Dream Destination: Orcas Island

Once you board the ferry bound for Orcas Island, you can feel the stress evaporate into thin air, carried away by the strong winds on the deck.

For those who haven’t taken advantage of Washington’s sophisticated ferry system, it may feel overwhelming getting booked and loaded, but once you’ve made the leap, it is as easy as booking a flight.

The alternate benefit, though, is that the journey is as epically beautiful as the destination.

Getting to Orcas Island

The San Juan Islands are a place that calls you from the moment you arrive until your next trip.

From world-class dining to soaring virgin forests to endless miles of pristine coastline, this particular island really has hospitality and adventure dialed in. 

I stayed at the Outlook Inn, which has a unique history on the island. Originally founded by early island settlers in 1888.

Places to Stay on Orcas Island

It has been meticulously kept and beautifully renovated over its  years of service to include indulgent and ultra-modern suites overlooking the ocean. 

Things to Do on Orcas Island

Visit Moran State Park The drive was harrowing and longer than expected but the resulting view was worth every twist and turn.  

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