemporary design, and great music fills the space.

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