10 Unique Drive Through Coffee Stands in Spokane, Washington

Do you ever have that feeling of burnout from going to the same old coffee stand every day, or feeling like you lost that sense of excitement when going to get your morning coffee?

Well, I did. A few years back, I stopped going to coffee stands because I felt like I was missing that important aspect of my visit: its specialty.

I wanted to go explore Spokane and find what exactly makes these coffee stands really different from each other. With that being said here are the top 10 unique drive-thru coffee stands in Spokane.

The split drink cup was also a super fun experience to try. You can pick any kind of Lotus energy and create any flavor combination you’d love, getting two different kinds of drinks in one.


Right off the bat, the energy in that stand was incredible. They have two kinds of CBD choices, and both choices were a sight to see, as I’ve never seen a stand offer that before. 

Natural High Coffee Co.

Their drinks were spot-on and they sell a number of yummy baked goods and breakfast items that are great for on-the-go. 

Bloom Coffee Company

The Beanstalk has great prices on drinks, the most delicious turkey and cheese croissant sandwiches, and awesome weekly specials that never stop.

The Beanstalk

Every cup of coffee that’s made at Jacob’s Java is from locally roasted coffee beans from their very own coffee roasting company called Gemelli Coffee Roastery.

Jacob’s Java

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