5 Best  Dog-Friendly Breweries in Seattle

Seattle is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the Pacific Northwest. After all, a study in 2011 reported that there were more dogs in Seattle than kids!

Here’s the thing: most places in Seattle are okay with dogs. But if you’re searching for places where your dog will be most warmly welcomed while you have a drink or bite to eat, keep reading.

This list will cover 5 of the most dog-friendly breweries in Seattle. Some of these spots are dog-centric and with lots of perks for the pups.

A must-visit if you want your dog to get some socialization or burn off some energy. It’s a dog park-bar hybrid with expansive indoor and outdoor play areas.

Dogwood Play Park and Bar

Pups are allowed to roam  off-leash. There’s plenty of space to play, obstacles to explore, water stations, and adorable areas for photo ops with your pup.

Dog Yard

It’s a local favorite, and this wonderful, dog-friendly bar in Seattle has great food and drinks for humans and dogs. It’s one of our favorite dog-friendly breweries in Seattle!

Norm’s Kitchen and Bar

You’ll find a “dog wall” consisting of pictures of dogs that have visited the shop at all locations. There’s a Chuck’s Hop Shop in the Greenwood, Central District, and Seward Park neighborhoods.

Chuck’s Hop Shop

Spend some leisurely time with your dog at Fremont Brewing where they’ll have plenty of opportunities to say hi to other people.

Fremont Brewing

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