Elevate Your Wardrobe: The Top 10 Fashion Boutiques in Spokane, WA

Are you on the hunt for the best fashion boutiques in Spokane, Washington? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, curated by a local fashion expert.

From vintage finds at Atomic Threads to handmade jewelry at Veda Lux, and consignment shopping at Echo Boutique, this list has something for everyone.

Whether you’re searching for trendy womenswear, curvy-friendly pieces, or everyday staples, these boutiques offer high-quality garments and personalized shopping experiences.

This LGBT friendly vintage store was by far the most popular boutique! Located on Monroe in an historical building, expect to find everything from footwear to customized denim to vintage wardrobe staples.

Atomic Threads

Located on Perry, this jewelry shop is incredibly unique and beautiful. It’s the perfect place to find eclectic jewelry you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Veda Lux

I would consider Swank to be the best boutique in the city for of the moment trends and high quality pieces. Located across from the Northtown Mall, this boutique has the sweetest staff and the most wearable items for any closet.


Known for their wearable basics that last year after year, this shop is perfect for the any wardrobe. Located in Kendall Yards, the warm staff and sweet owner Amy are always ready to help you find whatever your closet is missing.

Boutique Bleu

If you are on the hunt for curvy friendly pieces and looking for something size inclusive overall, Jema Lane is a great spot!

Jema Lane

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