Cultivating Beauty in Your Landscape

There are about a million ways to make your landscape beautiful. It’s no surprise that just about everyone wants a unique and beautiful outdoor space and it’s easy to get caught up in a highly curated and Instagram-worthy dream.

As a garden coach and consultant, one of my main jobs is to ask good questions and listen to my clients and discern what’s meaningful and beautiful to them.

Cultivating Your Perfect Landscape

Head out to a local farm or farmers market to buy some produce and save that bounty there’s no shame in supplementing this way and you get to support hard-working local farmers, too.

Save your harvest!

Look for those flowers that have dried out on the stems. Pinch the back of the flower head with one hand, and pinch and pull the seed heads out with the other. 

Harvest some seeds

Check your sprinkler heads and drip irrigation to make sure you’re not watering the sidewalk or street, and to ensure you’re efficiently watering the plants you want to keep growing!

Watch your watering

What has been thriving in your garden this month? Write that down, do some research, order some seeds, or dream about how you can make that happen.

Take five minutes to think about next summer

Knock on a door to see if they need anything inside the home or outside in the garden, and if you can, do what you can. Delivery of a few cut flowers from your garden.

Check on your neighbors

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