A Culinary Journey Through Diverse and Delicious Restaurants

Spokane is a melting pot of cultures, with many delicious and unique restaurants to explore. If you’re looking for unique cultural foods in Spokane, don’t despair!

While Spokane might not have the delightful variety of bigger cities like Seattle, it’s no slouch!

I’ll highlight some of the best diverse restaurants in Spokane, from Indian to Korean to Native American and more.

The environment was the most fun, with unique lighting, gorgeous decor, and cultural music; it almost takes you out of Spokane.


This place hits both the sweet and the savory spots you crave, and they also offer coffee, tea, and other flavorful and fun beverages!

Yummy Snamy

Best known for its signature chicken mole dish, as well as its deliciously massively flavored margaritas.

La Michoacana

Feast World Kitchen has a rotating menu that changes weekly, because they are always bringing in new chefs to give them a chance to share their culture and foods with Spokane.

Feast World Kitchen

This sandwich hit the spot, and adding the garlic aioli took it to a whole other level. Not to mention, everything else we tried there was fantastic.

Chicken N’ More

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